"The 2012 cohort of 18 talented and promising first-year students worked hard and accomplished a great deal this summer as they began their participation in the M-Bio Program," said Claire Sandler, managing director of the M-Bio Program. "For eight weeks, they faced a challenging schedule of classes, study sessions, community meetings and field trips, along with a variety of social and cultural activities. While the demanding summer schedule may have provided them with limited free time, it positioned them very well for what lies ahead at the U-M. I know the 2012 M-Bio Scholars are now really well prepared to thrive academically, personally, and professionally over the next four years - and beyond!"

M-Bio is a two-year program for biology-interested students admitted to U-M. The program begins with an intensive summer residential academic program followed by two years of special programming. The program is designed to strengthen and diversify the cohort of students who will receive their biological sciences degree from U-M.

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