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Graduate Program Resources: Academic Affairs Committees, Staff, Ombuds

Academic affairs of the MCDB graduate program fall to two standing committees: Admissions Committee and the Graduate Studies Committee. These committees aim to provide an environment that is conducive to students becoming productive scientists and thoughtful human beings. Both committees include graduate student representatives.

Graduate Admissions Committee

The Admissions Committee is responsible for reviewing all applications to the program and subsequently recommending admissions offers. This committee is also involved in the recruiting process, both externally and internally.

2023-24 Members

  • Lyle Simmons, Professor (Chair) (21-24)
  • John Schiefelbein, Professor (21-24)
  • Bo Duan, Associate Professor  (23-26)
  • Morgan DeSantis, Assistant Professor (21-24)
  • Ari Kozik, Assistant Professor (23-26)
  • Anthony Vecchiarelli, Assistant Professor (22-25)
  • Malak Bazzi
  • Griffin Downing
  • Claire Dudley
  • Qi Geng


Graduate Studies Committee

The Graduate Studies Committee (GSC) is responsible for supporting the graduate students by monitoring the year-round issues that occur in the graduate program, including preliminary examinations, orientation, internal awards, and individual concerns that may arise.

2023-24 Members

  • Matt Chapman, Professor, Chair (22-25)
  • Dan Klionsky,  Professor (23-26)
  • Steven Clark, Professor (20-23)
  • Gyorgyi Csankovszki, Professor (21-24)
        MCDB Traditional Masters and Pathways programs
  • Jim Bardwell, Professor (21-24)
  • Julianna Cresti, Graduate Student Rep
  • Jordan Byrne, Graduate Student Rep


Graduate Coordinator

Mary Carr

2229 BSB


Associate Chair for Graduate Studies

Matthew Chapman, Professor

5268 BSB


Department Ombuds

Gyorgyi Csankovszki, Professor

5214 BSB
Phone: 734-764-3412