Professor Shelly Schreier is undoubtedly deserving of the “Best of Ann Arbor” award. Actually, I’m also absolutely certain that if there were an award for “Best Professor on God’s Green Earth,” she would win that one too. I was first introduced to Schreier during the past fall semester, but her reputation had reached my ears far earlier than that. Even now, psychology students I encounter will either gush over their experience with Schreier, or lament not taking one of her courses. So, waiting anxiously for class to begin, I began to think that maybe I should let go of my preconceptions of what kind of a professor Shelly Schreier is, for fear of a major letdown. Well, after only about one minute and twenty seconds into lecture, I’m thinking that I’ve never met a professor who seemed to be such an accurate representation of everyone’s grandmother.

Thinking back to her lectures, I most remember her distinct inflection, which is hard to put into words other than to describe as so kind, it borders on “grandmotherly.” With hour and a half lectures that lead to the head-bobbing, trying-but-failing to stay awake masses, she seems to make two hours go by almost too fast. She’s not only engaging with the class, which is a feat in itself with 200-plus students attending a single lecture, but finds new and inventive ways for her students to remember particularly difficult concepts. I won’t spoil it, but if you’ve taken Psych 111, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

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