ANN ARBOR—The stress and uncertainty caused by the coronavirus has taken its toll on parents—and children are feeling the psychological and physical brunt of it, say University of Michigan researchers.

More parents have shouted, yelled or screamed at their children at least once in the past two weeks, according to a new U-M report. In addition, during that same timeframe, one in five parents spanked or slapped their child.

While seeking to meet their children’s needs with schools and day care services closed, parents throughout the United States have encountered unprecedented challenges in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, says Shawna Lee, the report’s lead author. The direct care for their children has meant little respite from teachers and other caregivers—all while coping with added economic uncertainty.

The report, co-authored by social work doctoral student Kaitlin Ward, examines how parents have responded to their children during the pandemic.

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