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Fall 2017 LSA Magazine Features

The Future Is Dark

Can a mysterious substance called dark matter really explain some of the weird things we don’t yet understand about outer space—even though no one’s seen, touched, smelled, heard, or tasted it in decades of searching?

Virtually Everything

The reality revolution is giving us newer and more powerful ways to see, feel, and think. Here’s how we might harness the technology for a better future.

The Changing Times

A deputy managing editor of the New York Times talks about the future of truth and why who is included in the story matters so much.

More Stories from the Magazine

Ink and Papers
The comics medium evolves.

Keeping Bugs Out of the System
Can biology teach us how to keep computer systems secure?

Double Duty
An ambitious student completed not one but two prestigious summer internships — all while learning to find his path with support from the LSA Opportunity Hub.

Just Colonizing Other Planets, No Big Deal
“I believe that the human species should be multiplanetary. It’s only a matter of when.”

We, Mycelf, and I
Cellphones are so enmeshed in our lives they have altered our sense of identity, making us our celves instead of ourselves. 

Hyecho’s Journey
A mysterious monk, a multi-city research project, and the future of the humanities.

Renaissance Woman
Jennifer Tejada is a tech industry dynamo, but her background is pure liberal arts. And she says that’s no coincidence.

Coming from A Good Place
A small town in Japan and a neighborhood in Detroit face surprisingly similar problems — for completely different reasons. An innovative course from LSA’s Center for Japanese Studies might have answers for them both.

In Our Language
One LSA professor’s work to help kids who speak Spanish keep the language alive.