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Past Thesis Topics


Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience

Mikayla Bergwood - Associations between observed parent-child interactions and white matter
connectivity in adolescents (Mentor: Christopher Monk)

Olivia Varney-Chang – Closer look at ethnic and racial identity: Measuring the frequency of ethnic and racial identity activation and its association with psychosocial adjustment (Mentors: Kai Cortina & Kevin Miller)

Joshua Cohen - Predictors of physical health in school-age children, testing mediating variables (Mentor: Sandra Graham-Bermann)

Hannah Davies – The effect of glucocorticoid receptor knockdown in corticostriatal projections on the propensity to attribute incentive value to reward-cues (Mentor: Shelly Flagel)

Taylor Gordon – The influence of yoga practice and progressive muscle relaxation practice on sleep improvement in school-age children (Mentor: Sandra Graham-Bermann)

Robert Hsu – The influence of altruism and empathy on the endowment effect (Mentor: Stephanie Preston)

Nickolas Interrante - Hurtful reward in the ventral tegmental area and central amygdala (Mentors: Kent Berridge & David Nguyen)

Monica Iyer - Longitudinal associations of infections with dementia: 28-Year analysis of 3.5 million New Zealand citizens (Mentor: Leah Richmond-Rakerd)

Brianna Kenar – The role of educational quality in explaining racial disparities in cognition (Mentor: Laura Zahodne)

Sarah Klausner - Visual disruptor reveals impaired attentional control in mice with the common choline transporter coding variant (Mentor: Martin Sarter)

Elizabeth Lee – The effect of working memory re-exposure on episodic memory in older adults (Mentor: Patricia Reuter-Lorenz)

Carrie Magee - Instrumental social support, social connectedness, and coping styles in adolescents with interpersonal problems (Mentors: Alejandra Arango & Cheryl King)

Eva McAlister Lopez - How do a bilingual’s two languages interact? Cross-linguistic transfer of
morphological awareness in Spanish-English bilinguals (Mentor: Ioulia Kovelman)

Leonard Miller – The relationship between volunteering and mental health outcomes in college students during COVID-19 (Mentor: Nestor Lopez-Duran)

Kendall Mills – Patterns of aggression across despotic and tolerant species of macaque (Mentor:
Alexandra Rosati)

Thiany Riddihough - Social connectedness and depression severity as predictors of mental health service use among male college students at risk for suicide (Mentor: Cheryl King)

Rachel Ritter - Are male binge drinkers more impulsive than female binge drinkers? Behavioral and neural sex differences during the go/no-go task (Mentors: Jillian Hardee & Lora Cope)

Julia Salamango – Behavioral flexibility in semi-free-ranging chimpanzees (Mentor: Alex Rosati)

Madison Salvato - Exploring the efficacy of aripiprazole and related compounds to reduce levels of toxic ATXN3 in spinocerebellar ataxia type 3 (Mentors: Maria do Carmo Pereira da Costa & Omar Ahmed)

Madhulika Shastry - Self-construal and systems of thought (Mentor: Shinobu Kitayama)

Jessica Stout - Brain function during face processing associated with depression symptoms in
individuals with social anxiety disorder (Mentor: Elizabeth Duval)

Zoe Taswell – Is error-related negativity (ern) associated with externalizing behavior in adolescence? (Mentors: Daniel Keating & Liu Yanni)

Sally Valcarcel - Bilingual reading development & COVID-19 (Mentor: Ioulia Kovelman)

Ridge Weston - Plate-based complex implantation: A novel neurosurgical technique developed
in rats (Mentors: Brendon Watson & Gideon Rothschild)



Andrea Bavikatty - TikTok, body image, and eating behavior: An analysis of college-age women (Mentor: Rona Carter)

Aissa Cabrales – “We just cried for the families”: The emotional impact of large-scale immigration worksite raids on faith responders (Mentors: William Lopez & Lorraine Gutierrez)

Kathryn Chang - The effect of reducing gender essentialism on prejudice against gender nonconforming children (Mentor: Susan Gelman)

Mason Cox – Associationsbetween risky sexual behaviors and the externalizing spectrum of
psychopathology among a sample of undergraduate students (Mentor: Craig Rodriguez-Seijas)

Allyson Dobrowalski – What it means to be a “real” native: Restrictive definitions of native identity undermine well-being (Mentors: Stephanie Fryberg & Laura Brady)

Alaina Gregory – Women and the leaky pipeline to stem: Is survivorship bias impacting our understanding of the barriers to women leadership? (Mentors: MS Krishnan & Carol Holden)

Augusta Guo – The influence of self-identification on everyday microaggressions and critical
consciousness in Asian individuals in the U.S. (Mentors: Mari Kira & Fiona Lee)

Max Hernand – Understanding relations between treatment failure and mental health outcomes
with illness identity (Mentors: Stefanie Russman Block & Hans Schroder)

Rachna Iyer - The effects of anxiety and upliftment on their regulation on creativity (Mentor: Dina Gohar)

Ariella Kushner – To sneeze or not to sneeze: The interpersonal consequences of infectious disease concealment (Mentor: Josh Ackerman)

Ximena Mancilla Delgado - Latine parental documentation status and adolescents’ perceived discrimination (Mentor: Deborah Rivas-Drake)

Caroline Maywood – Children’s expectations and judgements of conformity to ritual activities (Mentors: Felix Warneken & Nicole Wen)

Amy Nowack - Children’s evaluations of intentions regarding violations of novel public-health measures (Mentor: Felix Warneken)

Shi Xin Ooi - Am I good enough? The role of perceived competitive climate students’ sense of
belonging across cultures (Mentor: Kai Cortina)

Morgan Palmer - Correlates of cognitive strategy use among socioeconomically diverse older
adults (Mentor: Laura Zahodne)

Madeline Paxson - Is cupid colorblind? Color evasion in interracial romantic relationships (Mentors: Robin Edelstein & Fiona Lee)

Jessica Pelton - Educational experience of children with and without disabilities during the COVID-19 pandemic - parental perspectives (Mentor: Kevin Miller)

Talia Rubin - What elements of the kids’ empowerment program promote flow and engagement? (Mentor: Sandra Graham-Bermann)

Nathan Schooner – Assessing the relationship between multiracial adolescents’ friendships and ERI development (Mentor: Deborah Rivas-Drake)

Julia Smith - The impact of discouragement of educational attainment on episodic memory in
later-life (Mentor: Laura Zahodne)

Gabrielle Solowiejczyk - Stress predictors and outcomes in children (Mentor: Sandra Graham-Bermann)

Jessica Steir - Children’s use of race in their understanding of COVID-19 transmission: The role of essentialism in parents’ and children’s explanations (Mentors: Danielle Labotka & Susan Gelman)

Yicong Sun - Comparing the prediction of college adjustment in Asian American and Asian
international students: Do acculturative strategies matter? (Mentor: Donna Nagata)

Elise Whitney - Title: Retention-interval context changes increase correct rejections in working memory (Mentor: Cindy Lustig)

Tara Woodward - A modern settlement house movement: The impact of neighborhood centers on climate resilience (Mentors: Raymond De Young & Myles Durkee)

Warda Yousuf - The grass is not greener on the other side: A qualitative study utilizing
psychological frameworks to understand the beliefs, attitudes, and policies that are shaping violence within Rohingya refugee camps (Mentor: Joshua Rabinowitz)

Diane Yu - Looking beyond stigma: Cultural factors associated with mental health help-seeking behavior and attitudes in Asian and Asian American college students (Mentor: Donna Nagata)

Lara Zammit - Biopsychosocial predictors of empathic accuracy in romantic relationships (Mentor: Amie Gordon)


Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience 

Natalie Antenucci - When Freedom is Constraining: Freedom Increases Perceived Constraint for Those Low in Psychological Resources (Mentor: Shinobu Kitayama)

Alyssa Asmar - Investigating the Neural and Behavioral Consequences of Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (Mentors: Gideon Rothschild & Joonyeup Lee)

Natalie Austin - The Consequences of Positive and Negative Mood on Affective Working Memory (Mentor: Patricia Reuter-Lorenz)

Kendra Beaudoin - Cocaine-Induced CFos Levels are Modulated by G Protein-Coupled Receptor-1 Activation in Male Rats (Mentor: Jill Becker)

Jason Brenner - Payoff Magnitude Affects Value Learning for Win and Loss Associations (Mentor: Patricia Reuter-Lorenz)

Samantha Cerpa - Ready for a Change? Cueing an Upcoming Modality Shift Eliminates Contextual Boundaries for the CSE (Mentor: Daniel Weissman)

Hana Chung - Do Cultural Tendencies Change During COVID-19? A Task Analysis of Implicit Independence (Mentor: Shinobu Kitayama)

Manasa Dittakavi - Health Behaviors and Compliance of Healthcare Workers (HCWs) at Risk for COVID-19 (Mentors: Sung Choi & Martin Sarter)

Lynn Freimanis - Does Expressiveness in Facial Action Potentiate Emotional Neural Responses and Subjective Ratings of Emotion? (Mentor: Shinobu Kitayama)

Hunter Glew - Perpetrators of the Acting White Accusation (AWA): Contributing Factors and Mental Health Implications  (Mentor: Myles Durkee)

Gabrielle Hooper - The Beneficial Effect of Cognitive and Creative Activity Engagement for Cognitive Functioning in Older Adulthood (Mentors: Laura Zahodne & Neika Sharifian)

Lily Johnston - Government Trust and Perceptions of Public Health Message Credibility (Mentors: Holly White & Priti Shah)

Jacquelin Kwentus - The Therapeutic Mechanisms of Neural Stem Cell Transplantation in Alzheimer’s Disease (Mentors: Lisa McGinley & Thad Polk)

Verity Lee - Behavioral Models of Neural Pleasure Circuitry: Effects of Sex Differences (Mentors: Bo Duan & Ada Eban-Rothschild)

Mengyuan Liu - The Effect of Subliminal Reward Signal on Reinforcement Learning (Mentor: Taraz Lee)

Jaden Mann Bryant - Re-examining the Divergent Aging Trajectories of Cognitive and Affective Working Memory (Mentor: Patricia Reuter-Lorenz)

Preetha Pamidighantam - Rest assured: Can Resting-State Neural Oscillatory Activity in Schizophrenia Explain Impairment in Behavioral Response to Facial Stimuli? (Mentor: Ivy Tso)

Sohini Pandit - Examining the associations between material hardship, internalizing symptoms, and white matter connectivity in adolescents (Mentor: Christopher Monk)

Sarah Payne - The Influence of Pathogen Threat on Mate Value Perceptions (Mentor: Joshua Ackerman)

Amanda Peters - Associations Between Childhood Socioeconomic Status and Neural Indices of
Executive Functioning (Mentors: Pamela Davis-Kean & Elif Isbell)

Neema Prakash - Testing the Efficacy of Mood Lifters in Different Populations (Mentor: Patricia Deldin)

Rachael Rich - Childhood Maltreatment and Adolescent Rule-Breaking Behavior: The Roles of
Protective Family Context and Prospective Self (Mentors: Daniel Keating & Edward Huntley)

Aleija Rodriguez - Low Overexpression of Ubiquilin-2 Exacerbates Tau Pathology in
vivo (Mentors: Julia Gerson & Laura Zahodne)

Alexandra Simmons - Remote Cognitive Testing during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Validation
Study of Online, Self-Administered Cognitive Assessment Tools (Mentor: Cindy Lustig)

Natalie Szlachta - The Regulation of Dscam Expression in Developing Neurons (Mentors: Bing Ye & Natalie Tronson)

Quynh Tran - Flowing into Hyperfocus: Hyperfocus and Cognition in Adults with ADHD (Mentor: Priti Shah)

Sydney Wilhoite - Mechanisms Underlying the Association Between Childhood Adversity and Later-Life Cognition (Mentor: Laura Zahodne)


Miles Camiener - Interpreting the Same News Differently: Examining Differential Policy Agreement Between Partisan News Sources (Mentor: Joshua Rabinowitz)

Aber John Espinoza - The Potential Benefits of Challenge Mindset for First-Generation College Students’ Wellbeing (Mentors: Stephanie Fryberg & Nadia Jessop)

Ibitayo Fadayomi - When loved ones transgress against us: How close relationships between transgressors and targets influence moral decisions (Mentor: Ethan Kross)

Seth Finkelstein - Evaluating Distressing Events for School-age Children (Mentor: Sandra Graham-Bermann)

Nicole Fraija - The Relationship Between Subjective Age and Three Episodic Memory Tests (Mentor: Laura Zahodne)

Catherine Garton - The Influence of Intellectual Humility and Moral Reasoning on Partisan Polarization (Mentor: Stephanie Preston)

Onyul Haque - Is Trusting Others Obligatory or a Preference? (Mentor: David Dunning)

Anna Hedin-Urrutia - “Invisibility of Lesbian Possibility”: Examining the influence of male partner opinions on the relationship between sapphic body image and sexual agency (Mentor: Lucretia Ward)

Valeria Hernandez - Sexual Guilt or Sexual Conservatism? An Investigation of Mosher’s Sex Guilt Scale (Mentor: Terri Conley)

Deborah Ho - Developing a Data Analysis Pipeline for Novel Bio-Logging Tools (Mentors: Matt Gaidica & Ben Dantzer)

Xiang Ting Ho - Corss-cultural Differences in Perceived Responses to Capitalization Attempts and Relationship Satisfaction (Mentor: Robin Edelstein)

Yun Gi Hwang - The effects of bilingualism and culture on children’s literacy and academic
achievement (Mentor: Loulia Kovelman)

Ava Kaufman - Pleasure after Trauma: The Associations of Childhood Sexual Abuse and Negative Sexual Messages with Adult Sexual Satisfaction (Mentor: Terri Conley)

Sydney Kayne - Like Mother, Like Daughter: Load Sharing During Puberty (Mentor: Rona Carter)

Lucy Loch - Association of current and early life stressors with maladaptive eating behaviors: An investigation of Life Course Theory (Mentor: Ashley Gearhardt)

Ellie Maly - The Mental Health of Emerging Adults: Hostile Home Environments and COVID-19 (Mentor: Sandra Graham-Bermann)

Sophie Martel - Learning in a Pandemic: How Parent Child-Conversations Relate to Children’s
Understanding of COVID-19 (Mentors: Susan Gelman & Danielle Labotka)

Brianna McManamon - Understanding the Association Between Loneliness and Suicidal Behaviors in Latinas: A Preliminary Examination of Hopelessness and Depressed Mood as Potential Mediators (Mentor: Edward Chang)

Ryan Rich - A Novel EEG Measure of Neural Distinctiveness: Providing Temporal Insights into Neural Distinctiveness (Mentor: Thad Polk)

Abigail Richburg - Body Image in LGBTQ+ Young Adults: Current and Developmental Influences (Mentor: Abigail Stewart)

Jian Sun - Exploring the Psychology of Environmental Senescence through fMRI (Mentor: Stephanie Preston)

Caroline Touzeau - The Role of Generational Cohort and Technology Use in Adults’ Moral Judgments of Digital Tracking (Mentors: Susan Gelman & Nicole Cuneo)

Alexis Vatterott - Emotion Socialization in Early Childhood: Factor Structure and Associations with Emotional Adjustment Between Ages 3 and 19 Years (Mentor: Sheryl Olson)

Lance Ying - Nation, Culture, and Antecedents of Perceived Organizational Support: A Comparison Study between the United States and China (Mentor: Mari Kira)

Hayley Yu - Trauma: A Risk Factor for Food Addiction? (Mentor:Ashley Gearhardt)


Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience

Elizabeth Ahearn - DHEA: Moderating Factor of Psychological and Physiological Responses to Stress (Mentor: Nestor Lopez-Duran)

Jabir Ahmed - Oral Contraceptives and the Vulnerability to Acute Stress-induced Depression and Anxiety (Mentor: Natalie Tronson)

Adrienne-Denise Bilbao - A Preliminary Study on the Relationship Between Sleep, Depression and Cardiovascular Dysfunction in a 4 Sample Population (Mentor: Patricia Deldin)

Shreya Chandra - Sleep Quality and Executive Function in Diverse Older Adults (Mentor: Laura Zahodne)

Danielle Destiny - Behavioral State-Dependent Brain Stimulation Improves Manual Dexterity (Mentors: Michael Vesia & Taraz Lee)

Anthony Edgar - Investigating the Effects of Value-driven Attentional Capture on ADHD and Control Participants  (Mentor: John Jonides)

Jordan Gregory - Sex Differences in the Acquisition of Pavlovian Conditioned Approach and Fear Conditioned Behaviors in Rats (Mentors: Jonathan Morrow & Jill Becker)

Brooke Huizenga - Main Lifetime Occupational Demands, Late Life Cognitive Functioning and the Moderating Role of Gender (Mentors: Laura Zahodne & Neika Sharifian)

Joseph Jackowski - The Manifestation of Meaning: How ‘Generic-You’ Emerges in Military Personnels’ Writing (Mentor: Susan Gelman)

Sumrah Jilani - The Role of the Medial Amygdala in Motivation  (Mentor: Kent Berridge)

David Kamper - N400 Latency Effect in Lexical Access - A Meta-analysis (Mentor: Jonathan Brennan)

Sylvia Hyun Jee Kim - Cognitive Costs of Active Facebook Use (Mentor: Oscar Ybarra)

