This short-form documentary series will be airing throughout 2017 to recognize 200 years of the U-M's role as a global institution of higher learning.

The March episode, "An Eye for Science," featured Professor James S. Jackson. U-M’s first president, Henry Tappan, believed that science and research were the key components to building a successful university. This segment explores how Tappan building the Detroit Observatory on campus a century ago is still reflected in the visionary work being done by students and faculty today.

James Jackson appears in the below video, "A True University:  200 Years," at the 1:16 and 6:27 mark.

The November episode, "An Innovative Spirit" will feature Professor Oscar Ybarra. Early U-M presidents like Henry Tappan and James B. Angell recognized that a true university should teach its students to not look at where we are now, but where we are going in the future. An innovative spirit has driven U-M from its earliest days, and this segment explores how—especially in fields like engineering and information technology—the campus continues to be a crucible of ideas that will change our world in the future.

A preview of this series is available in this link.