Professor Graham-Bermann received an Honorary Doctorate at Örebro University, Sweden, on February 13th, 2106.

The board's statement: "Sandra Graham-Bermann, Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry at University of Michigan, has by her substantial and significant research contributed to improve the chances of a better life for children who have witnessed domestic violence. In her research, Professor Graham-Bermann has  focused on the long-term effect on children who have experienced one parent exposing their partner to violence and abuse. She has also developed a group-based support method for children who have witnessed domestic violence, called the Kids' Club, and evaluated its effects to increase the wellbeing of children. Evaluations of the Kids' Club method in a Swedish context have shown improved psychological health in exposed children and lowered symptoms of trauma. Professor Graham-Bermann has received numerous awards and prizes for her internationally acknowledged research and pedagogical skills and she is a sought after speaker worldwide in her subject area. Through her inviting manner, Professor Graham­ Bermann has brought about innovative collaborations between researchers and work professionals in the USA and in Sweden. Since 2010 she has had a research collaboration with the research group RELY (RELations for Youth) in Social Work at Örebro University, which has led to several scientific publications. She has with great generosity shared her extensive experience and thereby strengthened the position of Orebro University in the area of children's relationships with their violent offending fathers and abused mothers."

Congratulations Sandra!