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Resources on Michigan Birds

Historical Lists of Michigan Birds

Thomas Nuttall, 1810. Nuttall's Travels into the old Northwest-- an unpublished 1810 diary, by J. E. Graustein, Chronica Botanica 14(1/2):61-65,81-82, 1952.

Abram Sager, 1839, Report of the Zoologist of Geological Survey

John E. Cabot, 1850, Report of the Birds Collected and Observed at Lake Superior

Charles Fox, 1853-1854, The Birds of Michigan

Manly Miles, 1861, A Catalog of the Mammals, Birds, Reptiles and Mollusks, of Michigan

Alfred H. Boies, 1875, Cataloge of the Birds ascertained to occur in Southern Michigan

Morris Gibbs, 1879, Annotated List of the Birds of Michigan

Joseph B. Steere, 1880, A list of the Mammals and Birds of Ann Arbor and Vicinity

Adolphe B. Covert, 1881, Annotated List of the Birds and Mammals of Washtenaw County, Michigan

Cook, A. J. 1893, Birds of Michigan. Mich. Agric. College Bull. No. 94

Tinker, A. D.  1910, Notes on the Birds of School Girl's Glen Region, Ann Arbor, Michigan: A study in local ornithology.  Mich. Geol. and Biol. Survey. Publ. 1. Biol. ser. 1

Wood, N. A. 1951, The Birds of Michigan. UMMZ Misc. Publ. 75.

Checklist of Michigan birds, R.B. Payne, 1986.

Birds of the E.S. George Reserve, Livingston Co., MI (on-line list from the field research station of the Museum of Zoology)

A Distributional Checklist of the Birds of Michigan, on-line 2001 revision of R. B. Payne UMMZ Misc. Publ. No. 164, 1983, which is out of print.


Michigan Bird Conservation Initiative a consortium of groups working to conserve Michigan birds.

FAQ list for (SE Michigan birder's group; included directions for joining)

Michigan Birding Home Page (includes e-mail groups, Michigan birding organizations, local Audubon Societies, bird reports)

Michigan Bird Records Committee (includes photos of rarities)

Rouge River Bird Observatory (Dearborn, southeast MI)

Michigan Audubon Society (includes information on Kirtland's Warblers, Piping Plovers)

Washtenaw Audubon Society Ann Arbor area--schedules of meetings and field trips.

Lake Erie Crossroads birding web site (birdwatching areas on western Lake Erie, St. Clair River)

Whitefish Point Bird Observatory (Upper Peninsula)

Burke Lake Banding Station

Michigan Area Birds

Manitou Island Bird Survey (migration in Lake Superior)

U.S. Forest Service Kirtland's Warbler page (see for information on the warbler, tours, etc.)