Graduate student Ciara Reyes, a student in MCDB Assistant Professor Ann Miller's laboratory, was first author of a paper about Anillin’s novel role at cell-cell junctions that was published in Current Biology Vol. 24, Issue 11, p1263–1270. It appeared online on May 15, 2014 and was also featured on the Current Biology website. The paper also garnered a recommendation from F1000, which points researchers to articles worthy of attention.

Other authors include graduate student Elaina Breznau and former undergraduate Rhogelyn Espino.

Reyes et al. report that a population of the cytokinesis scaffolding protein Anillin is localized at apical cell-cell junctions in epithelial cells. Anillin appears to regulate cell-cell junction integrity by controlling the junctional distribution of active Rho and stabilizing the apical actomyosin belt.