The U-M Women’s and Gender Studies Department announces a grant competition to fund U-M student internships and research focused on sexual harassment or gender-based violence. Women’s and Gender Studies undergraduate majors and minors, Women’s and Gender Studies joint doctoral students, and Women’s and Gender Studies and LGBTQ graduate certificate students may apply for awards up to $1500 to support projects that they will complete by April 30, 2021. The number of awards will depend on the proposed budgets of successful applications. Pending available funding, the department will offer this grant competition and announce award decisions once per academic year.

Sexual harassment and gender-based violence are broad categories, encompassing but not limited to such phenomena as sex and gender harassment of cis- and transgender communities, ableist sexual harassment, homophobic harassment and violence, racialized sexual harassment, ableist sexual harassment, sexual assault, sex trafficking, intimate partner violence, and stalking. We welcome proposals focused on these or other relevant topics.

Internship support will include living, research, and travel expenses related to a volunteer position that would otherwise be covered by wages.  Research support will include support for travel and other expenses related to research projects on these topics, such as conference presentations, visits to archives, and compensation for interview participants.

Eligibility criteria and requirements

Summer Internships or Volunteer Positions

  • Applicants for summer internship funding must have secured an official volunteer position or internship; award monies cannot duplicate any other funds or support.
  • If the applicant has secured other funds related to the internship or research project, the proposed budget must account for these and the need for additional funds through this award. 
  • There are no restrictions on the internship organization or volunteer site, but the primary focus on the proposed work must be sexual harassment or gender-based violence.
  • Internships must be for a minimum of 6 weeks.
  • Upon completion of the internship or volunteer appointment, the awardee will submit a brief report about their work to the WGS Director of Undergraduate Studies or Director of Graduate Studies, as appropriate.

Research Support

  • Awards may be used for research-related expenses --  including field work and conference fees and travel -- focused on sexual harassment and gender-based violence.
  • Successful applicants will have their funds held in a research account and the Women’s and Gender Studies business office will assist in travel booking, invoice payments, and any upfront costs. 
  • This funding requires prior approval for all items and is subject to the University of Michigan’s travel and hosting reimbursement policies.

To apply, please submit the following application materials by April 24, 2020.

  • For summer internships or volunteer positions: A brief memo to the review committee (no more than 250 words) describing the placement, the work to be done and schedule for this work (hours/week, duration of appointment) and how it relates to sexual harassment or gender-based violence. Include at the end of this memo the name of a faculty member who is willing to be a reference for you and the primary contact at the proposed organization (name, phone number, and email address). No letters of recommendation are required.
  • For research support: A brief memo to the review committee (no more than 250 words) describing the project and how it relates to sexual harassment or gender-based violence. Include in this statement the name of your faculty advisor. No letters or recommendation are required.
  • A resume or C.V.
  • An itemized budget. Click here to download form.

Send all materials via email to Donna Ainsworth, Women’s and Gender Studies Undergraduate Coordinator,

Awards will be announced by May 1, 2020.