Adventurous EEB alumna, Liz Wason, will broadcast about this year’s campus peregrine falcons at 9 a.m., Friday morning, March 22, on WCBN.

Janet Hinshaw, U-M Museum of Zoology Bird Division collection manager, and Kenneth Elgersma, EEB postdoctoral fellow, were resources for the program about peregrine falcons including those that are nesting on campus this year. Wason will talk about when the falcons arrived, their nests, hunting behavior, and more.

WCBN-FM is U-M’s student run freeform radio station in Ann Arbor, Mich. Wason’s radio program is called "hugabug," and she does mind-boggling and sometimes gross creature features, about critters great and small. While she was a doctoral student in EEB, Wason was the station’s general manager, sound engineer and a deejay. She's on the road less traveled these days in her recreational vehicle, contemplating her next steps in life while she enjoys the journey. Wason writes and produces the show in her "motor home recording studio," then sends the file to the radio station to play on the air.

Stream it live through WCBN online or listen at 88.3 on the FM dial. Listen to a podcast later on Wason’s blog. Also, watch for a Michigan Today feature story on “The Liz” (as her friends know her) in an upcoming issue.

Caption: Peregrine chicks, from UMMZ website.