Anna  Kittendorf - Effects of Urbanization on the Behavior of Fox Squirrels (Sciurus niger) (Mentor: Ben Dantzer)

Sydney Kornbleuth - Impacts of Acculturative Stress and Substance Use on the Mental Health of University of Michigan Students (Mentor: Myles Durkee)

Zarin Kothari - Longitudinal Study of ERN and CRN in Children: Kindergarten to First Grade (Mentors: William Gehring & Elif Isbell)

Kyra Lipman - Understanding the Family Member Experience in the ICU: Expectations vs. Reality (Mentors: Thomas Valley & Elizabeth Duval)

Hilary Lowitz - Do Young Children Demonstrate a “Reverse” Endowment Effect? Tracking Ownership and Object Preference in Owned Toys Versus Peers’ Toys (Mentor: Susan Gelman)

Lindsey Meister - Autobiographical Memory in Older Adults: Self-Relevance and the Reminiscence Bump (Mentor: Jacqui Smith)

Charmi Patel - Comparing Cortical Excitation and Cortical Inhibition in the Orbitofrontal Cortex hotspot (Mentor: Kent Berridge)

Sara Pisanelli - Functional Connectivity Between Ventral Striatum and Dorsal Premotor Cortex Is Predictive of Reward-Related Enhancement of Motor Skills (Mentor: Taraz Lee)

Emmanuel Saint-Phard - Evaluating an Academic Success Program’s Effectiveness in Promoting Sense of Belonging, Sense of Capability, and Academic Outcomes among Black Students (Mentor: Denise Sekaquaptewa)

Sarah Samsundar - Age, Gender Roles, and their Association with Mental Health (Mentors: Noah Webster & Toni Antonucci)

Tayah Schuette - Investigating Corticotropin Releasing Factor Neuronal Circuitry in Positive and Negative Reward Motivation (Mentor: Kent Berridge)

Kayla Smith - Spatial Navigation Performance Associated with PTSD and Trauma Type (Mentor: Elizabeth Duval)

Zoe Solomon - Examining the Relation Between Big Five Personality and Social Media Use Across Platforms and Populations (Mentor: Adriene Beltz)

Joshua Svinarich - Mapping the Anterior Cingulate Cortex for a Hedonic Hotspot. Effects of Optogenetic Stimulation on ‘Liking’ and ‘Wanting’ in Rats. (Mentor: Kent Berridge)

Amanda Szczesniak - The Influence of Marital Commitment on Mate Guarding (Mentor: Stephanie Preston)

Jean Tyan - Revealing the Roles of Sleep-Preparatory Behaviors in Sleep Physiology (Mentor: Ada Eban-Rothschild)

Giselle Uwera - Examining Health Behavior Constructs in the Context of Low Food Accessibility (Mentor: Allison Earl)


Devin Ablow - Loneliness and Negative Affective Conditions in Polish College Students: Clarifying If and How Feeling Socially Isolated is Associated with Expecting the Worst, Not Expecting the Best, or Both?  (Mentor: Edward Chang)

Laura Brasseur - Validation Study of Cartoon-Based Visual Analogue Pain Scale Towards the Construction of a Novel Pain Scale (Mentors: Holly White & Priti Shah)

Sarah Broner - Social Support Moderates the Link Between Familial Risk for Depression and the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal-Axis Stress Response (Mentor: Nestor Lopez-Duran)

Logan Burley - Facial Gender Ambiguity (Mentors: Susan Gelman & Victor Mendoza)

Rachel Clark - Is Swiping Bad for You? Dating Application Use and Mental Health Outcomes Among College Students (Mentor: Nestor Lopez-Duran)

Michael Falbo - The Influence of Political Party Affiliation on Agreement with Political Statements (Mentor: Daniel Kruger)

Spencer Gines - How Does Brain-derived Neurotrophic Factor Relate to Ketamine Treatment for Depression and Chronic Pain? (Mentors: Patricia Deldin & Ryan Cardinale)

Sylvia  Gisler - Developing Morphological Awareness: Predictive Characteristics of Production Errors (Mentor: Ioulia Kovelman)

Abbey  Hamlin  - Social Engagement and Episodic Memory in Black and White Older Adults (Mentor: Laura Zahodne)

Stuart Hannah - Small-Group Composition Effects on Executive Function in Early Elementary School (Mentor: Frederick Morrison)

Riley Jouppi - The Great Food vs. Eating Addiction Debate: Effects on Obesity Stigma and Policy  upport (Mentor: Ashley Gearhardt)

Ameera Kamalrudin - Using Animation to Facilitate Second Language Learning (Mentor: Twila Tardif)

William Katzman - The Relationship Between Childhood Anxiety and Maternal Attachment Styles (Mentors: Kate Fitzgerald & Julie Premo)

Riley Marshall - Minority Stress and Sexual Minorities of Color: The Mediating Role of Mastery (Mentor: Ramaswami Mahalingam)

Marisa Meyer - Exploring the Role of Digital Play in Child Development (Mentors: Jenny Radesky & Shelly Schreier)

Kathleen Nelson - Investigating Relationship Between the Error Related Negativity at Ages 4-6 and Anxiety at 7-10 (Mentor: Kate Fitzgerald)

Madalyn Osbourne - Predictors of Perseverance and Optimism in the Kids' Empowerment Program 
(Mentor: Sandra Graham-Bermann)

Akari Oya - Cardiovascular Reactivity to Interpersonal Stress: The Roles of Race and Chronic Stress (Mentors: Kira Birditt & Richard Gonzalez)

Laraine Pesheck - Together or Not at All: How Shared Interests Between Partners Encourages Stable Self-Definition (Mentor: Robin Edelstein)

Salam Qalieh - Cross-Cultural Variation in Emotional Reasoning and Behavioral Causality in Regards to Depression and Neurasthenia (Mentor: David Dunning)

Miranda Schaffer - Experience of Sexual Assault and Perfectionism as Predictors of Self-Destructive Behaviors in Female College Students: Distinguishing Between Self-Harm and Suicidal Behaviors (Mentor: Edward Chang)

Emma Schillinger - Temporal Associations Between Reasons for Alcohol Use and Alcohol Consequences in Adolescents and Emerging Adults (Mentors: Daniel Keating & Edward Huntley)

Shannon Shaughnessy - Predictors of Character Strengths for Children Participating in the Kids' Empowerment Program (Mentor: Sandra Graham-Bermann)

Hayley Simon - To Conceal or To Reveal: Examining What Children Understand About Revealing Their True Identity While Online (Mentor: Susan Gelman)

Allison Urban - “Achievement has no color:” Colorblind Ideologies and Race & Ethnicity Course Selection (Mentor: Fiona Lee)

Rhianna Vergeer - Do Eating Disorder Treatment Outcomes Differ for Individuals with Comorbid Substance Use? Examination in an Adolescent Eating Disorders Partial Hospitalization Program (Mentors: Jessica Van Huysse & Ashley Gearhardt)

Alexandra  Wormley - The Influence of Pathogen Threat on Traditionalism (Mentor: Joshua Ackerman)

Jiayin Yuan - Loyal Friend or Dutiful Citizen? How Culture Shapes Responses to Moral Violations (Mentor: Ethan Kross)

Yiwen Zhong - The Effect of Anecdotes on Science Evidence Evaluation (Mentors: Audrey Michal & Priti Shah)


Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience

Kiran Ajani - Decision Trees: An Effective Tool for Evaluating Generalizability of Medical Research Studies? (Mentors: Audrey Michal & Priti Shah)

Ruchica Chandnani - The Effects of How South Asian Women are Portrayed in American and South
Asian Media (Mentor: Muniba Saleem)

Kendall Coden - Investigating Behavioral Cross-Sensitization Between Cocaine and d-Amphetamine in Sprague Dawley Rats Following Repeated and Intermittent Infusions (Mentor: Terry Robinson)

Elizabeth Estes - Exploring Associations Between Child Maltreatment and the Volume of the Extended Limbic System in a Population-Based Sample of Adolescents (Mentors: Luke Hyde & Melissa Peckins)

Anusha Garg - Mind Wandering in the Context of Personal Concerns and Personality (Mentors: Sripada Sekhar & Colleen Seifert)

Samantha Goldberg - Stressful Event Exposure is Related to Hippocampal Activity During Extinction Recall (Mentor: Elizabeth Duval)

Laura Huerta Sanchez - Investigating the Role of Corticotropin Releasing Factor Neurons in Motivation Using Optogenetic Inhibition (Mentor: Kent Berridge)

Dora Juhasz - The Need for TLC (Tender Loving Cell Phone): Smartphones and Socialization Behaviors among College Students (Mentor: Daniel Kruger)

Zaina Khoury - Wealth Essentialism in Children and Adults (Mentors: Susan Gelman & Margaret Echelbarger)

Elizabeth Kruse - Grey Matter Markers Predicting Future Substance Use in Adolescents (Mentors: Jillian Hardee & Cindy Lustig)

Sanika Kulkarni - Children’s Inferences about Digital Tracking as a Result of Ingroup and Outgroup Differentiation  (Mentor: Susan Gelman)

Catherine Lawton - Does 100.4 Mean Exactly 100.4? Expert Interpretations of Precise Numbers (Mentor: Priti Shah)

Nathan Lwo - Neural and Behavioral Correlates of Visual Attention Cognitive Training and tDCS in Adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (Mentor: John Jonides)

Arushi Mahajan - Novel Attention Training Paradigm Minimizes Distraction through tDCS Enhanced Cognitive Training (Mentor: John Jonides)

Megan Mitchell - Extracorporeal Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Following Prolonged Cardiac Arrest: Predicting Neurological Outcomes in a Porcine Model (Mentors: Alvaro Rojas-Pena & Jillian Hardee)

Kelsey Owen - Anandamide and Hedonic ‘Liking’ within the Posterior Ventral Pallidum Hotspot
(Mentor: Kent Berridge)

Dasha Peppard - Investigating Engaged Learning and Transformational Impact in an Action Learning Program (Mentors: Mari Kira & Gretchen Spreitzer)

Mariam Reda - Influence of Trauma Type and Sex on Resting-State Functional Connectivity in
Adolescents (Mentor: Israel Liberzon)

Emma St. Pierre - Type A Aortic Dissections Worsen Quality of Life and Mental Health (Mentors: Bo Yang & Bruno Giordani)

Rachel Tanenbaum - Caregiver Adaptation in Disorders of Sex Development (Mentors: David Sandberg & Jennifer Cummings)

Jessica Zhao - The Influence of Real-Time Emotion and Baseline Negative Urgency on Daily Food Consumption (Mentor: Ashley Gearhardt)


Jessica Alexa - Effects of Cognitive and Affective Distraction on Working Memory Performance (Mentors: Alexandru Iordan & Patricia Reuter-Lorenz)

Harrison Angoff - Unique Influence of Abuse and Neglect on School Behavior: An Exploratory Study (Mentor: Christopher Monk)

Diego Barcala-Delgado - Parents’ Ethnotheories of Maladaptive Behavior in Young Children: A Comparison of Spain and the U.S. (Mentor: Sheryl Olson)

Anna Bergson - Children’s Attributions of Persistence of Individual Identity Following Transformations (Mentors: Susan Gelman & Kristan Marchak)

Megan Burns - Exploring Social Class Through Decision Making Paradigms and Evaluating Social Class Measurement Systems  (Mentor: Richard Gonzalez)

Andrew Canvasser - Collaboration and Creativity: Implementation and Improvement in the Educational Environment (Mentor: Colleen Seifert)

Kristen Cross - Beyond the Sidelines: Parental Involvement in Latino/a Adolescents' Extracurricular Activities (Mentor: Rosario Ceballo)

Chanelle Davis - Racial Identity as a Moderator of the Associations Between Parental Incarceration and Psychological Functioning and Aggression Among Black Adolescents (Mentor: Stephanie Rowley)

Taylor Galdi - Unskilled, Unaware, and Influential: The Dunning-Kruger Effect in Juries (Mentor: David Dunning)

Rachel Ghosh - Father-Daughter Relationships Among College Students: Implications for Other Interpersonal Relationships and Academic Outcomes (Mentors: Rona Carter)

Keegan Giffels - The Existence of Bisexual Miscategorization (Mentor: Arnold Ho)

Michael Harrington - Improving Causal Reasoning in a College Science Course (Mentors: Colleen Seifert & Priti Shah)

Jessica Hejka - Maternal Positive Parenting and the Development of Children’s Later Empathy and Externalizing Behavior (Mentor: Sheryl Olson)

Jean Anne Heng - Examining the Effects of Effortful Control Training in Clinically Anxious Preschool Children  (Mentors: Julie Premo & Kate D. Fitzgerald)

Shannon Jajko - Gender Essentialism Measure for Children (Mentors: Susan Gelman & Arnold Ho)

Sally Kafelghazal - Relationship between Contact with Gender Non-Conforming People and Race Essentialist Beliefs (Mentor: Arnold Ho)

Hadi Katebi - Manipulating Ideological Preferences Through Exposure and Inoculation (Mentors: Joshua Rabinowitz)

Janet Kim - Slow Life Strategists Hold More Growth Mindsets (for Intelligence not Physical Attractiveness) (Mentors: Oliver Sng & Joshua Ackerman)

Daejin Kim - Motivation and Grip Strength on Young and Older Adults (Mentor: Cindy Lustig)

Alexandra Mangus - Appropriate Punishments for Perpetrators of Sexual Assault  (Mentor: Abigail Stewart)

Juliette Ni - Culture Difference in Depression and Neurasthenia: The Implication of Hypocognition in Mental Health (Mentor: David Dunning)

Rizzo Nichols - Is Consent Sexy? An Evaluation of Direct, Verbal Consent in Erotic Fiction (Mentor: Terri Conley)

Emily Olin - Intersectionality and Charismatic Leadership in Female Leaders of Community-based Organizations: A Cross-Cultural Study (Mentor: Ramaswami Mahalingam)

Shima Sadaghiyani - Finding Strength in Adversity: Exploring the Process of Postadversarial Growth among Culturally Diverse Individuals (Mentors: Mari Kira & Fiona Lee)


Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience

Rachel Atkinson - Motivational Learning Styles are not Determined by Individual Differences in Levels of FAAH (Mentors: Jonathan Morrow & Terry Robinson)

Alexandra Chloe Eastman - Adolescent Psychopathology and Substance Use: The Moderating Effect of Prospective Self (Mentors: Daniel Keating & Edward Huntley)

Maya Khalil Eter - Examining the Ability of Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation to Augment Working Memory Training (Mentor: John Jonides)

Penelope Clare Farris - Work-Family Conflict and Cognition among Older Adults Working Full-Time (Mentor: Laura Zahodne)

Dana Elise Feldman - The Role of the Nucleus Accumbens in Context Fear Conditioning (Mentor: Natalie Tronson)

Saheli Ghosh - Induced Human Neurons as a Model to Study the Role of Mitochondria in Alzheimer’s Disease (Mentors: Michael Uhler & Jill Becker)

Jared Benjamin Goldberg - Assessing Teacher Understanding of Student Executive Functioning and Predictions to Academic Achievement (Mentor: Frederick Morrison)

Julia Aseel Haidar - The Effects of Saturated and Unsaturated Fatty Acids on Mitochondrial Trafficking and Function in Sensory Neurons (Mentors: Amy Rumora & J. Wayne Aldridge)

Julia Charlotte HarrisSlow-Wave Sleep Disruption in Adolescence: Brain Responses to Monetary Reward and Loss (Mentors: Laura Cope & Robert Zucker)

Michael John Hendrickson - Teacher Response to Student Misbehavior: Assessing Potential Biases in the Classroom (Mentor: Kai Cortina)

Elizabeth O'Brien Hinckley - Can Generic You Increase ‘Your’ Sense of Belonging (Mentor: Ethan  Kross)

Elizabeth Hubbard - Counteracting Nucleus Accumbens-Mediated Fear Behavior with Optogenetics (Mentor: Kent Berridge)

Joshua Levi Krasney - Central Amygdala-Induced Attraction towards Aversive Shock Rod  Recruits Mesocorticolimbic Brain Circuitry (Mentor: Kent Berridge)

George Lu - Long-lasting Neuroimmune-Mediated Changes Following Peripheral Immune Challenge (Mentors: Natalie Tronson & Katie Collette)

Diana Cecilia Marino - Predicting Gun or Knife Violence Against Women Exposed to Intimate Partner Violence (Mentor: Sandra Graham-Bermann)

Margarett Sha'Lisa McBride - “Do I Belong in my Community?” Latino Adolescents' Perceptions of Neighborhood Belonging (Mentor: Rosario Ceballo)

Julia Aisling Menzel-Smith - Neurological Development and Injury among Premature Lambs Supported by the Artificial Placenta (Mentors: Kent Berridge & Alvaro Rojas Pena)

Tanisha Mitra - Individual Differences in the Motivation for Cocaine and Neuronal Activity Induced by a Cocaine-Paired Cue (Mentor: Terry Robinson)

Lining Pan - Role of Ventral Hippocampus in Context Fear Conditioning in Males and Females (Mentor: Natalie Tronson)

Kevin C. Pasquale - The Identification of Microvascular Variations in Cerebral Autosomal Dominant Arteriopathy with Subcortical Infarcts and Leukoencephalopathy (CADASIL) through Machine Learning Algorithms (Mentors: Michael Wang & Henry Buchtel)

