Left to right, front row: Madeline Turner, Gladys Gonzalez, Professor Christian de Pee, Annie O'Connell, Meghan Clark; middle row: Sean Cantrell, Gabrielle Xilas, Ãine McGehee Marley, Alexander Raveane, Niccolo Beltramo, Will Carter, Avraham Sholkoff; back row: Dominic Coschino, James Lowell III, Alexander Votta (photo: Sean Carter Photography)

On May 3, fourteen graduating seniors presented their theses at the Department of History's Honors Symposium. Students each presented a brief overview of their original thesis, after which Professor Christian de Pee presented the following awards: 

  • Arthur Fondiler Award for Best Undergraduate Thesis: Alexander Votta (first); Alexander Raveane (second)
  • John A. Williams History Award: Meghan Clark
  • Stephen J. Tonsor History of Ideas Undergraduate Honors Award: Niccolo Beltramo
  • Stephen J. Tonsor Best Oral Presentation of Thesis Award: Gladys Gonzalez
  • Elizabeth Sargent Lee Medical History Prize: Gabrielle Xilas
  • James A. Knight Scholarships in History: Sean Cantrell, Ãine McGehee Marley, Avraham Sholkoff, Madeline Turner

Prior to the symposium, the LSA Honors Program announced the following award:

  • Gerald Ford Public Service Award: Alexander Votta

View a list of this year's thesis topics or the 2019 Honors Symposium Program (PDF). Selected photos are available below. Please contact hist.outreach@umich.edu for a complete gallery of high-resolution photos of this event.