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Dissertation Titles

The scholarly interests of the graduates from our joint PhD programs are wide-ranging. Recent dissertations have explored how cultural ideologies about gender, race, and class influence social norms for appropriate and acceptable bodies; the history of perfume and how the sense of smell contributed to people’s understandings of self and culture; the role of gender, race, and class anomalies in the production of Black medical doctors in South Africa during apartheid: gender roles in intimate relationships; and Midwestern black and white racial and ethnic identities.

The feminist scholarly contributions of our students are detailed below according to year of dissertation completion.


Harley Dutcher, "Dispersion of Values: A Discursive Examination of Attitude Self-Report Item Designs"

Anastasia Gusakova, "A Dyadic Longitudinal Examination of the Efects of Minority Stressors on Relationships Outcomes for Interacial and Same-Race Male Couples"

Aidyn Osgood, "Armies in the Sexual Imaginary of France and the Holy Roman Empire, 1500-1650"


Catherine Fairfield, "Learning to Read Outside: The Vital Role of Feminist Literaturein Creating Lively Futures Amidst Environmental Change"

Kayla Fike, "Examining Perceptions of Neighborhood Quality for Black Urban-Residing Emerging Adults"

Sunhay You, "The Shadow Erotic: Inarticulate Pleasures in Asian/American Women's Literature and U.S. Empire"



Molly Miller Brookfield, "Watching the Girls Go By: Sexual Harasment in the American Street, 1850-1980"

Sarah Beth Chadwick, "When Orgasm Does Not Equal Pleasure: Three Empirical Studies on How Orgasm Experiences Can be "Bad"'

Ozge Savas, "Negotiating Belonging: Atitudes Towards Immigrants and Refugees,  and Experiences of Displaced Syrians in the U.S."

Zach Schudson, "Gender/Sex Diversity Beliefs: Heterogeneity, Links to Prejudice, and Diversity-Afirming Interventions"



Jennifer Frederick, "Atitudes About Disability and Political Participation Since the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election"

Joseph Gamble, "Sex Before Sex Ed: Sexual Practice, Pedagogy, and Afect in Early Modern England"

Alessio Ponzio, "Scandalous Practices: Homosexuality, Male Prostitution, and Sexual Citizenship in Post-Fascist Italy"

Jennifer Rubin, "#Fragilemasculinity: The Roles of Masculinity Threatand Anonymity in Men's Endorsement and Perpetration of Online Gender Harassment"

Charisse Willis, "Gendering Violence: Re-thinking Coercion and Consent in Early Modern English Literature"


Sarah Bell, "What Happens in a Hook Up? You Women's Behaviors, Emotions, and Pleasures." View abstract

Scott De Orio, "Punishing Queer Sexuality in the Age of LGBT Rights." View abstract

Kevin Goodman, "Profiling Institutional Estrangement: Contours and Consequences of Gendered Mistreatment in College." View abstract

Amanda Healy, "Loving Empire: Intimacy and Expansion in U.S. Women's Historical Writing, 1880-1900"

Christina LaRose, "Arab American Women's Poetry: Violence and Boundaries in the Levantine Diaspora." View abstract


Diana Caroline Sierra Becerra, "Insurgent Butterflies: Gender and Revolution in El Salvador, 1965-2015." View abstract

Kathryn Holland, "Sexual Assault Response Systems in an Evolving Legal Landscape: Implications for Reporting and Help-Seeking." View abstract

Joshua Hubbard, "Reproductive Subjects: The Global Politics of Health in China, 1927-1964." View abstract

Hafsa Kanjwal, "Building a New Kashmir: Bakshi Ghulam Muhammad and the Politics of State-Formation in a Disputed Territory." View abstract

Ángela Pérez-Villa, "Disorderly Love: Illicit Friendships, Violence, and Law in a Slave Society at War, Popayan-Colombia, 1809-1830." View abstract