Isabel Cristina Quinones - Characterization of Health Behaviors in Transgender Youth (Mentors: Jessica Van Huysse & Ashley Gearhardt)

Grecia Quiroga - Testing Associations Between Sign and Goal-Tracking and Risk Factors for Obesity in Children (Mentor: Ashley Gearhardt)

Melanie Racenstein - An Aging Study of Somatosensory and Motor Dedifferentiation using Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Behavioral Measures  (Mentor: Thad Polk)

Ruby Siada - ABC Brains: Linking Early Childhood Experience to Neural Activity and Obesity (Mentor: Ashley Gearhardt)

Elisabeth Silver - Perpetrating Sexism: An Investigation into the Effects on Men’s Psychophysiology (Mentor: Sari van Anders)

Khyati Somayaji - Effect of Estrous Cycle on Severity of Sepsis in C57Bl/6 Female Mice (Mentors: Joanna Spencer-Segal & Jill Becker)

Akemi Tsutsumi Rioboo - The Effects of Spanish-English Bilingual Dominance Profile in Children’s Literacy Skills (Mentor: Ioulia Kovelman)

Annie Zalon - Exploring the Role of Alpha1-chimaerin in a Model of Cerebellar Ataxia (Mentors: Vikram Shakkottai & Brandon Aragona)

Mary Zinn - Characterizing Resiliency in Adolescence: The Role of Prospective Self in Health-Related Outcomes Associated with Childhood Adversity (Mentors: Daniel Keating & Edward Huntley)


Emma Abed - Investigating Diversity in Sexual and Gender/Sex Majorities: Interviews Using Sexual Configurations Theory (Mentor: Sari van Anders)

Zainab Ali Ahmad - Wandering Eyes: Patterns of Looking While Perambulating in a Natural Setting (Mentors: Kevin Miller & Kai Cortina)

Alexandra Bayer - Who Provides Social Support to Children Following Exposure to Intimate Partner Violence? (Mentors: Sandra Graham-Bermann & Andrew Grogan-Kaylor)

Stephanie Beaton - The Effects of Perfectionism on Objective Sleep Quality: The Role of Rumination (Mentor: Patricia Deldin)

Diana Curtis - Feminizing Fear: Investigating the Intersections of Paranoia, Empathy, and Sex (Mentors: Patricia Deldin & Sari van Anders)

Wisteria Deng - Anxiety Mediates the Relationship Between Psychotic-like Experiences and Social Functioning (Mentor: Patricia Deldin)

Sheng Dong - Affiliation Motives under Pathogen Threat Studied in Electrocortical Activity of Norm Violations (Mentor: Shinobu Kitayama)

Danielle Harrison - Subjective and Official Reports of Neighborhood Danger and Antisocial Behavior in Adolescence  (Mentor: Luke Hyde)

Natasha Heart - Does Sleep Duration Moderate the Relationship Between Adolescent Psychopathology and Health Risk Behavior? (Mentors: Daniel Keating & Edward Huntley)

Jing Hu - Spontaneous Use of Self-Distancing Online Among Healthy and Depressed Facebook Users (Mentor: Ethan Kross)

Morgan Johnson - Teachers’ Impact on the Wellbeing and Achievementof Students with ohnsonSpecial Needs in the General Education Classroom (Mentor: Fred Morrison)

Hannah Lahti - Sex Differences in Negative Affect and Symptom Severity in Schizophrenia, Schizoaffective Disorder and Bipolar Disorders (Mentor: Patricia Deldin)

Blacker Li - Post-Frog Pond: Cultural Variations in Hiring Decisions (Mentor: Stephen Garcia)

Muzi Lin - Fathers’ Experiences of Challenges and Joys During the Prenatal and Postnatal Periods (Mentors: Brenda Volling & Shawna Lee)

Katy Michon - The P300 ERP and Cognitive Bias in Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, and Dysphoria (Mentor: Patricia Deldin)

Breanne Parker - Exploring the Relationship between College Student Exposure to the Model Minority Stereotype and Attributions of ADHD in Asian Americans (Mentor: Donna Nagata)

Reeya Patel - Disappointing Gift Task: Implications for Understanding Emotion Regulation Development During Early Childhood (Mentor: Sheryl Olson)

Haley Rough - Neighborhood crime and its effect on neural reactivity (Mentor: Christopher Monk)

Aiya Saad - In the Eyes of the Beholder: How Experience Can Influence Perceptions of Interest and Engagement (Mentor: Kevin Miller)

Chaewon Sagong - Influences of Positive Parenting on Adolescent Depressive Symptoms: Moderation by Levels of Physical Neighborhood Disorder (Mentor: Christopher Monk)

Zachary Schildcrout - Does Visual Attention Cognitive Training Decrease Distraction? (Mentor: John Jonides)

Jocelyn Schwartz - The Influence of Positive Affect on Food Consumption: An Ecological Momentary Assessment Analysis (Mentor: Ashley Gearhardt)

Priyanka Shanmugasundaram - Impacts of Multiple Marginality for South Asian Americans’ Mental Health (Mentor: Fiona Lee)

Julia Snider - Engagement in and Desire for Romantic and Sexual Relationships in College: Associations with Mental Health (Mentor: Nestor Lopez-Duran)


Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience

Emily Armstead - Examining Rumination and Sleep: A Transdiagnostic Approach to Depression and Social Anxiety (Mentor: Patricia Deldin)

Jane Brown - Down the Musical Garden Path: Shared Syntactic Processing in Music and Language (Mentor: Julie Boland)

Man Ting Choi - Paternal Education Attainment Moderates Associations Between Paternal Psychological Control and Preschool Children’s Internalizing Problems: A Cross-National Study in the United States and China (Mentor: Sheryl Olson)

Bailey Ferris - Differential Longitudinal fMRI Activation in Bilateral Thalamus in Substance Using Versus Non-Using Adolescents During a go/no-go Task (Mentors: Mary Heitzeg & Jillian Hardee)

Nick Gabry - Relapse: An Investigation into the Differential Modulation of Cue-Based Drug Reinstatement (Mentors: Terry Robinson & Bryan Singer)

Maia Gersten - Examining the Role of Diversification of Contingent Self-Worth on College Student Mental Health (Mentor: Nestor Lopez-Duran)

Kevin Grimaldi - The Role of Parental Involvement and Monitoring in Adolescent Health Risk Behavior (Mentors: Daniel Keating & Edward Huntley)

Sonalee Joshi - The Effects of Race on Implicit Attitudes about Social Anxiety (Mentors: Elizabeth Duval & Israel Liberzon)

Louisa Kane - Motivational-Dopaminergic versus Cognitive-Cholinergic Processing of a Pavlovian Cocaine Cue in Sign- and Goal-Tracking Rats (Mentors: Martin Sarter & Kyle Pitchers)

Kelsea Kangas - Use of Neuropsychological Evaluation Results in a VA Healthcare System Sub-Acute Geriatric Rehabilitation Clinic (Mentors: Linas Bieliauskas & Katherine Kitchen-Andren)

Alexandria Kolenda - Investigating the Relationship Between Depression, Metabolic Syndrome, and DNA Methylation of the SLC35D3 Gene Region in Psychotic Disorders (Mentor: Vicki Ellingrod)

Alyssa Marquette - The Role of the Built Environment on Adolescent BMI (Mentor: Ashley Gearhardt)

Allison Moll - Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase (eNOS), Metabolic Syndrome, and Cognition in Schizophrenia-Spectrum Disorders (Mentor: Vicki Ellingrod)

Anna Nagler - The Effect of Cognitive Impairment on Deconditioned/Debilitated Post-Acute Veterans (Mentors: Linas Bieliauskas & Stelmokas Julija)

Jeewon Oh - Emotional Word Processing in First and Second Language (Mentor: Nick Ellis)

Natalie Perkins - Examining Impoverished Neighborhoods with Google Street View: A New Tool for Assessing Ecological Settings (Mentor: Christopher Monk)

Kelly Rea - White-Matter Tract Abnormalities and Links to Antisocial Behavior Among High-Risk Young Adult Males (Mentors: Luke Hyde & Rebecca Waller)

Seonyool Song - Education Comparison between United States and South Korea with PISA Results (Mentors: Kevin Miller & Kai Cortina)

Emma Sutherland - Investigating the Association Between Screen Time and Adolescent Adiposity (Mentors: Ashley Gearhardt & Sarah Domoff)

Taylor Weeks - Direct Inhibition of the Nucleus Accumbens Shell Potentiates Eating (Mentor: Berridge Kent)


Jennifer Alpert - Children’s and Adults’ Recall of Generic and Proper Name Statements (Mentor: Susan Gelman)

Caroline Bartholomew - Parental Restrictive Feeding Behaviors and Adolescent Food-Related Self-Regulation (Mentors: Ashley Gearhardt & Megan Pesch)

Stephen Berkemeier - Law Enforcement Conformity to Masculine Norms and Myths Surrounding Male Victims of Sexual Assault (Mentors: Jamie Mitchell & Eric Fretz)

Shyryn Borgol - The Behavioral Immune System and Interoception (Mentor: Joshua Ackerman)

Emmy Carey - Forms of Intimate Partner Rape Experienced by Latinas with and without PTSD (Mentors: Sandra Graham-Bermann & Andrew Grogan-Kaylor)

Sitao Chen - Correlational Study of Childhood Activities and Executive Functions (Mentor: Priti Shah)

Xi Chen - Stereotypes and Biased Perceptions towards Foreign Currencies: An Irrationality of Market Valuations (Mentor: Stephen Garcia)

Rachel Cultice - #VocalWomen: How Does Threatened Masculinity Influence Perceptions of Women Who Confront Online Misogyny? (Mentor: Terri Conley)

Snehanjani Edupuganti - Don't Judge a Book by its Cover: The Influence of a Professor's Gender on Student's Impression and Lecture Evaluation (Mentor: Kevin Miller)

Alison Grenon - A Comparative Analysis of Body Mass Index and Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis Measurements in a Teenage Population Considering Gender, Pubertal Status, and Athletic Participation (Mentor: Ashley Gearhardt)

Inara Ismailova - Young and Distracted: Children Filter Irrelevant Stimuli Less Effectively than Adults (Mentors: Daniel Weissman & Ioulia Kovelman)

Rachel Korn - The Influence of Impulsivity on Food Ordering Behavior and Caloric Consumption (Mentor: Ashley Gearhardt)

Jerin Lee - Negative Life Events and Sexual Assault Victimization as Predictors of Negative Psychological Functioning in Female College Students (Mentor: Edward Chang)

Sai-Lai Lee - Color Outside the Lines: Perceptions of Identity Conflict and Women of Color in Leadership (Mentor: Fiona Lee)

Wanying Liu - Risk Portfolio Management: Mathematical Models and Behavioral Styles (Mentor: Jun Zhang)

Andrea Maxwell - Neighborhood Effects on the Brain: Impoverishment in Early Childhood Predicts Amygdala Reactivity to Ambiguous Faces in Young Adulthood (Mentor: Luke Hyde)

Isabel Osgood - Infectious Disease Psychology and Social Categorization (Mentor: Joshua Ackerman)

Dayna Petkov - Examining Perceptions of Moral Change of the Self and Others (Mentors: Ethan Kross & Walter Swoden)

Kaitlin Prakken - Correlates of Maternal Warmth in Latinas Who Have Experienced Intimate Partner Violence (Mentor: Sandra Graham-Bermann)

Manna Shintani - Executive Function and Academic Achievement: Differential Relations Across Socioeconomic Status (Mentor: Frederick Morrison)

Anna Spitz - Diversity, Pressure, and Divisions on the University of Michigan Campus (Mentors: Priti Shah & Deborah Dash-Moore)

Lara Stojanov - The Paradox of Bilingual Attentional Control Investigated Through Comparative Analytic Approaches (Mentor: Ioulia Kovelman)

Julia Swan - Associations Between Delay Discounting Performance and Reward-Related Neural Activity (Mentor: Luke Hyde)

Warren Teo - Multicultural Experience and Wisdom (Mentor: Fiona Lee)

Andrea Villafuerte - The Role of Perceived Social Support in Buffering Women Against Stereotype Threat (Mentor: Denise Sekaquaptewa)

Kali Vitek - Risky, Dramatic, and Unrealistic: Reality Television Portrayals of Pregnancy and Childbirth and Their Effects on Women's Fear and Self-Efficacy (Mentor: Lucretia Ward)

Haley Yaremych - Prosocial Development Between Siblings: The Role of Marital Quality and Parents' Emotion Socialization Practices (Mentor: Brenda Volling)

Tina Yu - Understanding the Association Between Spirituality, Religiosity, and Feelings of Happiness and Sadness Among HIV-Positive Indian Adults: Examining Stress-Related Growth as a Mediator (Mentor: Edward Chang)


Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience

Joseph Calabrisotto - Social Dilemmas and Social Decision Making (Mentors: Ethan Kross & Walter Sowden)

Thomas Choi - Impact of Cortical Glutamate on Accumbens-Mediated Motivation (Mentor: Kent Berridge)

Bilge Ipek Demirdag - Gratitude, Power, and Temporal Discounting:  Investigating Mechanisms to Reduce Impatience (Mentor: J. Frank Yates)

Meng Du - Rice Versus Wheat Cultures in China: An Investigation Into Self Enhancement and Cultural Tightness (Mentor: Shinobu Kitayama)

Rebecca Fabian - Examining Parental Attitudes on Infant Prone Positioning Involving Infants with  Congenital Heart Defects (Mentors: Mark Russell & Bruno Giordani)

Aaron Hayes - Ventral Pallidal Activity Reduces During Pavlovian Extinction for Goal-Trackers (Mentor: Wayne Aldridge)

Anne Humphrey - Effects of Surface Acted Empathy on Providers of Emotional Support (Mentor: Ethan Kross)

Diana Jomaa - Distress and Unmet Needs Among Newly-Diagnosed Colorectal Cancer Patients (Mentors: Samantha Hendren & Martin Sarter)

Kerrie Leonard - Does This Smile Make Me Look White? Exploring the Effects of Emotional Expressions on the Categorization of Multiracial Children (Mentors: Susan Gelman & Arnold Ho)

Christina Morgan - Coping with Distraction from Irrelevant Stimuli Involves Both Distractor-Specific and Distractor-General Control Processes (Mentor: Daniel Weissman)

Nina Mostovoi - Counteracting Hyperpolarization-Mediated Motivation with Optogenetic Stimulation in Nucleus Accumbens Shell (Mentor: Kent Berridge)

William Orwig - What Makes Life Worth Living: A Study of Obituaries Using Content Analysis (Mentor: Nansook Park)

Manal Saad - Cortical Plasticity of the Motor Network in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and Its Impact on the Advancement of Brain Computer Interface Technology (Mentors: Robert Welsh & Daniel Weissman)

Radhika Santhanagopalan - Brain Bases of Auditory Processing in Infants: Localization and Statistical Regularities (Mentor: Ioulia Kovelman)

Emma Saraff - Testing Neural Constraints on the Time-Course of Lexical Access: Latency Invariability of the N400 (Mentor: Jonathan Brennan)

Emily Sculthorpe - Functions of Cybersex in Long-Distance Versus Geographically Close Romantic Relationships (Mentor: Robin Edelstein)

Randee Shapiro - Corneal Confocal Microscopy as a Non-Invasive Assessment of Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy (Mentors: Stephen Lentz & Shelly Flagel)

Caitlin Shneider - Family Psychosocial Functioning Assessment in Pediatric Liver Transplant Recipients Using the PAT2.0 (Mentor: Emily Fredericks)

Dylan Spiro - How Valence, Motivational Salience, and Monetary Incentives Affect Valuelearning and Memory  (Mentor: Patricia Reuter-Lorenz)

Alanna Staiman - Somatic Symptom and Related Disorders: A Retrospective Review  (Mentor: Kerry Mychaliska & Kathleen Jodl)

Nishma Valikodath - Sex Differences in Reasons for Adolescent Health Risk Behavior (Mentor: Daniel Keating & Edward Huntley)

Rachel Wehrly - Self-talk with a Mirror Regulates Anxiety for Women (Mentor: Ethan Kross)

Heather Williams - Individual ERP Differences: Potential Compensation Effects During Signal Detection and Distractor Resistance (Mentor: Cindy Lustig)

Erin Wright - Regulation of Conditioned Approach by the Dopamine Transporter  (Mentors: Brandon Aragona & Bryan Singer)

Anastasia Xenophontos - Individual differences in Hippocampal Function and Vulnerability to Single Prolonged Stress Induced Deficits (Mentors: Israel Liberzon & Chieh Chen)


Briana Akani - Portrayals of Black Girls in Books on Puberty for Girls (Mentor: Rona Carter)

Jennifer Allen - Scientist or Secretary? The Effect of Gendered Microaggressions in Science on Women’s Mental Health (Mentor: Denise Sekaquaptewa)

Aneesha Arora - The Effects of Maternal Depression on Perceptions of Parenting and Child Academic Outcomes (Mentor: Frederick Morrison)

Kimberly Badgett - Correctional Officer Professional Orientations Toward Prisoners, Pluralistic Ignorance, and Barriers to Resolution (Mentor: Phoebe Ellsworth)

Jennifer Bullen - Children's Emergent Math and Sharing Abilities  (Mentor: Ioulia Kovelman)

Amy Carroll - The Effect of Experience on Dietitians’ Stigmatization of Anorexia Nervosa (Mentors: Daniel Gih & Ashley Gearhardt)

