Inner talk is one of the most effective, least-utilized tools available to master the psyche and foster life success”—Ethan Kross, psychologist

There was a time you would be considered “crazy” if you talked to yourself. Now, self-talk is one of the most effective tools to thrive at work, home or play. The silent conversations we have with ourselves can make or break our happiness and success. We have two versions of self-talk. One is lightning-fast and spontaneous—emanating from the reflexive part of the brain known as the emotional or lizard brain. This hard-wired, survival voice tends to be critical and negative and can lead to anxiety, depression, self-doubt and self-sabotage. The second version emanates from the prefrontal cortex (or “thinking brain”) which involves higher levels of reflective, intentional and positive thought. This compassionate voice is a learned skill that activates your “thinking brain,” mitigating the lizard brain’s dysfunctional mental states and unlocking healthier emotions such as calm, confidence, clarity and happiness—all of which promote career success.

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