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WAGSFP Summer Fellows

The community of scholars who participate in Women and Gender Summer Fellowship Program will also engage in programming throughout the summer in addition to their research. Students will participate in seminars to learn more about current and emerging research in women and gender studies, read and share articles related to research in women and gender studies, learn how to publish their research and engage in other professional development activities. 

2023 Summer Fellows



Rowan Klar 

Why did you choose to get into research?
I wanted to widen my knowledge about the research process in general and be able to design a project that was both meaningful and exciting for me. I'm a curious person and I love being able to learn about new things in new ways. UROP has been a great opportunity for me to get my foot in the door with research and to challenge me to expand my knowledge in ways that a traditional classroom setting can't really do.

Paige Bost 

Why did you choose to get into research?
I chose to get into research because I’m a psychology major and I never had the opportunity to do research prior to college. I thought research sounded really interesting because it would allow me to pursue my interests in depth and connect with like-minded scholars. Because of the topics I’m interested in, research is also a form of activism to me, and that was another reason why I chose to get into research. I wanted to explore the interests I’m passionate about and hopefully conduct research that will make the world a better place to live in.

Zara Bedella 

Why did you choose to get into research?
I chose to get into research for the opportunity to learn new skills and engage in work that has real-world implications. Research has taught me alot and given me a lot of new skills in the past, and I am sure I will continue to learn more in the future. Research can also be an important way to bring about social change, and I am excited to explore this through WAGSFP.

Ashley Durden 

Why did you choose to get into research?
Research offers the opportunity for growth in the understanding of ideas, and the cultivation of alternative solutions to the problems of today. My goal is to use research to explore topics I'm passionate about, as well as to broaden my skill set so I can help make progressive change in the world. Research is a new experience for me, and I'm excited to embark on this journey.

Emily Warden 

Why did you choose to get into research?
I have had multiple extra curricular and voluntee rexperiences related to women's health, gender,and identity, and they have helped shape my current academic interests and my future career goal of becoming a physician specializing in women's health. For this reason, I feel that exploring these topics in a research setting will continue to deepen my interests and skills in a new way. I am excited to work in a lab team and learn fundamental lab techniques!

Beatrice Hadiwidjaja

Why did you choose to get into research?
All of the sciences have always been my favorite subjects to learn in school, and I thought it's interesting that much is still unknown, especially in the field of neuroscience. I hope to contribute to the collective knowledge of the subject, and to advance the field of preventive medicine for certain neurological diseases.


Lauren penrose 

Why did you choose to get into research?
I believe that research is the cornerstone to innovation and discovery. Especially with my studies in Psychology and Gender & Health, I've found research to be critical in uncovering human dynamics and advancing social justice.


Olivia Morreale 

Why did you choose to get into research?
I am drawn to research because of my insatiable curiosity and eagerness to learn. The work I am involved in through UROP provides me the opportunity to explore uncharted territories and pioneer new ways of thinking. This opportunity allows me to continue my journey of learning by collaborating with esteemed professionals,participating in interdisciplinary fieldwork, and seeking out evidence-based innovations. As I learn more about the world around me, I realize the change I hope to inspire.

Rebecca Pulliam 

Why did you choose to get into research?
Research has given me the opportunity to explore the things that I am passionate about in an academic setting. I have always been interested inactivism and healthcare. But community engaged research is the best of both worlds for me because I get to work along side communities including my own using a pubic health perspective to make progress in new ways. As I began to discover research through the UROP program there were projects located in my home town so having that connection to my roots was important to me andhas inspired me to continue to expand my experiences.


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