On September 20, 2017, Puerto Rico was hit by Category 4 Hurricane María. In the wake of the hurricane, 100% of the island of Puerto Rico was without power and 80% without water service. The massive blackout (expected to last between 4-6 months), winds gust of up to 203 mph, and widespread flooding have caused communications and transportation infrastructures, and basic services to collapse. In an island already in economic distress, Hurricane María has deepened the humanitarian crisis left after Hurricane Irma.

If you would like to support the people of Puerto Rico, please consider donating to the following:

  • The Center for Popular Democracy is collecting funds which will be managed 100% by an assortment of grassroots organizations in Puerto Rico. Among these are Taller Salud and G8 en el Caño, both of which are amazing local organizations embedded in or working in concert with marginalized communities. The funding campaign can be accessed here.
  • Taller Salud: feminist community organization that supports the development of girls and women, especially in socioeconomically disadvantaged areas. 
  • Solidaridad víctimas Huracán María, fund by the Federation of Puerto Rican Teachers. 
  • Casa Pueblo de Adjuntas: environmental and cultural self-management community organization working in the central mountain towns. 
  • Comedores Sociales: community based food distribution organization. 
  • Casa Protegida Julia de Burgosshelter for battered women and their families. 
  • Caritas Puerto Rico: catholic social services. 
  • ConPRmetidos: local innovation collaborative. Donate here
  • Vieques en Rescate: cancer patient support community organization on the island of Vieques.
  • Enlace Latino de Accion Climatica: community human rights institution that promotes leadership for peace and justice through the engagement of members (youth and adult) in the arts, education, scientific research, wellness and environmental action. 
  • Iniciativa Comunitaria: community based organization that aids the homeless population. 
  • Institute for Socio-Ecological Researchenvironmental education organization.