PlayPosit Available to All LSA Courses

PlayPosit is a powerful interactive video tool, used for creating in-video quizzes, interactive video experiences, or flipped lecture content.
by LSA Learning & Teaching Technology Consultants

In Winter 2021, LSA Technology Services started a pilot project for a video tool named PlayPosit. Following the undeniable success of the pilot, a license was acquired allowing the use of PlayPosit in all LSA courses. PlayPosit has proven itself to be an easy to use, flexible, and reliable way to add interactivity to course video.

At its core, PlayPosit is a platform for creating and delivering interactive video lessons called bulbs. They can then add interactive elements such as quizzes, polls, and discussion prompts to the bulbs, which are displayed at specific points during the lesson. Video can be added to the bulbs from a variety of sources including from Kaltura and Youtube. This makes it incredibly easy to add existing content to an interactive bulb. These bulbs can be shared with students on Canvas and allow for a wide range of interactions such as short answers, reflection points, or multiple choice. PlayPosit integrates with the Canvas gradebook easily, making this the ideal tool for instructors wanting to explore flipped learning models.

Another key feature of PlayPosit is its ability to track student engagement and performance. As students watch the bulb and respond to the interactive elements, data is collected on their progress and understanding. This data is then presented in an easy-to-read dashboard for instructors, allowing them to see how well their students are retaining the material and where they may need extra help. By using the data collected by PlayPosit, instructors can identify areas where their students may be struggling and adjust their lessons accordingly.

A video overview and other resources, including tutorials, use cases, and a student guide, can be found on the PlayPosit page of our website. PlayPosit also offers free resources, including webinars, help articles, and self-paced learning on their Partner Resources page. To request a conversation with one of our Learning and Teaching Consultants about how best to integrate PlayPosit in a course, please feel free to request a consultation.


Release Date: 01/26/2023
Category: Learning & Teaching Consulting; Teaching Tips
Tags: Technology Services
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