Verónica Caridad Rabelo, "Cleaning the Ivory Tower: (De)constructing Neoliberal Discourse and Dignity in Dirty Work." View abstract

Rita Seabrook, "Alpha Alpha Alpha Male: Relations Among Fraternity Membership, Traditional Masculine Gender Roles, and Sexual Violence." View abstract

Kate Silbert, "'Committed to Memory': Gender, Literary Engagement, and Commemorative Practice, 1780-1920." View abstract


Lanice Avery, "The Sound of (Black) Music: Black-Oriented Media Use and Hegemonic Gender Beliefs as Liabilities to Black Women's Sexual Well-Being." View abstract

Tiffany Ball, "Weak Feelings: Femininity, Affect, and Sexuality in Modern Fiction and Theory." View abstract

Catherine Cassel, "Bugs After the Bomb: Insect Representations in Postatomic American Fiction and Film." View abstract

MicKenzie Elise Fasteland, "Empire and Adolescence: Whiteness and Gendered Citizenship in American Young Adult Literature, 1904-1951." View abstract

Nicole Renee Golda Greer, "To Shape the Future of the Nation: Gender and Family Order in the Age of Americanization, 1890-1952." View abstract

Jina Kim, "Anatomy of the City: Race, Infrastructure, and US Fictions of Dependency." View abstract

Yidi Li, "Institutional Support, Mentor Sponsorship, Department Climate, and Social Identities: Factors in Developing Academic Confidence of Doctoral Students." View abstract

Jessica Matsick, "The Establishment and Functionality of Upward Contempt: Promoting Positive Psychological Outcomes among Minority Group Members." View abstract

Jessica (Lotus) Seeley, "Repairing Computers and (Re)producing Hierarchy: An Ethnography of IT Support and Organizational Status." View abstract


L.E. Hunter, "Exiting the Ivory Tower Before and After Graduation: Attrition and Pursuit of Non-Faculty Career Goals Among Diverse Students." View abstract

Emily Johnston, "Poisoned Subjects: Testimonial Justice in Toxic Life Narrative." View abstract

Amy Moors, "Men's Endorsement of Monogamy: The Role of Gendered Relationship Scripts on Beliefs about Committed Relationships, Love, and Romance." View abstract

Jamie Small, "Trying Male Rape: Legal Renderings of Masculinity, Vulnerability, and Sexual Violence." View abstract


You-Sun Crystal Chung, "Across the Colonial Divide: Friendship in the British Empire, 1875-1940." View abstract

Saida Grundy, "The Makings of Men: The Institutionalization of Class and Masculinity at a Historically Black College for Men." View abstract

Trevor Hoppe, "From Sickness to Badness: Michigan HIV Law as a Site of Social Control." View abstract

Samantha Montgomery, "Personality and Everyday Social Justice Behavior: 'A Broader Set of Acts.'" View abstract

Cookie Woolner, "'The Famous Lady Lovers:' African American Women and Same-Sex Desire from Reconstruction to World War II." View abstract

Ali Ziegler, "Explaining Sexual Fantasy: What Predicts Submissive Fantasies for Women?" View abstract


Kara French, "The Politics of Sexual Restraint: Debates over Chastity in America, 1780-1860." View abstract

Emma Garrett, "Undoing Home: Queer Space and Black Women's Writing 1865-1953." View abstract

Molly Hatcher, "'Disputes, Disorders, and Confusion': Authorship, Remediation, and Intellectual Property Regulations in the Digital Age." View abstract

Yan Long, "Constructing Political Actorhood: The Emergence and Transformation of AIDS Advocacy in China, 1989-2012." View abstract

Elma Lorenzo-Blanco, "Latino/a Acculturation, Smoking, and Depression: Towards the Development of Integrative Socio-cultural Models." View abstract

Grace Sanders, "La Voix des Femmes: Haitian Women's Rights, National Politics, and Black Activism in Port-au-Prince and Montreal, 1934-1986." View abstract

Lai Sze Tso, "'Making It' In China: Why Young Rural Women Climb the Ladder by Moving into China's Cities." View abstract


