Several named gift funds provided crucial support to Department of Psychology students over the past academic year. Below is a list of funds and their student recipients. Many thanks to our donors for continuing to make a difference!

Undergraduate Funds

Louis Bernstein Undergraduate Psychology Research Fund

·         Elizabeth Lee

Edward Chang Undergraduate Diversity Research Award
·         Abigail Richburg

Martha Muenzer Memorial Award in Psychology
·         Olivia Chang
·         Sarah Klausner

Lorraine Nadelman Honor Thesis Award in Developmental Psychology
·         Sophie Martel

Walter B. Pillsbury Testimonial
·         Preetha Pamidighantam
·         Abigail Richburg
·         Rachael Rich
·         Shubhangi Kumari

Anne Rudo Memorial Scholarship
·         Verity Lee

Tanner Memorial Award
·         Madeline Paxson
·         Lance Ying


Graduate Funds

Eric Bermann Graduate Student Research Award Fund

·         Isaiah Sypher (Clinical)

Edward S. Bordin Graduate Research Fund
·         Julia Rios (Clinical)

Marjorie Nan Donald Fund
·         Clinton McKenna (Social)

Pat Gurin Fund
·         Richard Smith (Personality & Social Contexts)

Ruth C. Hamill Graduate Student Award Fund
·         Ariana Munoz-Salgado (Social)

Hough Fellow in Psychology & Ethics
·         Soyeon Choi (Social)
·         Tangier Davis (Personality & Social Contexts)
·         Ana Patricia Esqueda (Developmental)
·         Gregory Stanley (Cognition & Cognitive Neuroscience)

Donald G. Marquis Fund
·         Ka Ip (Clinical)

Lorraine Nadelman Graduate Student Research Prize in Developmental Psychology
·         Chi-Lin Yu (Developmental)

Barbara A. Oleshansky Memorial Endowment Fund
·         Sharlyn Ferguson (Combined Program in Education & Psychology)
·         Annika From (Personality & Social Contexts)
·         Paola Guerrero Rosada (Combined Program in Education & Psychology)
·         Wendy Guo (Cognition & Cognitive Neuroscience)

Jay and Kay Peters Graduate Student Support Fund
·         Maira Areguin (Psychology & Women’s & Gender Studies)
·         Jieun Chang (Personality & Social Contexts)
·         Rebeca Maxon (Combined Program in Education & Psychology)
·         Jessica Montoro (Developmental)
·         Nadia Vossoughi (Social)

Pillsbury Memorial Graduate Student Support Fund
·         Dominic Kelly (Developmental)
·         Hyesue Jang (Cognition & Cognitive Neuroscience)
·         Maira Areguin (Psychology & Women’s & Gender Studies)
·         Leanna Papp (Psychology & Women’s & Gender Studies)
·         Merrell Wilson (Social)

Barbara Perry Roberson Fellowship
·         Madelyn Quirk (Cognition & Cognitive Neuroscience)
·         Shreya Rajagopal (Cognition & Cognitive Neuroscience)
·         Julia Rios (Clinical)
·         Kathrina Robotham (Personality & Social Contexts)
·         Danielle Rosenscruggs (Developmental)

Robinson Family Fellowship
·         Erick Aguinaldo (Psychology & Women’s & Gender Studies)
·         Desiree Aleibar (Social)

Keith Smith Endowed Award
·         Jay Kayser (Psychology & Social Work)
·         Lauren White (Psychology & Social Work)
·         Rita Hu (Psychology & Social Work)
·         Lolita Moss (Psychology & Social Work)
·         Ariana Munoz-Salgado (Social)
·         Ana Patricia Esqueda (Developmental)
·         Madison Fansher (Cognition & Cognitive Neuroscience)
·         Sunghyun Hong (Psychology & Social Work)
·         Joonyoung Park (Developmental)
·         Shreya Rajagopal (Cognition & Cognitive Neuroscience)
·         Tong Suo (Social)
·         Natasha Vernooij (Cognition & Cognitive Neuroscience)

Joseph Veroff Endowed Graduate Support Fund
·         Will Beischel (Personality & Social Contexts)
·         Yeonjee Bae (Developmental)

Michael J. Vizas Graduate Practicum Fund
·         Ana Patricia Esqueda (Developmental)

Susan M. Webb Graduate Student Scholarship
·         Deaweh Benson (Developmental)
·         Katherine Blumstein (Clinical)