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Toni Antonucci
Elizabeth M. Douvan Collegiate Professor of Psychology and Senior Research Scientist, Institute for Social Research Life Course
2217 East Hall 734.764.9192
Rona Carter
Joint Program in Social Work and Psychology Area Chair; Associate Professor of Psychology
2243 East Hall 734.763.2225
Tabbye Chavous
Vice Provost for Equity and Inclusion; Chief Diversity Officer; Professor of Education and Psychology
2260 East Hall 734.647.3874
Elizabeth R. Cole
Director of the National Center for Institutional Diversity; University Diversity and Social Transformation Professor of Women's and Gender Studies, Psychology and Afroamerican and African Studies
3268 East Hall 734.615.3985
Terri D. Conley
Gender and Feminist Psychology Area Chair; Professor of Psychology
3243 East Hall
530 Church Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1043
Kai Schnabel Cortina
Developmental Area Chair; Professor of Psychology
2006 East Hall 734.615.3809
Lilia Cortina
University Diversity and Social Transformation Professor of Psychology and Women's & Gender Studies; Professor (by courtesy) of Management & Organizations
3270 East Hall
530 Church Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1043
Pamela Davis-Kean
Professor of Psychology; Research Professor at the Institute for Social Research
2241 East Hall 734-763-0490
Nick Ellis
Professor Emeritus of Psychology; Professor Emeritus of Linguistics; Research Scientist, English Language Institute
Lorraine Gutierrez
Edith A. Lewis Collegiate Professor Emerita of Social Work, Arthur F Thurnau Professor Emerita, and Professor Emerita of Psychology
3054 East Hall 734.936.9124
John Hagen
Professor Emeritus of Psychology; Research Professor Emeritus, CHGD
1346A East Hall 734.764.9440
Arnold Ho
Associate Professor of Psychology
3229 East Hall (734) 764-2717
Shinobu Kitayama
Robert B. Zajonc Collegiate Professor of Psychology; Director of the Culture & Cognition Program
3217 East Hall 734.647.6786
Fiona Lee
Personality and Social Contexts Area Chair; Arthur F. Thurnau Professor of Psychology
3251 East Hall 734.763.3358
Sara McClelland
Associate Professor of Psychology & Women's and Gender Studies
2114 Lane Hall
2260 East Hall
Vonnie C. McLoyd
Ewart A. C. Thomas Collegiate Professor of Psychology
2016 East Hall 734.615.9603
Kevin Miller
Professor of Psychology and Education
2042 East Hall
4116 SEB
734.615.1800 (SEB)
Richard Nisbett
Theodore M Newcomb Distinguished University Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Research Professor Emeritus, Research Center for Group Dynamics, Institute for Social Research
3229 East Hall 734.763.1160
Deborah Rivas-Drake
Professor of Psychology; Stephanie J. Rowley Professor of Education
2000 East Hall 734.647.0287
Denise Sekaquaptewa
University Diversity and Social Transformation Professor of Psychology
3231 East Hall 734.647.9685
Robert Sellers
Charles D. Moody Collegiate Professor of Psychology, and Professor of Education
3215 East Hall
Abigail Stewart
Sandra Schwartz Tangri Distinguished University Professor Emerita of Psychology and Women’s and Gender Studies; Professor Emerita of Psychology; Professor Emerita of Women’s and Gender Studies
2213 East Hall
Twila Tardif
Professor Emerita of Psychology
2014 East Hall 734.615.4101
Marc Zimmerman
Professor of Health Behavior and Health Education;
Professor of Psychology (By Courtesy)