Lauren DeVincent - Time-Based Conflict and Family Conflict: Examining Perceived Pubertal Timing as a Moderator (Mentor: Rona Carter)

Daley DiCorcia - NSSI: Differences in Frequency, Functions, and Methods Among Adolescents and Young Adults. (Mentor: Cheryl King)

Blake Ebright - Empathy for Positive Emotions: Can We Feel Challenge Vicariously? (Mentor: Phoebe Ellsworth)

Erin Fowler - Popular Music and Dating Violence: Connections and Effects (Mentor: Lucretia Ward)

Emily Gach - Cumulative Risk in Early Childhood as a Contributor to Externalizing Behavior at Age 10: The Mediating Role of Early Parenting (Mentor: Sheryl Olson)

Taylor Garland - African American Women’s Ways of Coping: A Study of the Relation with Multiple Stressors  (Mentor: Jacqueline Mattis)

Aric Gaunt - Learning Differences in Cellphone Users: Understanding Learning Outcomes and Eye Patterns Using Mobile Eye Tracking (Mentors: Kevin Miller & Kai Cortina)

Amber Gustafson - Resident Assistants' Responses to Sexual Assault Disclosure: The Roles of Rape Myth Acceptance and Feminist Identity (Mentor: Lilia Cortina)

Zeren Li - College Students’ Beliefs About Their Own and Their Parents’ Parenting Practices in the United States and China (Mentor: Kevin Miller)

Tin Yan Christy Li - Learning a New Language Under Ten Minutes: Brain and Behavioral Investigation of Foreign Language Processing in Monolingual Children (Mentor: Ioulia Kovelman)

Donald Lyons - “Something There That’s Not Right”: Black Female Undergraduates’ Perceptions of Racial Climate (Mentor: Tabbye Chavous)

Hannah McCabe - Emotion Recognition Deficits Mediate the Effects of Retrospectively Reported Maltreatment on Facets of Psychopathy in College Students  (Mentor: Luke Hyde)

Anna Pasternak - Student Responses to a Transdiagnostic School-Based Cognitive Behavioral Intervention (Mentors: Elizabeth Koschmann & Fredrick Morrison)

Molly Potel - Predictors of Aggressive Behavior in Children Exposed to Intimate Partner Violence (Mentor: Sandra Graham-Bermann)

Jacob Rainey - Food Addiction Among Sexual Minorities (Mentor: Ashley Gearhardt)

Celina Romano - Self­distancing: Effects on Motivation and Performance of Women in Math Domains (Mentor: Denise Sekaquaptewa)

Alexis Stanton - An Investigation of How Social Media Use Impacts Strong Black Woman Embodiment & Mental Health (Mentor: Monique Ward)

Elizabeth Stewart - A Gold Star Thesis: The Effect of a Gold Star Identity on Biphobia in the Lesbian Community (Mentor: Denise Sekaquaptewa)

Kathileen Tran - Detection of Delirium in an Inpatient Sub-Acute Rehabilitation Hospital (Mentors: Linas Bieliauskas & Julija Stelmokas)

Stamatia Tsakos - The Effect of Salience of Emotion Experience on Emotion Perception (Mentors: Phoebe Ellsworth)

Cara Weiner - Impact of Parents with a History of Depression and Family Functioning on Adolescent Body Image (Mentor: Nestor Lopez-Duran)


Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience

Joel Adu-Brimpong - Cortisol Stress Reactivity Can be Shaped by Control, Support and Threat in Surprising Ways – Illustrating HPA Axis Complexity (Mentor: Nestor Lopez-Duran)

Bryana Bayly - This is Not a Pipe…Or is it? Children's and Adults' Appreciation for the Representational Properties of Pictures and Toys (Mentors: Susan Gelman & Natalie Davidson)

John Bell - Synaptic Interactomes and Neurological Disease:  A Closer Look at Neurexin-1α (Mentors: Gabrielle Rudenko & Natalie Tronson)

Alix Bernholtz - ‘Running in the Family’: Exploring the Causal Beliefs of At-Risk Individuals with a Family History of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (Mentors: Susan Gelman & Toby Jayaratne )

Rui Deng - Differential Effects of Oxytocin on The Motivation of Methamphetamine Self-Administration in Isolated and Pair Housed Female Rats (Mentor: Jill Becker)

Dema Fawaz - Optogenetic Inhibition of Lateral Hypothalamic Inputs into Ventral Pallidum Amplifies Aversive ‘Disgust’ (Mentor: Kent Berridge)

Danielle Flanders - Structural Priming in Sentence Production (Mentor: Julie Boland)

Andrew Garton - Examining the Impact Of Cognitive Styles on Responses to Self-Relevant Failures (Mentor: Nestor Lopez-Duran)

Zoe Hawks - Memory-Control Interactions Influence the Congruency Sequence Effect (Mentor: Daniel Weissman)

Sunghyun Hong - Optogenetic Stimulation of Dopamine Afferents in Nucleus Accumbens and Central Amygdala Reveals Differential Roles in Food and Social Motivation (Mentor: Kent Berridge)

Yona Isaacs - Cholinergic Highs and Lows: A Genetic Link to Attentional Function? (Mentor: Cindy Lustig)

Shaima Khandaker - Neural Correlates of Verbal Communication Using Infant Directed Speech in Language Acquisition: An fNIRS Investigation (Mentor: Ioulia Kovelman)

Lena Kremin - Predictors and Transfer of Reading Ability in Spanish-English Bilingual Children (Mentor: Ioulia Kovelman)

Danielle Leonard - Phonological and Lexical Processes in Bilingual Spanish-English Learners (Mentor: Ioulia Kovelman)

Alina Lesnovskaya - Symptoms of Depression as Indicators of Delirium in Elderly Hospitalized Veterans (Mentors: Linas Bieliauskas & Jennifer Flaherty)

Emily Lustig - Cognition and Experienced Well-Being in the Aging Population: Findings from the Health and Retirement Study (Mentor: Jacqui Smith)

Christina Naegeli - Cross-Cultural Look at Orphan Care in Brazil and the USA: Does There Exist a Difference in 'Positive' Themes in Different Methods of Child Care? (Mentors: Nansook Park & Reighan Gillam)

Eve Rosenheck - Current Trends and Predictors of Therapy Underutilization Among Asian American College Students (Mentors: Justin Heinze & Jennifer Glass)

Gabrielle Schwartz - The Influence of Power on Emotions Felt for Others (Mentor: Phoebe Ellsworth)

Adam Sitzmann - Treatment-Resistant Depression, Obesity, and Adiponectin (Mentors: Brian Mickey & Christopher  Monk)

Lawrence Tello - Beliefs Influence the Consequences of Expressive Suppression (Mentors: Shinobu Kitayama & Ethan Kross)

Linsa Varghese - Mindfulness, Emotional Well-Being, Emotional Regulation, Burnout, and Servant Leadership Among Women Social Justice Activists (Mentor: Ram Mahalingam)

Alisa Zoltowski - Using our Theory of Mind for Inferences in Strategic Reasoning (Mentor: Jun Zhang)


Monica Arkin - The Relationship Between Community Violence Exposure and Psychological Well-Being among Latino Adolescents (Mentor: Rosario Ceballo)

Pallavi Babu - The Psychometric Validation of the Military Attributions Scale (Mentor: Michelle Kees)

Amanda Balakirsky - Children’s Inferences about Relative Age as a Result of Power Comprehension (Mentor: Susan Gelman)

Jillian Bean - Impact of Weight Based Self-Ssteem and Objectification on Risk of Disordered Eating in College Students (Mentor: Nestor Lopez-Duran)

Jacob Bradburn - The N-Effect in Sales: A Field Experiment (Mentor: Stephen Garcia)

Zoe Brier - Suicidal Trajectories across the Postpartum: Risk and Protective Factors (Mentors: Maria Muzik & Katherine Rosenblum)

Rachel Carretta - Religiosity and Suicidality in Caucasian And African-American Sexual Minority Young Adults (Mentor: Cheryl King)

Shao Wei Chia - Perceived Differential Parental Expectations of Achievement: Assessing Impact on Psychological Well-Being Among College Students with Siblings (Mentors: Pamela Davis-Kean & Daniel Keating)

Melissa Durante - Everyday Scientific Reasoning: Critical Approaches Outside the Classroom (Mentor: Priti Shah)

Julia Feldman - Early Fathering Predictors of Children’s Late School-Age Peer Acceptance, Emotion Regulation, and Behavior Problems (Mentor: Sheryl Olson)

Ryan Foley - Competitive Versus Cooperative Video Game Decision Making and it’s Relationship to Problematic Video Game Play (Mentor: Frank Yates)

Rachel Forche - Children's Predictions about Future Desires:  Parent Input vs. Intuition (Mentors: Susan Gelman & Craig Smith)

Samantha Goldstein - Gender Differences in Children's Emotion Regulation from Preschool to School Age (Mentor: Sheryl Olson)

Nora Greenstein - Women’s Academic Motivation in the STEM Field: Using Group Role Models to Reduce Stereotype Threat in Group Work (Mentor: Denise Sekaquaptewa)

Roxanne Harfmann - "Don't Forget to Subscribe": Investigating the Impact of Exposure to User-Created Youtube Channels on Endorsement of Gender Attitudes and Self-Sexualization (Mentor: Monique Ward)

Youjeong Huh - Mindfulness, Emotion Regulation and Employee Well-Being Among Korean Workers (Mentor: Ramaswami Mahalingam)

Corey Jackson - Social Inclusion, Identity, & Conflict Adaptation (Mentor: Fiona Lee)

Zunaira Jilani - Relations Between Multidimensional Spirituality and Negative Affective Conditions in Adults: Examining Hope as a Potential Mediator (Mentor: Edward Chang)

Kathryn Kemp - Sleep Quality and Mood on Memory in People with and without Depression (Mentor: Patricia Deldin)

Brandon Klein - Loss of a Job vs. a Loved One: The Impact on Indulgent Consumption (Mentor: Stephen Garcia)

Jessica Koolick - Comparisons of PTSD Symptomatology in Children Across Multiple Ethno-Racial Groups (Mentor: Sandra Graham-Bermann)

Jie Ling Kuan - The Reading Brain: fMRI Study of Chinese (Mentor: Ioulia Kovelman)

Emily Noyes - Alcohol-Related Consequences Among Binge Drinking College Students: Exploring Positive Alcohol Expectancies and Self-Efficacy to Use Protective Strategies (Mentors: Erin Bonar & Frederic  Blow)

Stephanie Oprea - Students’ Perceptions of Creative Process Pedagogy in College Courses (Mentor: Colleen Seifert)

Miray Philips - Attitudes Towards Rape Among College Students in the US, North Africa, and the Middle East (Mentors: Rowell Huesmann & Eric Dubow)

Sarah Polk - The Effects of Restraint and Gender on Frequency of Consumption of High-Glycemic Load and High-Fat Foods (Mentor: Ashley Gearhardt)

Benjamin Rooney - Explaining Gender Differences in Emotional Reactions to Heterosexual Casual Sex Offers (Mentor: Terri Conley)

Alison Sagon - Examining the Value of Setting Communication Goals for Subjective Well-Being (Mentor: Ethan Kross)

Justin Sarkis - The Effect of Sociolinguistic Accent on the Believability of Trivia Statements (Mentor: Julie Boland)

Shaina Shetty - Reluctant Models (Mentors: Harold Neighbors & Donna Nagata)

Keima Smith - African American Parental Racial Socialization: Exploring Gender Differences (Mentors: Stephanie  Rowley & Kevin Miller)

Precious  Smith - Fun To a Point: The Positive and Negative Effects of Children’s Toys in the Household (Mentor: Stephanie  Preston )

Chloe Sosenko - Zingerman’s: Mindfulness in the Dynamic Work Environment (Mentors: Gretchen Spreitzer & Oscar Ybarra)

Chloe Sprague - The Role of Reconstruing versus Recounting in Social Support Contexts (Mentor: Ethan Kross)

Emily Steinberg - The Role of Age, Gender, and Father Involvement in Firstborns' Behavioral Adjustment Across the Transition to Siblinghood (Mentor: Brenda Volling)

Gladys Tan - Behind Racial Differences in STEM Participation:  College Students’ Priorities When Choosing Majors (Mentor: J Yates)

Alyssa Tender - Too Close for Comfort:  An ERP Investigation into The Role of Relevancy in Attention to HIV-Relevant Information (Mentor: Allison Earl)

Meaghan Thompson - The Relationship Between Parenting Behaviors During the Preschool Period and Subtypes of Childhood Aggression in the Late Elementary Period (Mentors: Sheryl Olson & Rebecca Waller)

Tara Von Mach - An Evaluation of Within-Session Interactions During Motivational Interviewing-Based Brief Interventions for Marijuana Misuse: A Mixed-Methods Investigation (Mentors: Maureen Walton & Frederic Blow)

Yuqi Wang - Masculinity on Trial:  A Content Analysis of Men-Against-Men Sexual Harassment Legal Cases, 1982-2014 (Mentor: Lilia Cortina)

Chelsey Weiss - The Roles of Early Externalizing Behavior and Prosocial Parental Discipline on Peer Rejection (Mentor: Sheryl Olson)

Alexandra Wilt - Addictive-Like Eating Mediates the Association Between Eating Motivations and Elevated Body Mass Index (Mentor: Ashley Gearhardt)

Kaidi  Wu - Would You Rather be a Big Frog In A Small Pond? Examining Cultural Variations in Competition Entry Decisions (Mentor: Stephen Garcia)

Carlos Yeguez - Developing a Self-Efficacy Intervention for College Students Diagnosed with ADHD (Mentor: Priti Shah)

Chelsea Zabel - Psychology of Selfies: Motivations for Posting Selfies and their Connections to Self-Concept (Mentor: Lucretia Ward)


Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience

Ankita Badhwar - Measuring Prosocial Action Tendencies From Caretaking Emotions (Mentor: Sara Konrath)

Lauren Burton - The Effect of Chronic Phase Shifts on Melatonin Rhythms (Mentors: Jimo Borjigin & Martin Sarter)

Nathan Chesterman - Mapping a Hedonic Hotspot in Insular Cortex (Mentor: Kent Berridge)

Kathleen Duemling - Cortisol Awakening Response and Youth Depression: The Impact of Anxiety, Age, and Sex (Mentor: Nestor Lopez-Duran)

Paige Galecki - Testing a Video-Chat Social Reward Learning Task to Predict Depression in Young Adults (Mentor: Nestor Lopez-Duran)

Mariam Hamid - In Vivo Corneal Confocal Microscopy in Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy (Mentors: Roni Shtein & Patricia Reuter-Lorenz)

Rina Joshi - Does Time Really Tell All?: The Effect of Circadian Rhythms on Emotional-Like Behavior in Rats Selectively Bred to Model Mood Disorders(Mentor: Megan Hagenauer)

Viktoria Krislaty - The Effect of Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) on Neuropsychological Functioning in Adolescents who Suffer from Major Depressive Disorder (Mentor: Bruno Giordani)

Kathryn Lee - Semantic and Syntactic Priming in Infant Language Acquisition: A Comparison of English and Mandarin Speakers (Mentor: Twila Tardif)

Shoko Mori - Regulating Negative Affect: Neurophysiological Investigation of Self-Generated vs. Externally-Provided Reappraisal (Mentors: Christine Rabinak & William Gehring)

Emily Munier - Modality Effects in Short-Term Memory Versus Long-Term Memory within the Deese, Roediger and McDermott Paradigm (Mentors: Patricia Reuter-Lorenz & Justyna Olszewska)

Maryam Seifeldin - Sociolinguistic Stereotype and Syntactic Processing (Mentors: Julie Boland & Jonathan Brennan)

Erica Seifert - Syntactic Error Processing in Bilingual Children: An fNIRS Study (Mentor: Ioulia Kovelman)

Aashna Sunderrajan - It's a Trap! The Influence of Instrumental Manipulation Checks on Response Non-Differentiation and Gricean Norm Effects (Mentors: Norbert Schwarz & Allison Earl)

Rachel Terry - The Role of Orexin and Acetylcholine on 'Liking' and 'Disliking' in the Nucleus Accumbens Hedonic Hotspot (Mentor: Kent Berridge)

Xiao Wang - Examining the Relationship Between Skilled Musical Training and Attention (Mentor: Patricia Reuter-Lorenz)


Leah Breish - Effects of Backwards Design Lesson Planning Implementation on Non-Educator Elementary Literacy Tutors (Mentor: Frederick Morrison)

Peter Ceglarek - A Tool for Help or Harm? Associations Between Sexual Minority Youth’s Social Networking Use and Their SocialSupport, Sexual Identity, and Mental Health (Mentor: L. Monique Ward)

Alejandra Cuspinera - “Go to Sleep to Get Rid of the Fright”: Colombian Youth’s Experiences with Community Violence Exposure(Mentor: Rosario Ceballo)

Hailey Dotterer - Influences on Destructive College Drinking: The Role of Psychopathic Traits and Gender (Mentor: Luke Hyde)

Valerie Foster - The Relationship Between Maternal Insightfulness and Psychopathology in Women with Histories of Childhood Maltreatment (Mentors: Maria Muzik & Katherine Rosenblum)

Danielle Goldstein - Building a Better Campus: Establishing Mental Health Services at Ukrainian Universities (Mentor: Sandra Graham-Bermann)

