From the mid-grad school doldrums to navigating the tenure track and sexual harassment in the field – don’t miss many interesting and thought-provoking new posts from our students and faculty on the EEBlog. The blog has an updated design that makes it easier to navigate and see previous posts.

Recent posts include a couple by graduate student Bryan Juarez, including his most recent called “Getting funded (Problematica impossibilica)” that introduces his research project on, a crowdfunding site for science. Juarez is breaking new ground at U-M with this strategy.

There are recent posts by Sarah Halperin, a U-M senior, from The Adventures of the Duhaime Lab, chronicling their excursions on the Great Lakes in search of microplastics. Naim Edwards has had several posts recently, the latest on his next career stop in Detroit working for a non-profit organization called Voices for Earth Justice and his dreams of promoting environmental stewardship and being a community organizer.

Another recent post by first year graduate student, Anneka Jankowiak, is about her debut experience presenting a poster at a national conference. Many posts from Professor Meghan Duffy’s blog, Dynamic Ecology, are on the EEBlog and readers can click over to her blog to read the full posts. There are a number of undergraduate student blog entries reposted from a blog called Ecological and Evolutionary Medicine by students in Biology 120. Graduate student Anat Belasen wrote about Save the Frogs Day at U-M, an event she helped coordinate through the new UM Herpetology Club.

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