M-Sci students engaged in invasive plants and soil chemistry fieldwork alongside Deborah Goldberg in 2017. Image: Andrea Cruz

The University of Michigan Regents saluted Deborah E. Goldberg by naming her Arthur F. Thurnau Professor Emerita, Margaret B. Davis Distinguished University Professor Emerita of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, and professor emerita of ecology and evolutionary biology. Goldberg retired from active faculty status May 31, 2019.

Upon her retirement, Goldberg has provided an exceptionally generous gift to establish the M-Sci Scholars Student Support Fund, so that future undergraduate students can continue to benefit from her dedication to diversifying the sciences.                 

As the founder and longtime director of M-Sci, Goldberg has been instrumental in the effort to increase the diversity and preparedness of LSA STEM graduates. Since 2011 when the first cohort of 20 students arrived on campus, she has remained a trusted and guiding presence. 

“I started M-Bio, now expanded to all the natural sciences as M-Sci, because I wanted to ensure that everyone had equal access to the resources they needed to succeed in the sciences at the University of Michigan. Such equity is an absolute moral imperative and also has the side benefit that more diverse communities of scientists make for better science,” said Goldberg. 

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“I’m just really grateful both to the institution and to my friends and colleagues here for making it such a rewarding career."

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