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Frequently Asked Questions

Registration Issues

A class that I want is full. How can I register or get on the waitlist?

Unfortunately, we are unable to give overrides into closed courses, but you may request permission hereIf you have not done so already, add yourself to the waitlist. If students drop before the first day of class, students on the waitlist will receive overrides based on our waitlist policies.

We recommend students attend the lecture(s) or discussion(s) they prefer on the first day and speak to the instructor at that time.

There are routinely changes in enrollment up until the 3rd week of classes, so check your email account daily to see if you are granted an override.  We cannot say what your chances are of getting into the course as it depends on the student demand and your place on the waitlist. 

Students are not encouraged to contact instructors directly. In the meantime, we suggest students register for a full load of courses (12-18 credits) just in case you are not able to enroll in a course.

A prerequisite for a course I want to take isn't being recognized because it is transfer credit or isn't posted on my transcript yet. Can I get an override?

You may be eligible for an override into an OPEN seat. Please call (734-764-2580) or stop by the Psychology SAA Office (1343 East Hall) for assistance. We are unable to assist with any requests sent via email. 

Why don't the number of seats left in a lecture and discussion course match up?

The number of seats showing up as available in the lecture may be different from the number of seats being shown as available in the discussion section if students have yet to use their issued overrides.  You will need to add yourself to your #1 choice of discussion section waitlist.  Please watch your email on a daily basis in case you are issued an override from the waitlist (you will need to register for the class prior to the expiration date on the override email).

Help! I'm getting a registration error message!

Check out our Registration Tips and Resources page for answers to common registration error messages.

Curriculum Questions

How can I transfer credit for a Psych or BCN major?

See our Transfer Credit page for more information and procedures. 

Can I double major or minor with Psychology or BCN?

Currently, there is not a Pyschology or BCN minor, but many students opt to pair Psychology or BCN with other majors or minors. See common combinations our students have selected in the past. Please note that BCN majors may not double major with Neuroscience. Cognitive Science double majors may share three courses with Psycholgy or BCN majors.  

Does this course count for my major?

The Psychology Department has put together guides to help you determine whether
courses will fulfill major requirements.  Please see the Course Charts by Term for more information.

Note that these charts contain any term specific exceptions that are valid for your major during that specific term. They will meet the requirement stated and will pull into your audit checklist once you are registered. These courses will not appear on the major worksheet. 

Additional note for BCN students: Cognates are not listed on the Course Charts by Term. However, students can use the BCN Major worksheet to confirm eligible cognates taught outside of the Department. Additionally, BCN students are able to use non-BCN psych electives to count as their cognate. 


How can I get credit for an internship?

Students are able to receive credit for an internship if the internship has a Psych focus and is a structured internship with learning goals & objectives (i.e. not a summer job). Students are required to complete an academic component, such as a weekly journal or capstone paper connecting the internship to the field of psychology, a formal presentation, etc. – discuss this with your faculty mentor.  Students are responsible for finding a Psych faculty member to sponsor them for the course. 

To assist you in locating a faculty member to sponsor you, visit Faculty Research Interests or speak with a grad student or faculty you already know who has a connection to the area of psychology relevant to your internship. The application for Psych 404/405 can be found on our Independent Study and Course Applications website.

To Enroll: You need to complete the electronic Psych 404/405 Proposal Form. Once we get this information, we will create the course/section for you to register (you will get an automated e-mail from Wolverine Access stating that you may enroll online).

You and your faculty mentor determine the number of credits. You must complete 45 hours in your internship for each credit you register during the term you are enrolled in the
internship course. 

Is writing a thesis a required part of the major?

No, a thesis isn't required; however, it's a great option for students who are really interested in research and plan to commit to several semesters in a research lab. However, if a student wishes to graduate with Honors within the major, students would have to complete a thesis. To find out more information, see the Honors Program and Senior Thesis page and review the "Virtual Thesis Info Session." After reviewing this virtual information, you may schedule an appointment with our Honors Advisor.   

