Mahalingam explained different theories of leadership to the group, switching between his lecture and conversation with the group.

Mahalingam presented to advanced fellows in a BLI pilot cohort called the Mindful Leader Program. In order to become involved with the BLI, all members enroll in a one-credit leadership lab. Upon completion, they are afforded the opportunity to become BLI Leadership Fellows. Following an initial fellowship, students are given the option to either coordinate a capstone project or take on more advanced fellowships.

Compared to the nearly 200 students pursuing a capstone project, this mindful leadership cohort of only six students is much more specialized and intimate. Business junior Kevin Liu is one of the mindful leadership fellows and was in a different advanced BLI fellowship last year. He said the mindful leadership program is different from any of his prior experience.

“It’s about journaling and reflection and generally being mindful of our action,” Liu said. “This is a very small cohort because it’s a pilot program. This is a lot more time commitment.”

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