The Nam Center for Korean Studies is pleased to announce that we are accepting applications to be a Nam Center Graduate Student Fellow for the AY18-19 fellowship year.

All graduate students from any discipline at the University of Michigan who have an interest in Korea are encouraged to apply.

Accepted Fellows will be included in the Korean studies community with invitations to Center events and the opportunity to meet with special guests, as well as with each other as a group and build up a regular community of student scholars. Graduate student fellows will also serve on the organizing committee for the Center's annual Korean studies graduate student conference, NEKST.

Fellows will receive a competitive advantage in funding opportunities at the Center, and each Fellow will be allocated a $500 conference travel budget for the academic year.

Applications Due: Nov 9, 2018

Application Form: Online Form

Applicants will be asked to provide the following on the form:

  • Basic information about their academic program
  • A statement (no longer than a 250 words) describing their interest in Korean studies. 
  • A copy of their CV (.pdf format only please).

Inquiries regarding this program can be directed to Do-Hee Morsman (