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Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration Area

Faculty and students in the area of race, ethnicity, and immigration study a variety of issues related to the historic and current nature of race, ethnic relations and immigration. We are proud to build off Michigan's traditional and continuing strength in this area, most particularly as represented in demographic and attitudinal studies of race relations. Our current span of scholarly work examines the situations of, and interactions among, the multiple identity groups in the United States. This work is made more exciting by the fact that at this point in our national history we are in the midst of another series of changing social, legal and politico-economic constructions of these groups and their relations with one another and with the larger society. Thus, social and political movements for change, and counter-movements, occupy much of our attention. In addition, many of our members study these issues in other nations and areas of the world, and are interested in the ways that immigration affects and transforms social relations for immigrants and for both their sending and receiving countries. In much of this work we work with the intersectionality of race, class and gender relations. The faculty in this area study a wide variety of social phenomena and particular groups, and use a variety of research methods. We differ among us in theoretical perspective and particular interests, but share a common principal interest in the multi-level study of structure and agency, person and culture, stability and change. A number of our faculty are themselves involved in applied work that seeks to relate research to practical social and organizational problems.