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Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EEB)

Recent news

Vandermeer and Perfecto Labs hold annual educational day with local schoolchildren in Mexico

"Ideally, the activities in EcoDía raise awareness of the role of nature in their family’s livelihoods and inspire the school kids to help conserve it. Maybe some will even aspire to study biology further in secondary school and beyond." ~Jonno Morris

Changing of the EEB chairs: Wittkopp assumes leadership role

“I am excited to begin working with you as department chair, and am grateful to Diarmaid for his past, present, and future help to make this transition as smooth as possible." ~Patricia Wittkopp


Tiny brains, big surprise: eavesdropping wasps gain insights about fighting abilities of potential rivals

Paper wasps eavesdrop on fighting rivals to rapidly assess potential opponents without personal risk. This new finding adds to mounting evidence that even mini-brained insects have an impressive capacity to learn, remember and make social deductions about others.

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