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A new report shed light on how most Americans are inclined to choose less healthy food options due to cost. It was suggested processed foods offered more calories at a lesser price, especially compared to fruits and vegetables that are not subsidized by the United States government.

However, with a little effort, it is possible to enjoy a healthy diet without burning a hole in your pocket.

Switch out over processed snacks for superfoods

While there isn't any scientific definition for superfoods, the popular term typically refers to ingredients rich in nutrients. Some examples include spinach, kale, baked beans, sweet potatoes, and whole grains.

Many superfoods are surprisingly affordable and can be used as a nutritious substitute for over-processed foods such as chips and soda. Scientists have warned highly processed foods are associated with the risk of cancer, inducing cravings and addictive symptoms similar to that of a hard drug.

Ashley Gearhardt, a clinical psychology professor at the University of Michigan, highlights this addictive quality in Cheetos: "It’s something that has been engineered so that it is fattier and saltier and more novel to the point where our body, brain, and pleasure centers react to it more strongly than if we were eating, say, a handful of nuts."