Han Zhang - What Can Iphone’s Screen Time Tell about Users’ Cognitive Functioning?


Lilia Cortina - Sexual Harassment: From Science to Solutions

David Dunning - The Geography of Concepts: How Ideas Develop and Diverge across Cultures, Self-Belief and False Belief in a Post-Truth World

Ethan Kross - Me, My Phone, and I

Ariana Orvell - Symposium title: Beyond the effortful control of emotion: Exploring relatively effortless and implicit routes to emotion regulation. Talk title: An emotion regulation tool for those who need it most: Leveraging language through distanced self-talk

Stephanie Preston - Session title: Applied Sustainability: Psychology-Based Interventions to Engage
Diverse Groups. Talk title: Beauty in the Eye of the Activist: Narratives about Monarch Butterflies Affect Environmental Engagement

Kaidi Wu - The geography of concepts: How ideas develop and diverge across cultures.