Professor Damani Partridge published his article "Hostility as Technique:Making White Space in a Black City (Observing a City Over Time through Collective Filmmaking and Collaborative Research)" in Anthropological Quarterly.

"On a different day in a nearby location, a White manager yells at a Black Detroiter—an urban planner—and the anthropologist to bus their table at
the café as they are walking out, late for another appointment. The anthropologist points out that there is no sign to this effect. How was he to know? “Are you from Detroit?” he wants to ask the manager.

This essay examines post-Fordist affect from the position of the Black Other. Detroit, formerly home to the assembly line that was supposed to produce (White) prosperity, has become “ground zero” for White space reclamation. Black Detroiters who remain in the city are increasinglymade to feel out of place, including the descendants of Black assemblyline workers."