The Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures celebrated our undergraduate graduates from the 2017-18 Academic Year at our Commencement Reception on Friday, April 27, 2018. Visit Facebook to view the photo album from the event.

Professor Michael Makin (center) with Russian Majors (left to right) Beatrice Fingerhut, Mark Kennedy, Jason Rumsey, and Yimeng Zhao

Russian Majors

Beatrice Fingerhut

Mark Sterling Kennedy

Haley Ann Larson

Jason Rumsey

Yimeng Zhao

Professor Michael Makin with Russian Minors (left to right) Daniel Borsuk, Josephine Dykstra, Noah Greco, Professor Makin, Michael Kinoyan, Mariam Haidar, Elliot Miller, Dmitri Mihaliov, Olivia Wiese

Russian Language, Literature & Culture Minors

Daniel Borsuk

David Burke IV

Josephine Necia Dykstra

Isabel Englehart

Noah Greco

Mariam Haidar

Michael Sarkis Kinoyan

Connor McLean

Dmitri Mihaliov

Elliot Miller

Olivia Wiese

Polish Undergraduate Advisor & Lecturer Dr. Piotr Westwalewicz, David Cichocki, Adrianna Ryba, Polish Lecturer Ewa Pasek

Polish Majors

Davic Cichocki

Adrianna Ryba

BCS instructor Marija Rosic with BCS minor Katarina Vickovic

Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian Language, Literature & Culture Minor

Katarina Marija Subotic

Katarina Vickovic

Ukrainian advisor Svitlana Rogovyk with Ukrainian minor Nicholas Tolksdorf

Ukrainian Language, Literature & Culture Minor

Nicholas Tolksdorf

The Slavic department also celebrated the Excellence in Language awards and the 2017-18 Essay awards at the reception on 4/27/2018.