Perhaps the most commonly cited phrases from the Hippocratic Oath -- a code of ethics for medical professionals that dates back to the ancient Greeks -- is to "do no harm."

But for Kayla Keane (Psychology undergraduate, Spring 2020), a redshirt senior on the University of Michigan women's track and field and cross country teams, and aspiring doctor, it's not enough to "do no harm."

She wants to do good by her future patients.

Keane is in the homestretch of an undergraduate career that will culminate this spring in degrees in both movement science and psychology. She has been applying to medical schools with the intention to begin her studies next year and put herself on the path to the healthcare profession, potentially in paediatrics.

"I've always been interested in medicine," Keane said. "Instinctively, I've always just wanted to help people. I love seeing people smile and feel better."

Her studies in movement science -- which broadly include understanding the control, mechanics and physiology of human movement, according to the School of Kinesiology -- and her future medical school endeavors will give her the ability to help people in their hours of need.

The second part, "seeing people smile and feel better," is where her psychology coursework comes in handy.

"Empathy is a big part of working in healthcare," she said. "As a patient, you feel like you don't have control. You're already hindered if you're injured or have some type of medical situation, so you don't need to also feel like a doctor is talking down at you."

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