Steven Homan - Quality of Student Discourse During Math Lessons in the United States and China (Mentors: Kevin Miller & Kai Cortina)

Emma Kahle - Understanding How Domestic Abuse is Associated with Greater Depressive Symptoms in a Community Sample of Female Primary Care Patients: Do Loss of Belongingness or Sense of Burdensomeness Matter? (Mentor: Edward Chang)

Adam Kern - The Effect of Watching Food-Related Television on Eating Behaviors and Cravings (Mentor: Ashley Gearhardt)

Heejoo Kim - The Effects of Autonomy and Relatedness on Internalizing and Externalizing During Adolescence: Concurrent and Longitudinal Effects within Family Context (Mentors: Jacquelynne Eccles & Yi-Miau Tsai)

Adriane Kline - The Effects of HIV/AIDS Knowledge During Adolescence: The Role of This Knowledge in Predicting Sexual Behaviors and Outcomes (Mentors: Justin Heinze & Marc Zimmerman)

Jenny Lee - Resilience in the Face of Betrayal: The Significance of Social Support and Spontaneous Self-Distancing (Mentor: Ethan Kross)

Jonathan Lee - Narcissism, Frustration, and the Mediating Role of Anger (Mentor: Shinobu Kitayama)

MengZhen Liu - The Effect of Emotional Face Cues on Response Conflict Processing (Mentor: Shinobu Kitayama)

Melissa Manley - Is What I Do Who I Am? A Study of Romantic and Sexual Partnering and Identity (Mentor: Sari van Anders)

Margaret McGuire - Intimate Partner Violence: Demographic Effects on Children’s Attitudes and Beliefs After Exposure (Mentors: Sandra Graham-Bermann & Andrew Grogan-Kaylor)

Annick Odom - Local and National Identity of Flemings and Walloons in Belgium (Mentor: Fiona Lee)

Maggie O'Reilly-Treter - Exploring the Relations Between Caregiver-Child Communication and Psychopathology Among Bereaved Families(Mentor: Julie Kaplow)

Rebekah Richmond - Parenting Style and Parental Self-Efficacy in the Treatment of Anorexia Nervosa (Mentors: Ashley Gearhardt & Renee Hoste)

Taylor Rothman - (Mis)imagining Someone Else’s Life: The Role of Focalism in Feeling Envy and Pity Towards Others (Mentor: Phoebe Ellsworth)

Mallika Sarma - Mindfulness, Psychological Well-Being, Emotion Regulation, and Creativity Among South-Asian Americans (Mentor: Ramaswami Mahalingam)

Thea Senger - The Relationship Between Cumulative Risk Exposure, Family Cohesion, and Working Memory Impairments (Mentor: James Swain)

Long Shi - Possible Selves of College Students in China and the U.S. (Mentor: Daphna Oyserman)

Christopher Shu - Effects of Onset and Persistence of Antisocial Behavior in Adulthood (Mentor: Brian Hicks)

Alexa Shull - Rumination Mediates the Impact of Personality on the Development of Depression During the Transition to College (Mentor: Nestor Lopez-Duran)

Mehgha Shyam - The Influence of Mirth and Elevation on Local and Global Information Processing (Mentor: Richard Lewis)

Stacey Sklepinski - Promoting Attention to Stigmatized Health Information: The Complexity of Targeted Messages (Mentor: Allison Earl)

Hannah Tuttle - Applying the Addiction Label to Food: Legal and Policy Implications (Mentor: Ashley Gearhardt)

Abigail Waters - Effort, Somatization, and Self-Reported Psychological Distress in a Veteran Population (Mentors: Linas Bieliauskas & Nicolette Gabel)

Audrey Wittrup - The Relationship Between Academic Self-Concept and Achievement in High School and Risky Sexual Behavior in College-Aged Females Over Time (Mentors: Jacquelynne Eccles & Meeta Banerjee)

Hannah Wolfson - Children Facing Maternal Breast Cancer: Examining Relations Between Maternal Functioning and Child Psychiatric Symptoms (Mentor: Julie Kaplow)

Kuan Hua Wu - Mapping a Novel Hedonic Hotspot in the Orbitofrontal Cortex (Mentor: Kent Berridge)

Elizabeth Yu - Doubling Up on Positive Future Cognitions Associated with Lower Depressive Symptoms and Suicidal Risk in Latinos?: A Look at Hope and Positive Problem Orientation (Mentor: Edward Chang)

Mo Zhang - Interpretation of Difficulty’s Impact on Shifting and Inhibition Ability (Mentor: Daphna Oyserman)


Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience

Sara Alberti - Larger Amygdala Volume Relates to Social Anxiety in Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorders (Mentor: Christopher Monk)

Curtis Austin Interactions Between Social and Drug Reward on Stimulated Dopamine Release  in Male Prairie Voles (Mentor: Brandon Aragona)

Sara Bendler - Modality Effects in Working Memory Using the DRM Paradigm (Mentor: Patricia Reuter-Lorenz)

Shannon Burke - How Sexual is Sexual Desire? Desire and Testosterone in Women (Mentor: Katherine Rosenblum)

Christopher Cannon Conspicuous Consumption & Sexual Orientation: Are Homosexuals "Experts"? (Mentor: Stephanie Preston)

Lauren Frisch The Impact of Emotional Recognition on Prejudice and Discrimination (Mentor: Sarah Konrath)

Yasaman Kazerooni Task Related Pupil Dilation Patterns in a List Lexical Decision Task (Mentor: Richard Lewis)

Dana Kelly The Effects of Insomnia and Psychological Distress on Cognitive Performance Among Veterans (Mentor: Linas Bieliauskas)

Elizabeth O'Donnell - Dorsomedial Striatal Control of Cue-Directed Versus Goal-Directed Pavlovian Approach Behavior (Mentor: Terry Robinson)

Salomi Rami - Social support, emotional well-being, and emotion regulation: A mediation model (Mentor: Oscar Ybarra)

Stephanie Romeo -  Defendant and Juror Social Class and Age: Effects on Jurors’ Perceptions of a Crime (Mentor: Phoebe Ellsworth)

Craig Sanders Computational Models of Regressive Eye Movements in Reading (Mentor: Richard Lewis)

Gabriel Stellman - Investigating the roles of Fast-Spiking Interneurons and Neuronal Projections Associated with the Nucleus Accumbens as they Relate to the Production of Motivated Behaviors (Mentor: Kent Berridge)

Alexander Tereshchenko - Convergent and Divergent Thinking Creativity in Nominal and Collaborative Groups (Mentor: Cindy Lustig)

Margaret Ugolini - fMRI Study of Amplitude Modulation Perception: How the Brain Turns Sounds Into Language (Mentor: Ioulia Kovelman)

Michael Wilcox - Emotional Contagion in Major Depressive Disorder (Mentor: Patricia Deldin)  


Leon Averbukh - Exploring the Link between Drug Addiction Propensity and Improper Top- Down Processing via Sustained Attention Tasks (Mentor: Giovanna Paolone)

Mary Catherine Bender - The Role of RGS Proteins in Modulating States of Behavioral Arousal (Mentor: Ralph Lydic)

Adam Fischer - Incentive Salience Attribution Based on Experiences of Uncertain Reward in Rats (Mentor: Kent Berridge)

Piper Keyes - Kappa-Opioid Receptors in the Nucleus Accumbens Shell Mediate the Attenuation of Amphetamine Reward Induced by Monogamous Pair Bonding (Mentor: Brandon Aragona)

Katie Long - The Effect of Social Stress on Sign- and Goal-tracking Propensity in Selectively Bred Rats (Mentor: Shelly Flagel)

Adam MacDonald - Maternal Perspective-Dependent Empathy and Neural Responses (Mentors: Chris Monk, Shaun Ho, James Swain)

Nolan O'Hara - Characterizing the Engagement of Cognitive Error-Detection and Assessment During Self-Motivated and Morally Relevant Deception: An ERP Study (Mentor: Bill Gehring)

Julia Roberts - A Study Examining The Effects of Naps on Self-Reported Impulsivity (Mentor: Patricia Deldin)

Michelle Wehbe - Effect of Repeated Mild Traumatic Brain Injury on Sustained Attention Task Performance (Mentor: Giovanna Paolone)


Martha Alves - Coercive Control and the Stay-Leave Decision: How Abusers get their Victims to Remain in a Violent Relationship (Mentor: Sandra Graham-Bermann)

Kathryn Beck - Increasing Help-Seeking in College Freshmen: An Intervention Examining the Effects of Motivational Interviewing(Mentor: Joseph Gone)

Kevin Binder - Homophobic Hip-Hop Music and Its Effect on Attitudes Toward Homosexuality (Mentor: Lucretia Ward)

Jordan Boeve - Child Temperament, Parental Personality, and Parenting as Related to Child Behavior After the Birth of a Sibling (Mentor: Pamela Davis-Kean)

Nancy Boulos - Validity of the PHQ-8 and PHQ-6 During Pregnancy: A Longitudinal Study Possible Risk Factors and Screening for Antenatal Depression (Mentor: Richard Tolman)

Caroline Buck - Changes in Maternal Mentalization, Reflectivity, and Sensitivity as Assessed through Analysis of Narratives: An Evaluation of the Circle of Security Intervention (Mentor: Katherine Rosenblum)

Max Cantor - The road to reckless driving: Can parent alcoholism and antisocial behavior affect reckless driving in children?(Mentor: Jennie Jester)

Yun Chen - Parent-adolescent agreement about adolescent’s suicidal ideation and behavior in relation to adolescent’s one-year depressive symptoms, and suicide-related outcomes (Mentor: Cheryl King)

Robin Conley - Change in Relation to Alcohol Use Disorders: A Qualitative Study Examining Motivation for Change and Changes in Early Recovery (Mentor: Amy Krentzman)

Amanda Cooper - Children’s Perceptions of Parental Differential Treatment as a Mediator for the Link Between Parental Differential Treatment and Sibling Relationship Quality (Mentor: Brenda Volling)

Jared Cutler - The Effects of Gender Composition and Common In-Group Identity on Women's Desire to Participate in a Science Conference (Mentor: Denise Sekaquaptewa)

Damia December Individual and Environmental Correlates of Anxiety in Parentally Bereaved Children (Mentor: Julie Kaplow)

Jenna Dehne - Comparing Methods to Reduce Stereotype Threat: In-person vs. On-paper Interventions (Mentor: Denise Sekaquaptewa)

Hau Dinh - Intersecting Social Identities and Awareness of Social Justice (Mentor: Lorraine Gutierrez)

Laura Distel - The Effects of an Evolution Exhibition on Students’ Essentialistic Thinking about Genes (Mentor: Evelyn Evans)

Peter Felsman - Music listening facilitates self-distancing (Mentor: Ethan Kross)

Hayley Goldenthal - Risk Factors for Depression During the Perinatal Period: The Role of Anxiety, Trauma and Life Stressors(Mentor: Stephanie Thompson)

Joanna Gross - The Relationship Between Coping and Mental Health in Children Facing Maternal Breast Cancer (Mentor: Julie Kaplow)

Lindsay Hamilton - Sleep, Depression, and Child Behavior in Women with Histories of Childhood Maltreatment (Mentors: Maria Muzik & Kate Rosenblum)

Jessica Harper - Congruency Sequence Effects in Pediatric Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (Mentor: Daniel Weissman)

Sarah Horn - Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in Children Exposed to Intimate Partner Violence (IPV): The Clinical Picture of Physiological Arousal Symptoms (Mentor: Sandra Graham-Bermann)

Sean Houchins - Mechanisms and Outcomes of Metta Meditation(Mentor: Nestor Lopez-Duran)

Eunjung Kim - Embodied Metaphors: Embodied Fishy Smell Attenuates the Moses Illusion (Mentor: Norbert Schwarz)

Christina Koch - Counting on Executive Function: A Study of Preschoolers’ Eye Movements During a Quick Visual Search Counting Task (Mentor: Kevin Miller)

Kirsten Koseck - Culture and Executive Functioning: The Effects of Individualism and Collectivism on Complex Reasoning (Mentor: Daphna Oyserman)

Lucas LaFreniere - Parentally Bereaved Children and Adolescents: Peer Support and Interaction (Mentor: Albert Cain)

Becky Lau - The Effects of Empathy in Intergroup Interactions when Minorities Disclose Race-Salient or Neutral Hardship (Mentor: Emily Falk)

Chung Lau - Prevalence and Correlates of Depression and Drinking Behavior among Adolescents and Young Adults in the Suburban Emergency Department (Mentor: Frederic Blow)

Wing Tung (Vivian) Law - The Relationship between the Intersection of Gender and Race and Asian Americans’ Awareness of Social Justice (Mentor: Lorraine Gutierrez)

Xinyue Liu - Home Literacy Environments’ Influence on Language and Reading Development (Mentor: Ioulia Kovelman)

Jordan Magat - Looking at Gender Differences in Preschoolers’ Self-Regulation Through Multiple Lenses (Mentor: Frederick Morrison)

Alexander McBrairty - Quit, Persist, or... Switch?: Putting Lay Theories Into Context (Mentor: Norbert Schwarz)

Kaci Parsons - Being Single in Old Age: The Implications of Differences in Marital Status on Global and Experienced Well-being (Mentor: Jacqui Smith)

Jason Paul - Examining Working Memory as an Underlying Mechanism in Identity-Based Motivation (Mentor: Daphna Oyserman)

Eric Peist - Gender Differences in Student Misbehaviors and Teacher Responses: Comparing Classrooms with Novice and Experienced Teachers (Mentor: Kai Cortina)

Marisa Perera - Examining for Ethnic Variations in the Interpersonal Sources Representing Socially Prescribed Perfectionism (Mentor: Edward Chang)

Carly Sheridan - Politeness in Conflict: Identity Management and Politeness Strategies Used During a Conflict (Mentor: Fiona Lee)

Nora Stephens - Intersectionality of Race/Ethnic and Gender Identities in Intergroup Dialogue (Mentor: Patricia Gurin)

Alvin Tan - Combining Competitive Situational Factors: N-Effect and Proximity to a Standard Interaction on Competitive Behavior(Mentor: Stephen Garcia)

Charity Tarn - Organizations and Values: Examining Cross-Cultural Differences and Predicting Financial Performance (Mentor: Fiona Lee)

Rebecca Toback - Effects of Identifying Strengths of Character on the Self-Esteem and Self-Efficacy of Youth in an Inpatient Psychiatric Hospital (Mentor: Sandra Graham-Bermann)

Palek Vani - Understanding Young Children’s Error Processing: Connecting Brain and Behavior (Mentor: Frederick Morrison)

Yu Zhang - The Influence of Donation Appeals on Emotions and Donation in American and Chinese Cultures (Mentor: Richard Gonzalez)


Brain, Behavior & Cognitive Science

Staci Aubry - Perspective Taking: Effect of Accessible Cultural Values on Cross-Cultural Differences. (Mentor: Daphna Oyserman)

Erica Heisel - Pain Processing in Women with Borderline Personality Disorder. (Mentors: Kent Berridge and Jon-Kar Zubieta)

Alexis Holman - Fear and Disgust: Brain Responses to Two Signals of Motivational Salience. (Mentors: Kihn Luan Phan and William Gehring)

Amanda Kleeman - Characterizing Febrile Seizure Susceptibility in Scn1b +/- Mice: A Model for Genetic Epilepsy with Febrile Seizures Plus. (Mentors: Lique Coolen and Lori Isom)

Kristin Kops - Delineating Sexual and Social Motivation in the Female Rat Using Operant Responding. (Mentors: Jill Becker and Jennifer Cummings)

Peter Kotvis - Effects of Acute Stress on Risk Taking in Financial Decision Making. (Mentor: Nestor Lopez-Duran)

Ann Kraal - Slow-Wave Sleep Disruption and Emotional Memory in Major Depressive Disorder. (Mentor: Patricia Deldin)

Melissa Levoska - The Association between Coping Strategies and Physical Function Among Adults with Symptomatic Knee or Hip Osteoarthritis. (Mentors: Susan Murphy and Elizabeth Peckham)

Sariha Moyen - The Basal Ganglia and Beat Perception in Parkinson's Disease. (Mentor: Rachael Seidler)

Mei Lun Mui - Basic Visual Functioning and Eye Gaze Processing in Schizophrenia: Relationship with Symptoms and Social Functioning. (Mentor: Patricia Deldin)

Amy Olzmann - Problem Solving and Memory: Investigating the Solvability and Memorability of Remote Associates Problems. (Mentors: Patricia Reuter-Lorenz)

Krupa Patel - Oral Health Education and Dental Patients' Attitudes, Perceptions, and Behavior: A Person-Environmental Fit Analysis. (Mentor: Marita Inglehart)

Jessica Rampton - Allopregnanolone and its Effects on Mood Modulation and Regulation. (Mentor: Israel Liberzon)

Leslie Rubin - Health and Cognitive Framing: Individual Differences in Health Orientation. (Mentors: Stephanie Preston and R. Brent Stansfield)

Mary L Ryan - Neural encoding of incentive salience during cue-controlled cocaine self-administration. (Mentors: J Aldridge and Paul Meyer)

Teague Simoncic - Facebook Depression Revisited: The Absence of an Association between Facebook Use and Depressive Symptoms. (Mentor: Nestor Lopez-Duran)

David Springstead - Is Incentive Salience Dynamically Influenced by Satiation State? (Mentors: Kent Berridge)

