The Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures awarded 2017-18 Academic Year students at our Commencement Reception on Friday, April 27, 2018. Professor Michael Makin presented the essay and project awards.

Best written work in a language studied in the Slavic Department:

Jailene Acevedo (Russian 102, Elena Fort), “My Future Plans”

Honorable mentions:

Mariam Maksutova (Russian 499, Olga Maiorova), “Nature and Author’s Attitude to Caucasian Peoples”

Sophie Barterian (Russian 202, Natalie McCauley), “You don’t need to drink to behave like a child; but you should work many hours.”

Lindsey Waldie (Russian 202, Natalie McCauley), “My Trip to Italy”

Ivona Popova (Russian 302, Nina Shkolnik), Essay on the movie Prisoner of the Mountains (Кавказский пленник)

Arthur Mengozzi (Russian 402, Nina Shkolnik), Essay about music “Певец делает публику или публика делает певца’

Best paper in a student’s native language:

Arthur Mengozzi (Russian 375, Olga Maiorova), “The Prisoner of the Caucasus: old violence, newfound perspectives in Tolstoy’s and Bodrov’s Кавказский пленник

Honorable mentions:

Ana Rakovic (Slavic 312, Herbert Eagle), “Reaction of the Jews: An Analysis of Observations from Four Films”

Mark Dovich (Russian 358, Olga Maiorova), “Unpacking the Early Soviet Agenda in Central Asia through the Visual Arts”

Zachary Zipper (Slavic 312, Herbert Eagle), “Prompt 1 - Collaboration”

Noah Greco (Russian 375, Olga Maiorova), “Haji Murat: A Human Story from a Former Imperialist”

Best special project:

Russian 402 student play performance, "Office Romance" and

Russian 203/RC Langs 293, puppet show, "Teremok"

Special commendation, hors de concours:

Clare Murray (Russian 102, Elena Fort), Voice Recording, Mother Writing Letter to Her Child

Alexis Ball (Russian 102, Elena Fort), Voice Recording, Mother Writing Letter to Her Child