Welcome to our new colleagues!

David Akey and James Casey have joined MCDB as Lecturers III.

New Grad Students

The entering PhD cohort includes students who are on campus now as well as some students who have deferred to next year.

On campus now are

AnatiAlyaa Azhar, (B.S., University of Michigan); Hwayeon Cha, (B.S./M.S., Sookmyung Women’s Univ.); Jennie Hibma, B.S. Lipscomb University); Sarah Jaksich, (B.S., Univ. Nebraska, Omaha); Hannah Navarette, (B.S., Univ. of California); Akash Rai, (M.S., University of Michigan ); Keerthikka Ravi, (M.S. University of Michigan ); and Juliana Zang, (B.S. University of Michigan).

New to our Pathways Master’s program are: Roesha Andre (B.A., Dartmouth College) , Alexander Simon (B.S., Arizona State University) and John Zientko, (B.S., Central Michigan Univ. )

Our traditional Master’s program welcomes Jake Erba, (B.S. , Univ. of Michigan) and Michelle Orozco (B.S. , Univ. of California)

PhD students deferring until 2021 are: Zhihao Ding, (B.S., Sichuan University); Mahadevan, Pavithra, (M.S., Ruprecht Karls University) ; Aravinthasiva Meenakshisundaram, (M.T.,Indian Institute of Tech.); Yijie Pan, (B.S., Fudan University);Yanan Wu, (B.S., Fudan University); and Shuyao Yin, (B.S., Tsinghua University)