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Power, Identity, and Inequality Sub-Major

From the biological to the social, and from the archaeological to the linguistic, this sub-major examines what it means to be in or have been subjected to asymmetrical power relations in the world, for example, as Black, as gay, as rich, as cared for, as Indigenous, as migrant, as a woman, as distinctly religious, as informally educated, or as malnourished.

It offers new and emerging anthropologists the skills to understand and analyze social and physical differentiation across time and place. What are the biological, linguistic, and environmental elements that lead to distinction? How do states, communities, and other forms of collective and individual organization lead to social transformation and new kinds of power relations? How do sovereign entities, and class distinctions, language differences, or geographical divisions make life less livable for some while making it more possible for others? What techniques are involved? What kinds of evidence remains? What strategies might lead to change from now into the future?


None, but ANTHRCUL 101 is recommended.


Students in the Power, Identity, and Inequality sub-major must complete 16-17 credits from the courses listed below as part of their anthropology major elective credits for a minimum of 32 credits total.


The Power, Identity, and Inequality sub-major is only available to declared Anthropology majors and is not a major or minor. The sub-major will be notated on the student's official transcript. A maximum of 6 credits of independent research can be counted toward the major.


At least 20 credits must be completed in residence at the University of Michigan.

Distribution Policy

No course used to fulfill a major requirement may be used toward the LSA Distribution Requirement. In addition, courses in the ANTHRARC, ANTHRBIO, and ANTHRCUL subject areas may not be used toward the Distribution Requirement.


Students may elect only one of the optional sub-majors.