ANN ARBOR – Atlanta native and University of Michigan junior Cam Turner has always felt something was missing on campus.

Growing up in the South, Waffle House is part of the culture, said Turner. He said he has fond memories of pouring into the modest breakfast joint with friends after football games or late nights. Open 24/7, Waffle House is also an affordable dining option for high school and college students.

“I went from a Waffle House on every corner to coming up here and not having one in the entire state,” said Turner.

Michigan Waffle House Club was born.

The project is part of the Entrepreneurial Creativity class taught at the university by Dr. Eric Fretz. Each year, he tasks his students with doing epic things, specifically coming up with ways to improve life on the school’s campus.

“Fretz asked us to come up with either an innovative idea or solve a problem that the campus faces and we decided to conquer one of the biggest problems University of Michigan has, and that’s not having a Waffle House on campus,” Turner said.

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