Megan Ahern, "Affect in Epistemology: Relationality and Feminist Agency in Critical Discourse, Neuroscience, and Novels by Bambara, Morrison, and Silko." View abstract

Natalie Sabik, "An Exploration of Body Image and Psychological Well-Being Among Aging African American and European American Women." View abstract

Danielle Shapiro, "Parent and Child Mental Health in Nontraditional Families: The Intersecting Roles of Gender, Dyadic Support, and Communication." View abstract


Nicola Curtin, "The Roles of Experiences of Discrimination, Collective Identification, and Structural Awareness in Own-group and Ally Activism." View abstract

Quyen Epstein-Ngo, "'We Just Live and Forget': Latino Adolescent Coping with Neighborhood Violence Exposure and the Roles of Culture and Parent-Adolescent Relationships." View abstract

Dasa Francikova, "All Czechs, but Particularly Women: The Positionality of Women in the Construction of the Modern Czech Nation, 1820s-1850s." View abstract

Kirsten Leng, "'Contesting the "Laws of Life': Feminism, Science and Sex Reform in Germany and Britain, 1880-1914." View abstract

Zakiya Luna, "Domesticating Human Rights: Possibilities and Ambiguities in the Emerging Reproductive Justice Movement." View abstract

Kristine Molina, "A Multiple-Group Path Analysis of the Role of Social Marginality on Self-Rated Physical Health among U.S. Latina/o Adults: An Intersectional Perspective." View abstract

Lynn Verduzco Baker, "Charmed Circle of Motherhood: How Motherhood Discourses Discredit and Empower Young and Low-Income Mothers." View abstract


Shanta Kanukollu, "Exploring perceptions of child sexual abuse and attitudes towards help-seeking among South Asian college students." View abstract

Emily Kazyak, "The Space and Place of Sexuality: How Rural Lesbians and Gays Narrate Identity." View abstract

Jennifer McFarlane-Harris, "Autobiographical theologies: Subjectivity and religious language in spiritual narratives, poetry, and hymnody by African-American women, 1830--1900." View abstract

Navaneetha Mokkil-Maruthur, "Sexual Figures of Kerala: Cultural Practices, Regionality and the Politics of Sexuality." View abstract

Desdamona Rios, "Minority status and privilege in the academy: The importance of race, gender, and socialization practices for undergraduates, graduate students and faculty." View abstract

Ying Zhang, "Politics and morality during the Ming-Qing dynastic transition (1570-1670)." View abstract


Victoria Castillo, "Indigenous 'messengers' petitioning for justice: Citizenship and indigenous rights in Peru, 1900-1945." View abstract

Erin Graham, "'She's Black more than she's a woman' A mixed method analysis of the construction of gender and psychological outcomes among Black female college students." View abstract

Sridevi Nair, "Writing the lesbian: Literary culture in global India." View abstract

Carla Pfeffer, "Trans(Formative) Relationships: What We Learn About Identities, Bodies, Work and Families from Women Partners of Trans Men." View abstract

LaKisha Simmons, "Black girls coming of age: Sexuality and segregation in New Orleans, 1930-1954." View abstract

Jennifer Yim, "'Being an Asian American male is really hard actually': Cultural psychology of Asian American masculinities and psychological well-being." View abstract


Christine Delisle, "Navy wives/native lives: The cultural and historical relations between American naval wives and Chamorro women in Guam, 1898-1945." View abstract

Janice Habarth, "Thinking 'Straight': Heteronormativity and Associated Outcomes Across Sexual Orientation." View abstract

Michelle Lilly, "Shattered Assumptions, Coping and Religiosity in Intimate Partner Violence Survivors: A Partial Explanation for Variation in PTSD Symptoms?" View abstract

Emily Lutenski, "In the Land of Enchantment: Multiethnic Modernism and the American Southwest." View abstract

