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Faculty Accepting New Students


Faculty names are linked to their faculty profiles. From the profiles, you can reach the research group websites. 


Faculty Member     Fields        
Andrew Ault  Environmental  
Ryan Bailey         Analytical, Chemical Biology, Materials
Bart Bartlett Inorganic, Materials
Julie Biteen  Physical, Analytical
Jennifer Bridwell-Rabb Chemical Biology, Inorganic
Charles Brooks
Joshua Buss
Physical, Chemical Biology
Inorganic, Organic 
Zhan Chen   Analytical, Materials
Aaron Frank Physical, Chemical Biology
Eitan Geva    Physical 
Theodore Goodson III  Physical, Materials
Kristina Hakansson  Analytical, Chemical Biology
Sarah Keane Chemical Biology
Robert Kennedy  Analytical
Raoul Kopelman  Analytical, Physical, Materials    
Markos Koutmos Chemical Biology
Kristin Koutmou Chemical Biology
Kevin Kubarych      Physical
Nicolai Lehnert Inorganic
Stephen Maldonado      Materials, Analytical
Anna Mapp      Chemical Biology, Organic
E. Neil Marsh Chemical Biology, Organic
Adam Matzger Organic, Materials
Charles McCrory  Materials, Inorganic
Anne McNeil  Organic, Materials
John Montgomery Organic 
Pavel Nagorny   Organic
Alison Narayan    Organic, Chemical Biology 
Vincent Pecoraro Inorganic, Chemical Biology
Kerri Pratt Analytical
Ayyalusamy Ramamoorthy Physical, Chemical Biology
Brandon Ruotolo Analytical, Chemical Biology
Melanie Sanford       Organic, Inorganic
Corinna Schindler  Organic
Roseanne Sension  Physical
Ginger Shultz  
Matthew Soellner
Chemistry Education
Chemical Biology
Corey Stephenson  Organic
Nathaniel Szymczak    Inorganic, Organic
Nils Walter  Chemical Biology, Physical
Wenjing Wang Chemical Biology, Analytical
John Wolfe Organic
Dominika Zgid  Physical
Paul Zimmerman    Physical