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Recent Dissertations

On April 28, 2023, U-M History PhD graduates from this year and last were convened with their family, friends, and advisors to commemorate a momentous occasion: the completion of their doctorate degrees. It was wonderful to be able to once again celebrate the accomplishments of our newest PhDs in person! Left to right: ToniAnn Trevino, Daniela Sheinin, Meg Showalter, Essie Ladkau, Taylor Sims, Hayley Bowman, Emily Lamond, Tara Weinberg, and Amit Sadan.

Recent Dissertations

Haley E. Bowen, PhD in History
Advisors: Dena Goodman and Helmut Puff
Dissertation: Breaching the Cloister: Laywomen, Convents, and the State in the Early Modern French Empire
Assistant Professor of History at Northwestern University

Salem Elzway, PhD in History
Advisor: Matthew Lassiter
Dissertation: Arms of the State: A History of the INdustrial Robot in Postwar America
Postdoctoral Fellowship, History, University of Southern California

Essie Ladkau, PhD in History
Advisor: Hitomi Tonomura
Dissertation: Life, Death, and the Construction of Space on the Kamo River
Collections Assistant, Besser Museum for the Northeast Michigan

Emily Lamond, PhD in Ancient History
Advisor: Celia Schultz
Dissertation: Disability and the Ancient Roman Familia
Assistant Professor of Latin Literature and Roman History, McMaster University

Lamin Manneh, PhD in History
Advisor: Derek Peterson
Dissertation: Island Citizens: Environment, Infrastructure, and Belonging in Colonial Gambia, 1816-1865

Alexander McConnell, PhD in History
Advisor: Ronald G. Suny
Dissertation: A Humanism of Hatred, a Humanism of the Heart: Political Language, Public Morality, and Socialist Personhood in the Soviet Union

Nicole Navarro, PhD in History
Advisor: Matthew Lassiter
Dissertation: The Forgotten Latino Community: Racial Formation and the Struggle for Political Representation in Washington, D.C., 1970-1993
2023 ACLS Leading Edge Fellowhsip, Research Associate at the Thurgood Marshall College Fund

Emma Nolan-Thomas, PhD in Anthropology and History
Advisor: Webb Keane
Dissertation: Practicing the Prophet's Medicine: Health, Illness, and Islamic Therapeutics in Indonesia

Hannah Roussel, PhD in History
Advisor: Rafe Neis
Dissertation: Mad Rabbis: The Intersection of Bodyminds with Personal, Communal, and Non-Human Relationships in the Babylonian Talmud
Faith Inclusion and Belonging Fellow in RespectAbility's National Leadership Program

Amit Sadan, PhD in History
Advisor: Juan Cole
Dissertation: Masters of the Garden: An Environmental History of Nation-Building in Pahlavi Iran
Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of New Mexico

Omri Senderowicz, PhD in Anthropology and History
Advisor: Stuart Kirsch
Dissertation: From Society to Community: Privatizing the Israeli Kibbutz (1975-2020)
Visiting Assistant Professor and Israel Institute Teaching Fellow, University of Kansas

Eshe Shereley, PhD in History
Advisors: Matthew Countryman and LaKisha Simmons
Dissertation: The History of Slavery and Race in California from the Gold Rush to the United States Civil War, 1848-1865.
Assistant Professor, Program in African American Studies, Wake Forest University

Meg Showalter, PhD in History
Advisor: Matthew Lassiter
Dissertation: "Teach Your Children Well:" Imagining Interracial Harmony in a Post-Civil Rights Act United States, 1964-1978
Adjunct Professor, Wayne State University

Taylor Sims, PhD in History
Advisor: Katherine French
Dissertation: Everyday Women and the English Reformation: Gender and Religion in the Diocese of Salisbury, 1450-1600
Hub Coach, LSA Opportunity Hub, University of Michigan

Tara Weinberg, PhD in History
Advisor: Derek Peterson
Dissertation: "Property of the People: Black Land Buyers'' Imaginings of Property Ownership, 1900-1994
Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of Western Cape

Shai Zamir, PhD in History
Advisors: Helmut Puff and Ryan Szpiech
Dissertation: Friendship and Alternative Kinship in the Early Modern Iberian World
Sava Ranisavljevic Postdoctoral Fellowship, Department of Spanish and Portuguese, Northwestern University


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