I'm a current Senior--what do I need to do to graduate?

Review our Graduation Preparation page to learn more about the steps seniors need to take prior to graduation and learn about our Commencement Ceremony at Crisler Arena.

Research and Involvement

How do I find a research lab and earn credit?

Our Research page outlines how to find a lab, how to contact faculty, and also includes tips from undergraduates about their research experience and questions you can ask during a lab interview. 

If you are a student from an underrepresented group (criteria on website), you may be eligible to join our STAR Scholars program. This is a free program offering workshops with guest speakers and connecting members with current Psych PhD students. This program runs each Winter term but also has several Fall seminars that are open to all students.

To register for credit: It's up to your faculty whether the lab will sponsor you to earn credit. You should ask about this in the interview process. Your Psych Faculty member will complete an electronic permission request sent to our office requesting permission for you to enroll in the appropriate independent study (Psych 322, 326). Permission requests are typically processed within 2 business days, then you will receive an automatically generated email letting you know you can register. 

Can I get psych credit for research in another department?

It is possible to do Psych related research in a lab outside of the Psych Dept. In this case, you would need to find a faculty co-mentor who is in the Psych Dept and has experience in the area or with the topic you are planning to research. Co-mentors are responsible for deciding whether your project is psych related and entering your grade. You should coordinate with your lab supervisor/faculty and your co-mentor to make sure you are all aware of the work which will be submitted, how you will be graded, and how you will keep in touch to review your progress. It is up to you and your lab supervisor/faculty to keep track of your hours.

To find a co-mentor, use the same process as you would to find a regular lab. Instructions found on "How do I get Involved in Research?" on our Research page. 

How can I get more experience in the field of psychology outside of the classroom?

Consider taking a Service-Learning Course, checking out LSA Engage or Handshake for an internship experience, going abroad, or consider getting involved with a student organization. Students are also encouraged to visit the Opportunity Hub to learn about other opprotunities. 

Career and Graduate School

What type of careers do Psych or BCN majors go into?

There are so many paths that students can take! Check out our Career Exploration page, which shares links to several resources, including our Alumni Profiles, Career Guides, and tips for job hunting and networking!

I'm thinking about going to graduate school. What do I need to know to prepare?

First, check out our Preparing for Graduate School page, which can help you explore both Psych and non-Psych programs. 

Secondly, check out our Undergraduate Events page to participate in various workshops related to graduate school. 

What should I know prior to applying to LSA and declaring a major in Psych or BCN?

We include comprehensive information on our Prospective Undergraduate and Prospective Transfer Undergraduate student pages. 

How do I set up an appointment with an advisor to learn more about the undergraduate program?

If you are interested in meeting with an academic advisor in the department, please email your request to We can schedule a meeting in person or via Zoom to answer questions. We do require advanced notice to make sure an advisor is available during your visit.

I'm interested in learning more about your Master's Degree Program. What important information would I need to know?

Our Master's program is only available to current University of Michigan undergraduate students majoring in Psych or BCN and who are already working in research within our department. Current University of Michigan students should check out the Accelerated Master's Degree Program page to learn more information.  

For prospective students who don't meet this criteria, we do have a PhD program in Psychology


How do I set up an appointment with an advisor to learn more about the Ph.D program?

At this time, we do not offer advising appointments to prospective graduate students.  

How do I find out which faculty members are accepting students?

We do not maintain a list of specific faculty accepting students for the upcoming cycle. Students should explore our faculty research interest area or area specific faculty pages and do their homework on a specific faculty member before contacting them. Reach out to the specific faculty members and/or the Program Area Chair listed on the program area website once you have narrowed down your selection for potential faculty mentors.

Can I change information on my application once it is submitted?

Once your application has been submitted, you no longer have the option to edit information in the application.

Help! I still have questions about my PhD application!

Please see the PhD Admissions frequently asked questions

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