The Department of Psychology presented awards to several undergraduates for their outstanding work this year:

Olivia Chang (left) and Sarah Klausner (right) won Martha Muenzer Memorial Awards.

Faculty mentors: Kai Cortina and Kevin Miller (Chang); Martin Sarter (Klausner)


Verity Lee won the Anne Rudo Memorial Award.

Thesis: "Effects of Sex Differences in Behavioral Models of Neural Pleasure Circuitry"
Faculty mentors: Bo Duan and Ada Eban-Rothschild


Sophie Martel won the Lorraine Nadelman Honors Thesis Award in Developmental Psychology.

Thesis: "How Parent-Child Communications Could Contribute to Children's Knowledge about COVID-19"
Faculty mentor: Susan Gelman


Preetha Pamidighantam won the W.B. Pillsbury Prize in BCN.

Thesis: “The ‘Default Mode’: Abnormal Baseline Resting State and Pre-stimulus Activity Effects on Gaze Perception in Schizophrenia”
Faculty mentor: Ivy Tso

Maddy Paxson won the Tanner Memorial Award.

Faculty mentors: Robin Edelstein and Fiona Lee

Abigail Richburg won the Al Cain Honors Award, the Edward Chang Diversity Research Award, the W.B. Pillsbury Prize in Psychology, and the LSA Honors Virginia Voss Award for Excellence in Writing.

Thesis: “Body Image in LGBTQ+ Young Adults: Current and Developmental Influences”
Faculty mentor: Abby Stewart