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So, you're in a relationship and everything is going great, and one of you says, "I love you." The three most anticipated (or dreaded) words someone can say at the beginning of a courtship. How do you know when is the right time to say I love you for the first time? Even harder to decide, WHO says it first?

Apparently, women are much more guarded when saying I love you for the first time because they have more to lose. First, if it's not said back, it's not only humiliating but painful. Second, we as heterosexual women tend to be a little skeptical of a man saying it first because sex. We are the ones to get pregnant and have to deal with the consequences.

Joshua Ackerman, an assistant professor of psychology at the University of Michigan, published a study in 2011 theorizing that men who said "I love you" first before having sex used those words to gain their significant other's trust so they'd be more willing to be intimate.