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Miscellaneous Publications

MP 6 Walker, B., 12/30/1918.
A synopsis of the classification of the freshwater Mollusca of North America, north of Mexico, and a catalogue of the more recently described species, with notes. OOP

MP 7 Goodrich, C., 7/1/1922.
The Anculosae of the Alabama River drainage. $5

MP 12 Goodrich, C., 2/23/1924.
The genus Gyrotoma. $3

MP 18 Walker, B., 2/20/1928.
The terrestrial shell-bearing Mollusca of Alabama. $12

MP 31 Goodrich, C., 6/27/1936.
Goniobasis of the Coosa River, Alabama. $5

MP 34 Goodrich, C. and H. van der Schalie, 3/15/1937.
Mollusca of Petzn and north Alta Vera Paz, Guatemala. $4

MP 40 van der Schalie, 7/16/1938.
The Naiad fauna of the Huron River, in southeastern Michigan.

MP 57 Berry, E.G., 5/28/1943.
The Amnicolidae of Michigan: distribution, ecology, and taxonomy. $6

MP 64 Goodrich, C., 12/26/1945.
Goniobasis livescens of Michigan. $3

MP 70 van der Schalie, H., 8/12/1948.
The land and fresh-water mollusks of Puerto Rico. $11

MP 89 Mitchell, R.D., 5/3/1955.
Anatomy, life history, and evolution of the mites parasitizing fresh-water mussels.

MP 108 Basch, P.F., 5/27/1959.
The anatomy of Laevapex fuscus, a freshwater limpet (Gastropoda: Pulmonata). $4