Jennifer Palmer, "Atlantic crossings: Race, gender, and the construction of families in eighteenth-century La Rochelle." View abstract

Jinny Prais, "Imperial Travelers: The Formation of West African Urban Culture, Identity, and Citizenship in London and Accra, 1925-1935." View abstract


Monica Burguera, "Liberalism and the origins of the social: Women, poverty, and the political meanings of philanthropy in nineteenth-century Spain (Madrid 1834—1843)." View abstract

Juanita Cabello, "Literary travel, the woman traveler, and twentieth century constructions of Mexican tourist spaces." View abstract

Erika Gasser, "Manhood, witchcraft and possession in old and New England." View abstract

Sumiao Li, "Fashionable people, fashionable society: Fashion, gender, and print culture in England 1821—1861." View abstract

Christa McDermott, "Understanding the psychology of unsustainability: Linking materialism, authoritarianism, attitudes toward gender and the environment, and behavior." View abstract

Rebekah Pite, "Creating a common table: Dona Petrona, cooking, and consumption in Argentina, 1928-1983." View abstract

Pavitra Sundar, "Sounding the Nation: The Musical Imagination of Bollywood Cinema." View abstract


Emma Crandall, "Gertrude and Her Boys: Collaborative Friendship, Masculine Styles, and Queer Affairs in the Modern World." View abstract

Andrea Dottolo, "Black and White Racial and Ethnic Identities in the Midwest." View abstract

Julie Eastin, "Predictors of Maternal Satisfaction: The Experiences of LBGQ Mothers." View abstract

Breanne Fahs, "Female sexuality after women’s ‘liberation’: Negotiating repression and performance norms." View abstract

Cathleen Power, "Feeling class: How affect reinforces social inequality." View abstract


Jennifer Churchwell, "Becoming an Academic: Factors that Influence a Graduate Student’s Identity Commitment." View abstract

Holly Dugan, "The Ephemeral History of Perfume: Scent and Sense in Early Modern England." View abstract

Julie Konik, "Harassment as a System for Policing Traditional Gender Norms in the Workplace: The Structure and Process of Sexual Harassment and Heterosexist Harassment." View abstract

Maureen McDonnell, "Crossing the Line: Performing Cultural Identities through Global Shakespearean Drama." View abstract

Vanessa Noble, "Doctors Divided: Gender, Race, and Class Anomalies in the Production of Black Medical Doctors in Apartheid South Africa, 1948–1994." View abstract

Diana T. Sanchez, "In the Bedroom and Beyond: Doing Gender in Intimate Relationships." View abstract


Laura Citrin, "Disgust and 'Normal' Corporeality: How Cultural Ideologies about Gender, Race, and Class Are Inscribed on the Body." View abstract

Gabrielle Dawn Lawhon, "Individual Psychotherapy and the Patient’s Significant Other." View abstract

Kathi Miner-Rubino, "Beyond targets: Vicarious exposure to hostility towards women in the workforce." View abstract


Melanie Boyd, "Troubling Innocence: Convention and Transgression in Feminist Narratives of Incest." View abstract


Theresa Braunschneider, "Maidenly Amusements: Narrating Female Sexuality in Eighteenth-Century England." View abstract

Cari Carpenter, "Seeing Red: Anger, Femininity, and the American Indian of Nineteenth-Century Sentimental Literature." View abstract

Zaje Harrell, "Trait Self-Objectification in College Women’s Mental Health: An Examination of Smokers and Never-Smokers." View abstract

Sheryl Pimlott-Kubiak, "Social Location and Cumulative Adversity in Traumatized Women." View abstract

Jocelyn Fenton Stitt, "Gender in the Contact Zone: Writing the Colonial Family in Romantic-era and Caribbean Literature." View abstract


Colleen O’Brien, "Contested Visions of a New Republic: Race, Sex, and the Body Politic in American Women's Writing, 1850–1938." View abstract


Benita Jackson, "Gender and psychological correlates of use of alcohol to cope with emotional distress." View abstract