Carly Stone - Maternal Sleep-Disordered Breathing During Pregnancy and the Development of Autism. (Mentors: Patricia Deldin)

Yasamean Zamani - The Effects of Prenatal Testosterone Exposure on the Sexual Differentiation of Feeding Patterns and Food Motivation in Suffolk Sheep. (Mentors: Theresa Lee and Elizabeth Peckham)


Rohit Abraham - Time-course of Motor Deficits in a Rat Model of Parkinson's Disease. (Mentor: Joshua Berke)

Katherine Adams - Linguistic Markers of Emotional Elaboration in the Past and the Present in Online Blogs. (Mentor: John Jonides)

Abram Davidov - Microdialysis Delivery of the Sedative/Hypnotic Eszopiclone to the Basal Forebrain Differentially Alters Acetylcholine Release in Lean/Fit (HCR) Rats and Obese/Metabolic Syndrome (LCR). (Mentors: Ralph Lydic and Kent Berridge)

Sarah Feenstra - Pain, Sleep, and Mood in Individuals with Spinal Cord Injury. (Mentors: Claire Kalpakjian and Terry Robinson)

Michael Frank - Replacing Leptin in Leptin-Deficient Mice Restores the Antinociceptive Effects of an Adenosine A1 Receptor Agonist in the Pontine Reticular Formation. (Mentors: Helen Baghdoyan and Kent Berridge)

Yamini Jadcherla - The Effects of Postnatal Administration of Flutamide and Rosiglitazone on Mating Behavior in Suffolk Sheep with Prenatal Testosterone Treatment. (Mentors: Theresa Lee and Elizabeth Peckham)

Claire Meurice - Sex Differences in the Effects of Adolescent THC Exposure on Adult Rat Behaviors. (Mentors: Jill Becker and Emily Jutkiewicz)

Nolan O’Hara - ERN Sensitivity to Honest and Dishonest Self-Reports. (Mentor: Bill Gehring)

Andrea Plawecki - GABAergic Elicitation of Fear and Feeding Behaviors in the Nucleus Accumbens Shell are Dopamine Independent. (Mentor: Kent Berridge)

Zubin Sedghi - Examining Interactions between Kappa-Opioid Receptors and Dopaminergic Transmission in the Striatum of Socially Monogamous Prairie Voles. (Mentor: Brandon Aragona)

Romeissa Selmane - The Effects of Deep Brain Stimulation on Taste Reactivity in the Central Nucleus of the Amygdala. (Mentor: J Aldridge)


Elizabeth Anastasia - Associations Between Active and Passive Child Noncompliance Strategies with Externalizing Behavior, Effortful Control, and Parental Discipline. (Mentor: Sheryl Olson)

Anna Badalian - The N-effect and the Size of the Competitive Venue. (Mentors: Stephen Garcia)

Abby Bailin - Family Risk and Protective Factors Associated with Adolescent Suicidal Ideation: A Meditational Model. (Mentor: Cheryl King)

Gilad Berkowitz - The Effects of Social Media on High-Quality Relationships between Agents and Clients. (Mentor: Jane Dutton)

Rachel Brigell - Behavioral Outcomes for Caribbean Adolescents in an Aggression-Reducing Intervention in a Custodial Setting. (Mentor: Albert Cain)

Julia Briskin - Enabling Adaptive Social Support in a Virtual Setting: Recounting versus Re-Constructing Negative Experience. (Mentors: Oscar Ybarra)

Heather Burcham - "I Do" Want it All: Weddings, Materialism, and Marital Satisfaction. (Mentors: Norbert Schwarz)

Lauren Bush - Associations Between Sleep Measures and Neurobehavioral Functioning in Children. (Mentors: Bruno Giordani and Elise Hodges)

Xirui (Rae) Cao - Cultural Variations in Emotion Regulation Strategy: Investigation of Event-Related Brain Potential (ERP). (Mentor: Shinobu Kitayama)

Margaret Cease - The Presence of Memory: How Guided Attention Influences Recall and Recognition. (Mentor: Norbert Schwarz)

Camellia Das - African American Women and Friend Groups: The Association Between the Presence of White Friends, Body Dissatisfaction, and Disordered Eating Behaviors. (Mentor: Elizabeth Cole)

Leah Goldmann - Exploring the Social Relationship Between Cultural Mindset and Spatial Ability. (Mentor: Daphna Oyserman)

Aakash Gupta - Investigating Individual Differences in Decision-Making Styles. (Mentors: Thad Polk)

Nader Hakim - Sources of Information and Norms Regarding Sexual Issues Among Indian Male Young Adults. (Mentor: Rona Carter)

Heather Hennrick - Conjugation and Contagion: Effects of Verb Form on Judgments of Positive and Negative Contagion. (Mentor: Susan Gelman)

Abby Herringshaw - Predictors of Adjustment in College Students. (Mentor: Edward Chang)

Courtney Hsing - Alexithymia and Levels of Emotion Processing. (Mentor: Stephanie Preston)

Ka Ip - Internalizing and Externalizing Behaviors of Children of Alcoholics in Heterogeneous Family Structures. (Mentors: Jennifer Jester and Robert Zucker)

Stephanie Kim - Sibling relationships, birth status, and personality: A qualitative study of Asian American College Students. (Mentor: Donna Nagata)

Dayana Kupisk - Busy Today, Better Tomorrow? Extracurriculars and Parent-child Relations as Protective Factors for Latino Adolescents. (Mentor: Rosario Ceballo)

Shaon Lahiri - Assessing the Associations between Treatment Modality and Client Characteristics on Treatment Outcome for Heroin Addiction through a Lagged Mediation Model. (Mentors: Amy Bohnert and Jennifer Myers)

Jill Mailing - Classroom Management and Self-Regulation: The Role of Teacher Perceptions in Shaping Outcomes. (Mentor: Frederick Morrison)

Kelsey Martin - The Existence of Implicit and Explicit Stereotypes about Unfemininity in STEM and the Effect of Feminine Role Models. (Mentor: Denise Sekaquaptewa)

Mara Minasian - Self-Distancing and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Homework Exercise: A Longitudinal Study Examining the Completion of Daily Worry Logs in the Third Person. (Mentor: Ethan Kross)

Leslie Monheit- How the Transition to College Affects School and Math Self Concept. (Mentor: Denise Sekaquaptewa)

Michael Moore - Believing that Gay Men are More Feminine than Straight Men: How Stereotype Threat and Identity Stability Affect Sexual Minority Men. (Mentor: Denise Sekaquaptewa)

Leslie Moreno - Father Involvement and Firstborn Adjustment to the Birth of a Sibling. (Mentor: Brenda Volling)

Lane Nesbitt - Jealousy and Competition: Imagined Partner Flirting Behavior Increases Testosterone in Partnered Women. (Mentor: Sari van Anders)

Ann Newberg - Individualized Instruction and Teachers' Perceptions of their Students Skills. (Mentor: Frederick Morrison)

Hannah Noah - Thinking About my Amazing (photos of) Vacation: On the Relationship between Cognition and Technology. (Mentors: Phoebe Ellsworth)

Devon Oosting - Effects of Child Behavior Problems on the Development of Preschoolers’ Sleep Problems: A Longitudinal Examination. (Mentors: Sheryl Olson and Barbara Felt)

Ashli Owens - Notes and Learning from Lecture. (Mentors: Kevin Miller and Kai Cortina)

Cassandra Pentzien - The Role of Cognitive Depletion from Playing Video Games in Promoting Aggression. (Mentor: L Huesmann)

Christopher Photiades - The Emotional and Pragmatic Life in Cities Under Pressure: Lessons Learned from an Ethnographic Study of Ferndale, Michigan. (Mentor: Phillip Creekmore)

Erica Podsiadly - Math Teachers’ Question-Fixation Patterns: Fair or Gender Biased?. (Mentor: Kevin Miller)

Amy Ransohoff - Examining the Relationship Between Cortical Thickness and Memory Abilities in Major Depressive Disorder. (Mentors: Scott Langenecker and Sara Wright)

Sara Schafrann - The Effect of Disruption on the Executive Functioning of Kindergartners with Typically and Atypically Developing Peers. (Mentors: Frederick Morrison)

Davia Steinberg - Desperately Seeking Support: Pregnant Women Experiencing Intimate Partner Violence. (Mentor: Sandra Graham-Bermann)

Emily Sterling - Family Perspectives on the Sibling Experience of Childhood Cancer. (Mentors: Brad Zebrack and Brenda Volling)

Steve Strycharz - Embodied Self: Using Embodied Processes to Examine the Dynamic Construction of the Self in Context. (Mentors: Daphna Oyserman)

Elise Wojewoda - Classroom Management Strategies and Executive Function Development: A Cross-Cultural Comparison Between U.S. and Chinese Kindergarten Classrooms. (Mentors: Frederick Morrison)

Courtney Zulauf - Preschool Precursors of Children's Peer Rejection during the Late School-Age Years: The Roles of Early Aggressive Behavior and Harsh Parental Discipline. (Mentor: Sheryl Olson)


Brain, Behavior & Cognitive Science

Samantha Ashinoff - Functional Connectivity in Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders. (Mentor: C. Monk)

Priyang Baxi - Cross-Cultural Differences in Financial Risk-taking: India and the United States. (Mentors: P. Shah & R. Mahalingam)

Cyril Bennouna - Aspects of Executive Function in Bipolar I: Mood, Duration, and Age. ( Mentor: P. Deldin)

Anita Calwas - Psychophysiological Processing of Emotional and Self-Referential Information in Schizophrenia. (Mentor: P. Deldin)

Michelle Cardinal - Scaling of Chewing Rate Variables. (G. Gerstner)

Sara Chadwich - Reclaiming Sexual Deviance as Sexual Liberality: A Study of Attitudes, Behaviors, and Testosterone. (Mentor: S. Van Anders)

Megan Davis - Fathers’ Testosterone, Marital Quality, and Fathers’ Interactions with their 12-Month-Old Infants. (Mentor: B. Volling)

Aaron Garcia - NMDA Stimulation and AMPA Blockade in the Nucleus Accumbens Shell Generate Appetitive and Fearful Motivation. (Mentor: K.  Berridge)

Amanda Gehrke - Differential Performance of Children With and Without Cerebral Palsy on Graphomotor Cognitive Processing Speed Measures. (Mentors: J. Kaufman & J. Jonides)

Rachel German - Negative Transfer of Response Inhibition: Toward Selective Fatigue of a Non-unitary Executive. (Mentor: P. Reuter-Lorenz)

Matthew Gilles - Dissonance and Disgust: An Exploratory Analysis of Differences in Musical Liking under Negative Affect. (Mentor: R. Lewis)

Anson Kairys - The Effect of Pain on Attentional Processing. (Mentors: D. Meyer & J. Glass)

Sarah Leitman - Evaluating Behavioral and Genetic Markers of Reading Ability. (Mentor: T. Polk)

Nina Massad - Hot Cognition: Effects of Emotion on Interference Resolution in Working Memory. (Mentor: P. Reuter-Lorenz)

Bianca Moiseff - At the Rhythm of Language: Neural Bases of Language-Related Frequency Perception in Children. (Mentor: I. Kovelman)

Elana Mosesova - The Donation Dilemma: Differences in Giving Behavior When Primed with Negative and Positive Economy Factors and a Working Memory Load. (Mentors: P. Shah & S. Preston)

Ana Orejuela - White Matter in Pediatric Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: a Diffusion Tensor Imaging Study. (Mentors: S. Perkins & I. Liberzon)

Jory Piglowski - The effects of male eyelid openness on perceptions of mating strategy: Ladies and gentleman, beware of the squinty-eyed guy! (Mentors: D. Kruger & D. Sekaquaptewa)

Andy Pollens - Investigating the Attentional Impairments in the Sign-Tracker: Implications for ADHD and Drug Addiction. (Mentor: T. Robinson)

Joshua Prasad - The Effects of Psychological Distancing on Working Memory Function. (Mentor: E. Kross)

Rachel Proudfoot - Eye Movements During Motivational Argument Processing. (Mentor: J. Boland)

Chelsea Schoen - The Effects of Continuous Deep Brain Stimulation on Food Consumption in Basal Forebrain Structures that Support Self-Stimulation. (Mentors: J.W. Aldridge & S. Ross)

Maria Tocco - Emotional Telescoping: Distorted Memories and Predictions of Emotional Intensity for the Events of 9/11. (Mentor: C. Lustig)

Caitlin Vander Weele - Real-time Dopamine Transmission within the Nucleus Accumbens Core and Shell Following Morphine. (Mentor: B. Aragona)


David Bushart - Neostriatal Dopamine Modulates Motivation: Incentive Salience Generation in the Neostriatum. (Mentor: K. Berridge)

Benjamin Fensterheim - Selective Suppression of Striatal Fast Spiking Interneurons in Vivo. (Mentor: J. Berke)

Kate Gilliam - Prenatal Bisphenol-A Alters Response to Novelty In the Environment in Suffolk Sheep. (Mentor: T. Lee)

Samantha Greenberg - Effects of Social Research Methodology on Cortisol and Testosterone. (Mentors: S. Van Anders & T. Lee)

Caely Hambro - Interactions between the Dopamine and the Dynorphin/Kappa Opioid Receptor System Regulate both Positive and Negative Social Behavior in Prairie Voles. (Mentor: B. Aragona)

Morgan Kuhnmuench - Mesolimbic Dopamine and Opioid Interactions in the Regulation of Pair Bond Maintenance in the Socially Monogamous Prairie Vole. (Mentor: B. Aragona)

Mary Larijani - Investigating the Dynamic Properties of Reward Processing: A Shift in Incentive Motivation Converts an Aversive Salt Cue into an Appetitive Motivational Magnet. (Mentor: K. Berridge)

Stephanie Lazar - Systemic Administration of Dexmedetomidine Disrupts Sleep Architecture and Does Not Decrease Adenosine Levels in the Substantia Innominata of the Sprague-Dawley Rat. (Mentors: R. Lydic & K. Berridge)

Pei-Hsuan (Patricia) Lee - Examination of Novelty-Seeking Behavior in Selectively-Bred Rat Lines that Differ in Addiction Liability. (Mentors: S. Flagel & T. Robinson)

Caitlin Mallory - Sustained Attention and Associated Acetylcholine Release in Choline High-Affinity Transporter Hemizygous Mice. (Mentor: M. Sarter)

Tori Nault - Determining the Relevance of Single Prolonged Stressors in Altering Glucocorticoid Receptor Expression in the Prefrontal Cortex and Hippocampus. (Mentors: I. Liberzon & J.W. Aldridge)

Melanie Sottile - Dopaminergic Effects on Temporal Processing in Parkinson‟s Disease: A Pharmacological and Genetics Approach. (Mentor: R. Seidler)

Maria Tecos - Neurocognitive Effects of Resolving Interference for People Suffering from Bipolar Disorder. (J. Jonides)

Adam Weiner - Effect of Prenatal Testosterone Treatment on Novelty-seeking Behavior in Sheep. (Mentor: T. Lee)


Josephine Au - A Longitudinal Study Examining the Role of Social Connectedness in the Course of Depressive Symptoms: An Evaluation of Transfer and Freshman Students. (Mentor: N. Park)

Stephen Behan - Third Places and Subjective Well-Being Among College Students. (Mentors: C. Peterson & N. Park)

Katherine Billerbeck - The Development of Intersectional Awareness in Youth Dialogues. (Mentor: R. Mahalingam)

Amanda Broderick - Changes in Maternal Representations of the Mother-Child Relationship: Evaluating a Parenting Intervention Study.(Mentors: M Muzik & K. Rosenblum)

Sara Burke - Stigmatized Sources and Stigmatized Content: Liberals and Conservatives React Differently to Fat Authors. (Mentor: T. Conley)

Corissa Carlson - The Effects of Reality Television on Social Relationships in Adolescence. (Mentor: L Ward)

Zachary Ciullo - Move Your Mood: Effects on Functioning for Adolescents with Depression. (Mentors: D. Richard & C. King)

Sarah Cremer - Cluster Analysis of Eating Disorder Behaviors using EMA Technology: A Secondary Analysis of Randomized Clinical Trial Data. (Mentors: K. Stein & D. Oyserman)

Riordan D'Lasnow - High and Low Inference Test of the Teacher Gender Attention Bias Hypothesis. (Mentors: K. Cortina & K. Miller)

Veronica Diaz - Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis Deactivation as Predictor of Depressive Symptoms in College Students. (Mentor: N. Lopez-Duran)

Alanna Farber - Psychological Resiliency in Parentally Bereaved Children. (Mentor: J. Kaplow)

Michael Fialkoff - Depression and Creative Intelligence. (Mentor: R. Nisbett)

Laura Gabriel - To Go or Not to Go? Differential Activation during Response Inhibition in Major Depressive Disorder. (Mentor: S. Langenecker)

Maria Galano - Predicting Shelter Residence for Women Experiencing Recent Intimate Partner Violence. (Mentor: S. Graham-Bermann)

Alex Goldberg - Effects of a Self-Distancing Perspective on the Fundamental Attribution Error: An Attempt at De-Biasing. (Mentor: E. Kross)

Allison Gollub - Images of Identity-Congruent Action and Their Effects on Women's Possible Selves. (Mentor: D. Oyserman)

