Dr. Stewart Fliege

Dr. Stewart Fliege graduated Phi Beta Kappa in 1950 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from the University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA); Master of Arts degree 1952 in Psychology and PhD degree 1956 in Psychology from the University of Michigan (U of M). Licensed Psychologist, State of California 1957-2020; Member of Phi Beta Kappa, UCLA Chapter 1950 – 2020; Society of the Sigma Xi, University of Michigan 1956 – 2020; American Psychological Association 1956 – 2020.

After UCLA, Stewart applied to the Psychology Department at U of M, and was accepted in the Master’s and PhD programs. U of M was his first choice because of Professor Clyde Coombs. Dr. Coombs was known for working with a small number of students but they all completed their PhD education.

While at U of M, Stewart took as many courses as possible with Dr. Coombs. Stewart remembered Dr. Coombs expressing amazing new ideas and a unique creative analysis. Stewart stated many times in his life that Dr. Coombs was his significant mentor. When Stewart was completing his dissertation, he utilized the mathematical knowledge that Dr. Coombs taught him over the years.

After graduation from Michigan, Stewart kept in contact with Dr. Coombs and his wife “Lo” for many years. Stewart and his wife, Charlayne Fliege made a special trip to the University of Michigan and met with many of the professors that were still there and fellow students that now worked for the University. Stewart and Charlayne had dinner with “Lo”, she was so happy to see Stewart after so many years.

Stewart was a Teaching Fellow at Michigan from 1953-1955. Rand Corporation Santa Monica 1955- 1957; System Development Corporation 1957-1964; Computer Science Corporation 1964-1971; UMF Systems 1972-1973; Pepperdine University Business School 1973-2003. President and CEO of Westwind Travel and Tours 1973-1980.

Stewart and Charlayne attended many University of Michigan events in Los Angeles and financially supported the school. Rose Bowl events were a favorite to attend as well as alumni football events in Santa Monica.

Dr. Stewart Fliege and Lo Coombs, wife of Dr. Clyde Coombs