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MCDB Imaging Core for UM

Welcome! Several microscopes in the MCDB Imaging Facility in the Biological Sciences Building are available to any University of Michigan researcher. Descriptions and recharge rates are explained on this page. Access to scope time granted after appropriate training.

In addition, for MCDB users and collaborators only, MCDB maintains other shared equipment. See the MCDB Only Shared Imaging Equipment page and the Molecular Bioscience Facility page for specifics.

Jeol 1400plus transmission electron microscope

Recharge: $300/3-months with $250 training fee.
$1,000 per year with $250 training fee. 
Training fee waived for MCDB researchers.

Training: ~1.5 hours


Leica SP8 inverted laser scanning system with WLL and STED

405nm and white light (470-670nm) laser systems, gating, spectral detection, resonant/tandem scanner, and STED super resolution imaging with 592, 660, and 775nm depletion lines. 

Recharge: $26.85/hour

Training Required for Access:

4 hours  Contact: BSB Microscrope Imaging Manager/Specialist (

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Zeiss LSM880

This Zeiss LSM880 upright microscope, laser scanning confocal imaging system includes 405 Diode, 458, 488, 514nm Argon gas, 561nm DPSS, and 633nm laser lines. Other features include 10x, 20x, 40x Water Corr, 40x oil, and 63x oil objective lenses, and DIC optics. The Airyscan super resolution detection module allows for imaging down to 140nm lateral and 400nm axial resolution at normal laser scanning capture speeds. 

Recharge: $25.90

Training: 2-3 hours.




Dragonfly Spindisk System

This Andor Dragonfly spinning disk confocal imaging microscope system has 405, 488, 561, and 633nm lasers, a Mosaic mirror ROI selection module, Pe800 LED for photo conversion, a 445nm FRAP laser, Dual Zyla cameras for simultaneous 2 channel imaging, Yokagawa spindisk and filter wheel, and Tokai Hit incubation chamber. Objectives include 20x, 63x oil, and 100x oil lenses on a Leica DMI8 base. This system is run through Andor IQ software.

Recharge: TBD
Training: TBD



Coming Soon

Nikon Spinning Disk confocal system on a Ti2 base and using an Andor W1 spinning disk module


If you have any questions about microscope technologies or accessories available within the MCDB department, please feel free to speak with the BSB Microscope Imaging Specialist/ Managing Director, who will be happy to assist you with using these microscopes to their optimal capabilities, or will recommend other University of Michigan resources, as appropriate.

Gregg Sobocinski, BSB Microscope Imaging Specialist/ Managing Director
( or 734.615.2034