Sichen Gong - For Myself or For My Friend? Cultural Modulation of Error-Related Negativity (ERN) in Decision Making. (Mentor: S. Kitayama)

Kathleen Hlavaty - Adolescent Positive and Negative Behavior and the impact on the Transition to Adulthood. (Mentor: P. Davis-Kean)

Susannah Hope - Relationships Between Race, Generativity, Activist Identification, and Activism for Midlife Women. (Mentor: A. Stewart)

Kristin Houck - An Examination of Gender Differences in the Development of Spontaneous Language Measured by the Observation of Spontaneous Expressive Language (OSEL). (Mentor: C. Lord)

Ching Hung - Clutter in the Classroom: Distracting Effects on Novice and Experienced Teachers. (Mentors: K. Miller & K. Cortina)

Mengyin Jiang - Cultural Differences in Emotion-Regulation: Investigation of Event-Related Brain Potential (ERP). (Mentors: S. Kitayama & A. Murata)

Rebeca Kelly - Ultrasonic Vocalizations as a Behavioral Index of Cocaine-induced Contextual Conditioning in STs vs. GTs: Implications for Addiction. (Mentor: T. Robinson)

Jungsoo Kim - Parents’/Guardians’ Presence in the Operatory During their Child’s Dental Visit: A Person-Environmental Fit Analysis. (Mentor: M. Inglehart)

Tae Kim - Promoting Conceptually Sound Thinking (CST) About ADHD: An Empirical Survey. (Mentor: J. Hansell)

Heather Krieger - Conversations About Drinking. (Mentor: P. Davis-Kean)

Jocelyn Kuhn - World Language Learning and Cultural Beliefs Among Elementary Students. (Mentors: S. Gelman & M. Cooligan)

Tao Li - The Impact of Group Membership and Belief Similarity on Alexithymia and Aggression. (Mentor: S. Konrath)

Natalie Lin - Understanding the Link between Perfectionism and Adjustment in College Students: Examining the Role of Maximizing. (Mentor: E. Chang)

Madeline Lupei - Two Types of Disgust: Physical Disgust is to Fear as Moral Disgust is to Anger. (Mentor: P. Ellsworth)

Nazanin Maghsoodi - The Rey Complex Figure is Moderately Useful as a Screen for Poor Effort Among Veterans with Possible Mild Traumatic Brain Injury. (Mentor: L. Bieliauskas)

Alyson Makstein - Relationship Attachment Styles and Attachment to Food. (Mentor: P. Davis-Kean)

Elan Mendelowitz - Experiences with Bullying: Socio-emotional Predictors of Cyberbullying and Cyber-victimization. (Mentor: L. Huesmann)

Crosby Modrowski - Comparing Traumatic Symptoms at Home and in Therapy for Preschoolers Exposed to Intimate Partner Violence (IPV). (Mentor: S. Graham-Bermann)

Mira Mooreville - Maternal Warmth and Child Internalizing and Externalizing Problems: A Longitudinal Study of Risk Specificity. (Mentor: S. Olson)

Aesha Mustafa -Students’ Awakening to Privilege, Oppression, Discrimination, and Social Justice: A Quantitative Analysis of Students’ Engagement with Diverse Communities. (Mentor: L. Gutierrez)

Annalyn Ng Li-ting - Quantity vs. Quality: Individual Differences in Capacity and Resolution of Visual Working Memory. (Mentor: P. Shah)

Wai Ngan - A Cross-Cultural study of the Relations between Kindergarteners’ Skills And the Teachers’ Directional Language. (Mentor: F. Morrison)

Shardae Osuna - Intercultural Competency: An Assessment of International/U.S. Intergroup Dialogues at the University of Michigan. (Mentors: P. Gurin & J. Yim)

Yiwen Pan - Determinants of Discrimination Against Asians: Social Stereotypes and Perceived Communication Ease. (Mentor: D. Sekaquaptewa)

Jazmine Powell - Gender Effect of Parent-Child Relationships on Parental Health. (Mentor: T. Antonucci)

Jacqueline Rau - Promoting Emotion Regulation during a Current Stressful Task through Self-Distancing. (Mentor: E. Kross)

Jillian Rosati - Mom Power Intervention: Effectiveness at Increasing Maternal Sensitivity among High Risk Mother-Child Dyads. (Mentors: M. Muzik & K. Rosenblum)

Chelsea Samples-Steele - Adult Attachment as a Predictor of Touch Attitudes and Touch Behavior in Romantic Relationships. (Mentor: R. Edelstein)

Stephanie Schroder - Delinquency With and Without Substance Use: Examining the Heterogeneity of Delinquency in Adolescents. (Mentor: J. Schulenberg)

Elisha Shaw - I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair:” Wiping Away the Negative Affect Evoked by Recalling Bad Relationships. (Mentor: N. Schwarz)

Helene Simons - The Impact of Family History of Alcoholism and Depression on Sleep. (Mentors: D. Conroy & P. Deldin)

Christina Steinman - Mandarin- and English-learning Infants’ Self-Correction During Noun and Verb Matching: Implications for early word comprehension. (Mentor: T. Tardif)

Jennifer Sun - Social Integration is Associated with Influenza Vaccination in a Nationally Representative Sample of Older US Adults. (Mentors: C. Peterson & N. Park)

Rachel Throop - The Effects of Health and Marital Support on Subjective Well-being in Midlife and Old Age. (Mentor: J. Smith)

Lauren Tighe - Intergenerational Ambivalence from Adolescence to Young Adulthood: Implications for Well-being. (Mentors: K. Birditt & T. Antonucci)

Jaclyn Vansloten - Attachment Orientation and Leadership Style: From Child’s Play to Partnerships with the Person Upstairs. (Mentor: F. Lee)

Xiao Wang - Through Teachers’ Eyes: Teacher Attention During U.S. Elementary Literacy and Mathematics Lessons. (Mentors: K. Miller & K. Cortina)

Kristen Williams - Using What You Know: The Effects of Genital Knowledge and Sexual Subjectivity on Orgasm Frequency in Women. (Mentor: S. McClelland)

Alexandra Wills - The Effects of Maternal Depression and Inter-Parental Conflict on Children’s Externalizing Disorders Over Time. (Mentor: S. Olson)

Karen Wullaert - Harassment in the Workplace: Factors Relating to Discrimination in Organizations. (Mentor: L. Cortina)

Cynthia Yuen - A Cross-Cultural Analysis of Chinese and American Parental Attributions of Child Misbehavior, Discipline Strategies, and Children’s Behavioral Adjustment. (Mentor: S. Olson)

Stephen Zavitz - Adults’ Understanding of Extraordinary Mental, Perceptual, and Physical Capacities. (Mentor: E. Evans)


Brain, Behavior & Cognitive  Science

Amna Agha - The Expression of BDNF is Regulated by an Endogenous Circadian Rhythm in Rats. (Mentor: T. Lee)

Bryan Benson - Improving Motor Learning: The Effects of Rest Breaks and Mode of Instruction. (Mentor: R. Seidler)

Erin Cable - Prenatal Testosterone Masculinizes Auditory Sibling Recognition in Juvenile Sheep. (Mentor: T. Lee)

Anna Chase - The Relationship between Cardiovascular Health and Memory in Midlife and Old Age. (Mentor: J. Smith)

Li Hui Chiang - Effects of Beta-blockers on Memory in Veterans at the Ann Arbor Veterans Affairs Hospital. (Mentor: L. Bieliauskas)

Kathleen Darbor - Individual Differences in Creativity: How Different Processes and Mind-Wandering Influence Performance. (Mentor: P. Shah)

Nika George - Demographic Characteristics Associated with Depression Severity, Suicidal Ideation and Treatment Engagement During Pregnancy. (Mentor: H. Flynn)

Christina Hong - Error-Related Brain Activity in Anxiety Disorders: The Hyperactivity of the ERN. (Mentor: W. Gehring)

Natalie Hsiao Fang-Yen - The Effect of Spaced versus Massed Practice in Musical Skill Acquisition. (Mentor: T. Polk)

Shayna Liberman - Applying the Challenge Hypothesis to Wild, Adult Male Chacma Baboons (Papio ursinus). (Mentor: J. Beehner)

Irene Liu - Individual Differences in Working Memory and Susceptibility to Distractor Nouns in Subject-Verb Agreement. (Mentor: J. Boland)

Amanda Markowitz - Factors that Affect Taxonomic versus Thematic Preferences in Children and Adults: The Role of Manipulability. (Mentor: S. Gelman)

Kortni Meyers - The Influence of Depression and Diabetes on Cognitive Function in Older Adults. (Mentors: E. Hodges & B. Giordani)

Kelly Reina - Neophilia in the Domestic Cat (Felis catus). (Mentor: B. Smuts)

Andrew Rosenberg - Effects of G93A-SOD1 Expression on Zebrafish Motor Neuron Development and Efficacy of IGF-I. (Mentors: E. Feldman & R. Roth)

Surya Sabhapathy - Contributions of Genetic Variation in CHT1 to Human Attention. (Mentor: C. Lustig)

Alexandra Seal - Desire for Control, Experienced Control and Dental Fear: A Quasi-Experimental Investigation. (Mentor: M. Inglehart)

William Stone - Neural Circuitry Responsible for Regulation and Control of Self-directed Attention and Decision Making. (Mentors: C. Sripada & I. Liberzon)

Brittany Strawman - Amphetamine-Enhanced Sensation Seeking and Its Neural Correlates in the Ventral Pallidum. (Mentor: J. W. Aldridge)

Kathryn Swanson - The Impact of Narcotics on Cognitive Functioning in Patients at the Ann Arbor VA. (Mentor: L. Bieliauskas)

Alexander Taylor - Genetics of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Vulnerability through the Endophenotype of Neuroticism. (Mentors: I. Liberzon & A. King)

Halle Zucker - Multiple Memory Systems?: Serial Position Dependent False Memory Effects. (Mentor: P. Reuter-Lorenz)


Joseph Domino - Individual Differences in the Ability of a Nicotine Cue to Acquire Incentive Value. (Mentor: T. Robinson)

Pe-feng Hsieh - Comparison of the Endocannabinoid and Orexin Hedonic Hotspots for Sensory Pleasure in the Ventral Pallidum. (Mentor: K. Berridge)

Syed Shabbir - Effect of Pregabalin on Diabetic Chronic Neuropathic Pain.
(Mentor: P. Paulson)

Melissa Tan - Maternal Separation as an Early Life Stressor and Its Effects on the Regulation of HPA Axis Function and Noradrenergic Activity in Rats Exposed to Single Prolonged Stress. (Mentor: I. Liberzon)

Riti Trivedi - Does Handedness Affect Interhemispheric Interactions? A Lifespan Approach. (Mentor: R. Seidler)

Mary Winters - Have Your Cake and Eat It Too: Glucose Effects on Attention and Memory. (Mentor: C. Lustig)

Andrew Wisti - The Effects of Musical Training on Bimanual Control and Interhemispheric Transfer. (Mentor: R. Seidler)


Naomi Anest - Depression, Rumination and Sleep Disturbance. (Mentor: P. Deldin)

Steven Bengal - Implicit Egotism and Decision Complexity. (Mentor: N. Schwarz)

Samuel Boas - The Effects of Social Exclusion on Attention to Vocal Tone As Measured by Event-Related Potentials. (Mentor: S. Kitayama)

Leah Boepple - The Effect of Emotion on Response Inhibition and Cognitive Flexibility in Bipolar I Disorder. (Mentor: P. Deldin)

Kevin Callender - The Effects of Parental Depression, Cognitions, and Discipline on Later Child Externalizing Behavior. (Mentors: S. Olson & C. King)

Kimberly Canter - Childhood Knowledge of Recovery from Serious and Non-Serious Illness. (Mentor: S. Gelman)

Lana Castor - The Impact of Additional Traumatic Events on Trauma Symptoms and PTSD in Preschool-Aged Children Exposed to Intimate Partner Violence (IPV). (Mentor: S. Graham-Bermann)

Patricia Chen - Yin and Yang Theory of Competition: Social Comparison and Evaluation Apprehension Reciprocally Drive Competitive Motivation.
(Mentor: S. Garcia)

Jaeyeon Chung - Nationalism and Antagonism: Koreans' Purchasing Behavior towards Japanese Products. (Mentor: C. Yoon)

Andrew Fayad - The Impact of Service Climate on Promotion- and Prevention-Based Proactivity, and the Moderating Role of Individual Differences.
(Mentors: G. Spreitzer & F. Lee)

Allison Fifolt - Masculinity and the Body: Body Image among White and Asian American Men. (Mentor: E. Cole)

Kate Gasparrini - Language in Autism Spectrum Disorders: An Examination of the Observation Scale of Expressive Language. (Mentor: C. Lord)

Brennan Haase - Why Are You Mad at Me? Misperception of Negative Emotions as Angry in Major Depressive Disorder. (Mentor: S. Langenecker)

Michelle Hampton - Religion, Activism, Identity and the Global Feminisms Project: A Qualitative Study of a Paradoxical Relationship. (Mentor: A. Stewart)

Jenna Hedglen - A Developmental Study of Asymmetry in Generic Meaning.
(Mentor: S. Gelman)

Adam Horwitz - Coping Styles and their Relation to Depression and Suicide Ideation in Adolescents. (Mentor: C. King)

Minzheng Hou - The Nail That Stands Out Gets Pounded Down: An Analysis of Inter and Intragroup Aggression. (Mentor: S. Konrath)

Jean Kim - The Conceptualization and Assessment of the Perceived Consequences of Perfectionism. (Mentor: E. Chang)

Ryan Leclerc - Malcolm X and the Hajj: A Change in Tamed Power.
(Mentor: D. Winter)

Sarah Linden - The Effects of Dyadic Social Withdrawal On Parent-Child Relationships. (Mentor: T. Conley)

Stacey McGregor - The Analysis of Personality through Language: Narcissism Predicts use of Shame-Related Words in Narratives. (Mentor: R. Edelstein)

Lolita Moss - Still in the Shadows: Representations of Black Women in Film.
(Mentor: L. M. Ward)

Fiona Nowlin - Getting Beyond a Negative First Impression: Thin-Slice Judgments of Teacher Personality. (Mentor: K. Miller)

Lauren Oglevee - Locus of Control, Interpersonal Trust, and Self-Construal: Psychological Correlates of Pro-Environmental Behaviors. (Mentor: F. Yates)

Shannon Olinyk - Relationship between Body Mass Index and Depressive Symptoms.
(Mentors: N. Lopez-Duran & J. Sapala)

Kathryn Osher - Sibling Jealousy as Observed in a Triadic Family Context.
(Mentor: B. Volling)

Shira Oyserman - Does the Weather of the Day Influence Sentencing Lengths in Judicial Proceedings? (Mentors: J.J. Prescott & F. Yates)

David Reinhard - The Influence of Weight Cues on Product Perceptions.
(Mentor: N. Schwarz)

Patricia Richardson - Infant Temperament and Perceived Parenting: Predicting Child Behavioral Outcomes at 18 months. (Mentors: M. Muzik & K. Rosenblum)

Michael Rudowski - Exploring the Effects of Brooding Rumination as a Mediator in the Relationship between Positive and Negative Perfectionism and Depressive Symptoms in a Clinical Population. (Mentor: P. Deldin)

Kirsten Schohl - Does Spousal Support Modify the Link between Psychopathology and Maternal Behavior in Mothers with Childhood Trauma? (Mentor: M. Muzik)

Alayna Schreier - Sibling interactions: The role of older siblings in the social and communication development of children with autism spectrum disorders.
(Mentor: C. Lord)

Chelsea Slater - Do Gender Incongruent Careers Adversely Influence Criminal Punishment Assessment? (Mentor: P. Ellsworth)

Ryan Stringer - A Life Course Perspective on Depression after Age 50: The Role of Lifetime Traumatic Events, Negative Interpersonal Relationships, and Chronic Stressors. (Mentor: J. Smith)

Amy Taub - Parental Demand for Precision in Their Preschool Children’s Letter Writing. (Mentor: F. Morrison)

Derek Towster - F Juries! Validating an Abbreviated Pretrial Juror Attitude Questionnaire. (Mentor: D. Winter)

William Tsai - Examining the Relations Between Rumination and Adjustment: A Focus on Ethnicity. (Mentor: E. Chang)

Randy Vander Molen – A Content Analysis of Character Strengths and Affective States in Military Leaders. (Mentor: C. Peterson)

Elvina Wardjiman - Daily Interpersonal Tensions and Salivary Cortisol: The Role of Personality. (Mentors: K. Birditt & T. Antonucci)

Suzannah Wisher-Love - Prenatal and Postnatal Depression and PTSD in Mothers Surviving Trauma. (Mentor: K. Rosenblum)


Brain, Behavior & Cognitive Science

Ashish Chaddha – Effects of Heat Shock Protein on Amyloid Precursor Protein Catabolism. (Mentors: I. Saluja & R. Turner)

Alayna Czuj - Dopamine Blockade by α-Flupenthixol and Its Effects on the Acquisition and Expression of Incentive Salience. (Mentor: T. Robinson)

Aaron Ducoffe - Effects of Geographic Origin and Health Status on Agonistic Behavior of Aegean Wall Lizards. (Mentors: J. Foutopoulos & J. Beehner)

Daniel Kessler - Predictive Reliability of the Mandarin Chinese (Putonghua) Communicative Developmental Inventories Across Early Performance-Based Strata. (Mentor: T. Tardif)

