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Faculty Areas of Expertise

Below is a list of faculty members by their areas of expertise.  Clicking on a faculty members name will direct you to their website and provide their contact information.

HassanIchino, Pitcher, Min, Nathan

Ang (China), Fernandes (India), Gallagher (China), Hicken (SE Asia), Jones (Central Asia), Min (India), Slater (SE Asia)

Conflict, Security, and Terrorism:
Axelrod, Davenport, DinceccoMin, Morrow, Tessler, Zhukov

Congress and the President:
Chen, Hall, Kollman, LowandeLupia, Shipan

Development & the Developing World:
Ang, Dincecco, Hicken, Jones, Min, NathanPitcher, SlaterTessler

Dincecco, Franzese, GitelmanJacksonKollman, Markovits, Tsebelis,

Finance and Trade:
Dincecco, Franzese, Kerner, Osgood

Human Rights:
Davenport, Koremenos, Zhukov

International Law and Organization:
Koremenos, Morrow

Media and Politics:
Kinder, Traugott, Valentino

Middle East:
Gitelman, Tessler

Political Parties:
DischHicken, JacksonKollman, Nathan, Slater

Public Opinion:
Brader, Burns, Hutchings, Inglehart, Kinder, Lupia, Valentino, Tessler, Traugott

Public Policies:
Corcoran (social policy), Goldenberg (higher education), Jackson (state economic development), Rabe (environment)

Race and Politics:
Davenport, Hutchings, Kinder, MickeyTeminValentino

Religion and Politics:
Gitelman, Inglehart, Jones (Islam), SlaterTessler

Gitelman, Jones, Zimmerman

Social Movements & Protest:

State and Local Government:
Bednar, Burns, Gerber, Mickey

Supreme Court and Judicial Politics:
Bednar, BeimHerzog, Kirkland, QuinnShipan

U.S. Elections:
HallHutchings, Kinder, Kollman, Lupia, Mebane, Traugott, Valentino

Women and Politics:
Burns, Disch, Fernandes, Kirkland, Wingrove