Lorraine Nadelman taught and conducted research in Developmental Psychology for more than 30 years. In 1963, she and a few other colleagues established Developmental Psychology as a separate Area and concentration within the Department of Psychology.  She was a masterful and dedicated undergraduate teacher who also generously mentored colleagues’ and graduate students’ teaching efforts. Her research interests focused on the development of gender understandings and identities and was characterized by collaborations with students, undergraduate and graduate alike. She established and then regularly taught the undergraduate developmental psychology methods course, a foundational course for many of our students. Graduate student teaching assistants who helped with this course have gone on to establish similar courses in other colleges and universities across the nation.

This award, established by a generous donation from Dr. Nadelman, recognizes exceptional and interesting work produced by an undergraduate Honors student in the last phase of their undergraduate degree in Psychology or BCN.

Winner: Zaina Khoury, Biopsychology, Cognition & Neuroscience Honors BS, Class of 2019, for her thesis titled "Wealth Essentialism in Children and Adults."  Zaina is mentored by Drs. Susan Gelman and Margaret Echelbarger.


Honorable Mentions:

  • Harrison Angoff, Psychology Honors BA, class of 2019, for his thesis titled "Unique Influence of Abuse and Neglect on School Behavior: An Exploratory Study." Harrison is mentored by Dr. Chris Monk.
  • Diego Barcala-Delgado, Psychology Honors BA, class of 2019, for his thesis titled "Parents’ Ethnotheories of Maladaptive Behavior in Young Children:  A Comparison of Spain and the U.S." Diego is mentored by Dr. Sheryl Olson.
Harrison Angoff
Diego Barcala-Delgado