Andrea King – Changes in Circadian Rhythms During Puberty in Rattus norvegicus: Developmental Time Course & Gonadal Dependency. (Mentor: T. Lee)

Nikhil Kurapati - Functional Connectivity in Youth at Risk for Depression. (Mentor: C. Monk)

Katherine Martin - Phonological and Working Memory and L2 Grammar Learning. (Mentor: N. Ellis)

Emily Sallen - False Working Memories: Comparison Between Semantic and Phonological Distortions.  (Mentor: P. Reuter-Lorenz)

Michael-Paul Schallmo - Papez Circuit Activation Observed with Functional Imaging During Semantic List Learning in Healthy Adults. (Mentor: S. Langenecker)

Shane Schwikert -The Effect of Ambiguous Stimuli on the Error Signal in ERP. (Mentor: W. Gehring)

Ryan Selleck - Increase in Conditioned Place Preference and Feeding After Mu-opioid Activation in the Bed Nucleus of the Stria Terminalis. (Mentor: K. Berridge)

Belinda Shih - The Effect of Prenatal Testosterone Exposure on Maternal and Sibling Vocal Recognition in Lambs. (Mentor: T. Lee)

Alexis Thompson - Unaware vs. Aware Errors: An Anti-Saccade Feedback Task. (Mentor: W. Gehring)

Wai-Ying Yau - Brain Imaging and Injury. (Mentors: M. Heitzeg & J. Zubieta)


David Altshuler - Cry2 Expression in the Cortex and Suprachiasmatic Nucleus During Puberty in Octodon degus. (Mentor: T. Lee)

Lauren Dayton -The Effects of Iron Deficiency at Infancy on Working Memory Among Preadolescents. (Mentor: C. Monk)

Casey Lwo - Effects of RFRP-3 on Luteinizing Surge and Sex Behavior in Female Rats. (Mentors: T. Lee & E. Peckham)

Katherine MacDuffie - Investigating Working Memory Distortions in Alzheimer’s Disease. (Mentor: P. Reuter-Lorenz)

Alexander Wiltschko - Opposing Effects of Amphetamine and Eticlopride on Striatal Fast-Spiking Interneuron Firing. (Mentor: J. Berke)


Emily Arnstein - Associations Between Corporal Punishment and Behavioral Adjustment in Preschool-Aged Boys and Girls. (Mentor: S. Olson)

Brittany Branand - Parental Involvement and College Academic Achievement: Parental Support, Parent-Student Relationship, and Effort. (Mentor: J. Hagen)

Kathleen Bruder – Quantitative Assessment of Autistic Symptomatology by Parents and Teachers Using the Social Responsiveness Scale (SRS). (Mentors: C. Lord & S. Risi)

Pooja Desai - Sign-Tracking and Its Relation to Food-Carrying Behaviors. (Mentor: T. Robinson)

Alex Dopp - Peer Support and Emotional Adjustment of Bereaved Children Over Time. (Mentor: A. Cain)

Elizabeth Dries - Multinationalism and Performance: Does Multinational Experience Predict Competence? (Mentor: F. Lee)

Samantha Drotar - The Effects of One’s Sub-Group Identity on the Formation of a Common In-Group Identity. (Mentor: R. Gonzalez)

Michele Dunsky - How Much is Too Much? Investigating When Very High Parental Monitoring Levels Hinder Adolescent Development. (Mentor: J. Schulenberg)

Tracy Ederer - Revealing Individual Differences in Decision-Making Behavior. (Mentor: T. Polk)

Daniel Ehrmann - Sleep-Disordered Breathing, Physiological Sequelae, and the Neurobiological Relationship with Psychopathology. (Mentor: P. Deldin)

Michael Finn - Personality Traits and Relapse Rates: A Survival Analysis. (Mentors: J. Hansell & E. Robinson)

Kayla Frick - Parenting and Child Mental Health: The Role of Openness in Internationally Adoptive Families. (Mentors: K. Freeark-Zucker & K. Rosenblum)

Jamarie Geller - The Implicit Self: Comparing the Effects of Self-Kindness and Self-Criticism Priming on Symptoms of Depression. (Mentor: E. Kross)

Hannah Goldman - The Home Advantage in Elite-Level Ice Hockey. (Mentor: T. George)

Whitney Hall - Police Interrogations: A Qualitative Analysis of Police Practices. (Mentor: P. Ellsworth)

Jennifer Hartsell - Compassionate and Self-Image Goals as Predictors for Problem Discussions in Romantic Relationships. (Mentors: A. Canevello & J. Crocker)

Kathleen Hazlett - The Role of Perfectionism in Maladjustment: Cause, Consequence, or Covariate? (Mentor: E. Chang)

Laura Hieber - Early Auditory Sensory Processing Deficits in Schizophrenia. (Mentor: P. Deldin)

Ryan Hill - Predicting Continued Elevated Suicide Risk Among Adolescents. (Mentor: C. King)

Avanti Jangalapalli - Children of Alcoholics’ Physical Health Outcomes in Early Childhood. (Mentors: A. Buu & R. Zucker)

Sara Johnson-Cardona - Gender Ideologies, Paternal Involvement, Martial Relationship Quality, and Infant Attachment: Exploring Dynamics in Couples Expecting a Second Child. (Mentor: B. Volling)

Rachel Kay - Maternal Stress and Infant Outcomes: The Impact of Perinatal Anxiety on Pregnancy and Delivery Outcomes. (Mentor: H. Flynn)

Calli-Ev Kosch - Promoting Postpartum Resilience in the Face of Childhood Trauma: The Roles of Individuals and Social Traits. (Mentor: M. Muzik)

Jean Kwek - The Contribution of Activity Experience to Self-Regulation Development in Preschoolers. (Mentor: F. Morrison)

Jennifer LaCosse - Mortality Salience, Self-Regulation and Two Types of Self-Affirmation. (Mentor: J. Crocker)

Celia Li - Teacher Reactive Disciplinary Language and Preschool Math and Literacy Skills. (Mentor: F. Morrison)

Yee Lam Li - Content and Organization of the Self-Concept as Potential Moderators of the Effects of the Media on Body Dissatisfaction. (Mentors: K. Stein & L. M. Ward)

Kristin Mannella - Fire at Will: Empathy and Aggression in First Person Shooters. (Mentor: B. Bushman)

Jennifer Morack - Do Positive Perceptions of Aging Influence Well-Being in Older Adults? Findings from the Health and Retirement Study. (Mentor: J. Smith)

Erica Ranade - The Relations Between Young Children’s Understanding of Theory of Mind and Their Understanding of Expected and Unexpected Human Behaviors. (Mentors: M. Rhodes & H. Wellman)

Katherine Rice - The Effects of Motivation on Racial Differences in Elementary Cognitive Tasks. (Mentor: R. Nisbett)

Andria Robinson - Motivation and Learning Strategies of First-Generation and Nonfirst-Generation College Students. (Mentor: W. McKeachie)

Marjorie Shapiro - Parental Education Level: Academic Involvement and Success. (Mentor: J. Hagen)

Puneet Sodhi - The Effects of Associative Strength on False Working Memory. (Mentor: P. Reuter-Lorenz)

Nora Jean Sporn - The Effects of Sex Object, Thin-Ideal, and Body Part Images on Women’s Body Image. (Mentor: L. M. Ward)

Kavita Srivastava - Conceptualization and Development of the Appearance Perfectionism Scale: Preliminary Evidence for Validity and Utility in a College Student Population. (Mentor: E. Chang)

Jenna Stein - Relationships Between Body Modifications, Motivations, and Depression. (Mentor: J. Hansell)

Toby Steinberg - Children with Disorganized Attachment in Foster Care: Facilitating Caregiver Commitment and Psychological Availability. (Mentor: J. Ribaudo)

Alyson Sularz – The Contributions of Additional Traumatic Events to Trauma Symptoms and PTSD in Women Exposed to Intimate Partner Violence (IPV). (Mentor: S. Graham-Bermann)

Kelsie Thelen - Relations Between Maternal and Paternal Parenting Behaviors and Internalizing Symptoms in 3-year old Girls. (Mentor: S. Olson)

Abigail Van Bremen - Winner Take All Disputes in Legal Contexts: When Social Categories Disrupt Procedural Justice. (Mentor: S. Garcia)

Akshaya Varghese - Cultural Variation in Response to Strategic Display of Emotions During Negotiations: Comparing South Asians to North Americans. (Mentor: S. Kopelman)

Clare Wrobel - Facilitator Involvement in Fostering an Effective Intergroup Dialogue. (Mentor: P. Gurin)

Laura Yocky - Coparenting, Temperament, and Emotional Understanding: Mediating and Moderating Models Leading to the Development of Children’s Behavior Problems. (Mentor: B. Volling



Brain, Behavior & Cognitive Science

Aaron Baugh - Oscine and Non-Oscine Responses to Sciurid Carolinensis Vocalizations. (Mentor: T. Bergman)

Patrick Bissett - Overcoming Interference in Memory and Responding. (Mentor: J. Jonides)

Stephen Chang - Stress and Reward: The Effects of Corticotropin-Releasing Factor on Cue-Triggered "Wanting" for Sucrose Reward. (Mentor: K. Berridge)

Alyse DeHaan - Exogenous Prenatal Androgen Exposure Alters the Development of Rank in Male and Female Suffolk Lambs. (Mentor: T. Lee)

Charlotte Gamble - Maternal Malaria and Birth Outcomes: Findings from Ghana. (Mentors: T. Lee & T. Johnson)

Lindsey Harik - Cognitive Deficits Associated with Anticholinergic Medications in Veterans at the Ann Arbor Veterans Affairs Hospital. (Mentor: L. Bieliauskas)

Katherine Kudyba - Psychopathology and HPA Axis Functioning in Postpartum Women Who Experience Childhood Maltreatment. (Mentors: K. Rosenblum & M. Muzik)

Atasi Satpathy - Risky Business: Differences in Financial Risk-Taking Behavior in South Asian Indians, Indian Americans, and Caucasian Americans. (Mentor: P. Shah & R. Mahalingam)

Cortney Sera - Ambiguity Resolution Using Visual Imagery for Linguistic Processing of Homographs. (Mentors: R. Lewis & J. Boland)


Jessica Koch - The Per1 Response to Light within the Suprachiasmatic Nucleus of the Diurnal Octodon Degus and the Nocturnal Rat. (Mentor: T. Lee)

Ian McLachlan - Reducing the Resistance of Recent Fear to Extinction: A Pharmacological Approach. (Mentor: S. Maren)

Sarah Na - The Extended Amygdala Modulates Food Intake and Other Associated Behaviors. (Mentor: K. Berridge)

John Wang - Neuroanatomy of Decision Making About Everyday Objects. (Mentor: S. Preston)

Sarah Williams - Cortical High Affinity Choline Uptake during Challenged Attentional Performance. (Mentor: M. Sarter)


Genevieve Aidala - Analyzing Messages About Alcohol, Motivations to Drink, and Associated Risky Behaviors. (Mentor: L.M. Ward)

Sarah Banco - Qualities of the Sibling Relationship as Risk Factors for Child Adjustment in Homes with Interpersonal Violence. (Mentor: S. Graham-Bermann)

Stephanie Becker - Marriage and Emotional Expressivity in Men and Women. (Mentor: B. Volling)

Emily Bendikas - Nature and Extent of Parental Control & Its Association with Preschool Self-Regulation. (Mentors: F. Morrison & L. Skibbe)

Stella Binkevich - The Gap in Media Usage Knowledge Between Parents and Their Children. (Mentor: B. Bushman)

Marguerite Bodem - Optimism-Pessimism and Adjustment in College Students: An Investigation of the Validity and Utility of a Domain-Specific Model of Outcome Expectancies. (Mentor: E. Chang)

Andrew Bronstein - Utilizing Diversity in College Classrooms for Educational Benefit: Student Development in Intergroup Dialogue. (Mentor: P. Gurin)

Lauren Clevenger - The Relationship of Sexual Abuse and Pain in Women with Chronic Pelvic Pain: The Mediating Role of Pain Catastrophizing. (Mentor: R. Roth)

Ciaran Considine - Unpredictability and Paranoia: The Desire to Be Unknown. (Mentor: N. Schwarz)

Mallory Cooper - The Influence of Marital Satisfaction on Paternal Involvement and Secure Attachment in Toddlers. (Mentor: B. Volling)

Daniel Davis - Cognitive Impairment in Male Incarcerated Youth. (Mentor: S. Graham-Bermann)

Belinda Feng - Asian Values Communication and Perceptions of Intergenerational Family Conflict Among Asian American College Students. (Mentor: D. Nagata)

Kristin France - Body Image, Body Composition, and Sociosexuality. (Mentor: R. Nesse)

Neisi Garcia - Individual Differences in Counterfactual Thinking and Training Effects: Implications for Jury Decision-Making. (Mentor: P. Shah)

Kristin Garrison - Expertise and Competency in Clinical Medicine: Knowing When to Stop. (Mentor: C. Seifert)

Laura Girz - The Relationship Between Parenting Practices and Attitudes Toward Dating Violence for Asian American and White College Students. (Mentor: P. Akutsu)

Rebecca Grzadzinski - Attachment Behaviors in Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders: An Examination of Factors Associated with Separation and Reunion. (Mentor: C. Lord)

Chanel Harris - Multicultural Content Resources in the Classroom: A Comparison and Analysis of the United States and Canada. (Mentor: L. Gutierrez)

Nicole Hermann - The Perception and Function of Perfectionism in a College Student Population: Do Lay Theories Correspond with Scientific Models? (Mentor: E. Chang)

Rachael Herrmann - Examination of Goals to Reduce Stereotype Threat on Women’s Math Performance. (Mentors: J. Crocker & Y. Niiya)

Todd Hoffman - Measuring the Extent and Nature of Variation in Storytelling Skills in 3 to 6 Year Old Children. (Mentor: F. Morrison)

Megan Hoffmann - Instructional Impacts on Literacy and Language Skills in Kindergarten and First Grade. (Mentors: F. Morrison & L. Skibbe)

Brynne Janeway - The Role of Children’s Temperament for Sibling Relationships and Empathy Development. (Mentor: B. Volling)

Karen Kao - Gender Differences of Preschoolers and its Implications for Self-Regulation and Other Developmental Skills. (Mentor: F. Morrison)

Alison Kartush - Developmental Predictors and Outcomes of Feminism: An Exploration of the Effects of Media and Family on Feminist Beliefs and Career Aspirations. (Mentor: L.M. Ward)

Holly Keilch – Children’s Reasoning about Transgressions Involving Gender, Morality, and Biology: Evidence for Domain Specific Causal Reasoning. (Mentor: S. Gelman)

Alana Knoppow - The Role of Mortality Salience in Determining the Decision for War Versus Peace Among Political Leaders. (Mentor: D. Winter)

Alissa Koloff - The Effects of Advertising on Women's Notions of Femininity and Masculinity. (Mentor: L. M. Ward)

Lisa Kowalko - Criminal and Psychiatric Recidivism in Acquittees Found Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity in the State of Michigan in 1995 and 1996: A Follow-Up Study. (Mentor: C. Holden)

Melissa Maye - The Relationship Between Usage of Psychotropic Medication and Problem Behaviors Among Individuals with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. (Mentors: C. Lord & D. Anderson)

Katherine Oddi – Fathers’ Physical Punishment and Warm Responsiveness in Relation to Childhood Attention Problems. (Mentor: S. Olson)

Elise Petersen - Intersectionality and Attitudes Towards Affirmative Action. (Mentor: R. Gonzalez)

Leah Potvin - Emotional Transmission in Alcoholic Couples and its Effects on Drinking Behavior. (Mentor: J. Cranford)

Jane Rho - Rankings and Facial Expressions: It Looks Unfriendly at “the Top.” (Mentor: S. Garcia)

Brittany Ruiz - The Effects of Maternal Parenting Dimensions on Girls’ Risk for Relational Aggression. (Mentor: S. Olson)

Mallory Salerno - Spotting Authoritarianism a Mile Away: The Development of an At-A- Distance Measure. (Mentor: D. Winter)

Kimberlee Shelton - Racial and Socioeconomic Differences in Health Behaviors Among Pregnant Women. (Mentor: H. Flynn)

Lauren Szczurek - The Effects of Warm and Cold Metaphors on Object Perception. (Mentor: N. Schwarz)

Deanna Tracy - The Relationship between Sensory Behaviors and Socialization in Young Children with Autism. (Mentor: C. Lord)

Madeline Wachman - The Relationship Between Implicit Theories of Health and Health Locus of Control: Implications for Mental and Physical Health. (Mentor. R. Mahalingam)

Yen Geraldine Wai - Spirituality and Forgiveness: A Pathway to Posttraumatic Growth. (Mentor: C. Peterson)

Margie Yu Ming Wong - Schizophrenia and Religion. (Mentor: C. Peterson)

Erica Yi - Do Race and Gender Concordance Improve Patient - Provider Communication? A Survey with Adult Dental Patients. (Mentor: M. Inglehart)

Ho Lam Yiu - Executive Function and Aggression: A Study from a Sample of Incarcerated Youths. (Mentors: K. Cortina & S. Perkins)

Korie Zink - Sexual Communication Patterns in Families: An Exploration of the Effects of Birth Order and Gender on Sexual Communication Messages Received from Parents and Siblings. (Mentor: L.M. Ward)