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Dissertation Titles

Department of History of Art PhD Dissertations

2020 to present

  • 2022 Katharine Campbell: Creating the Composite: Combinatory Artistry and the Notion of Style in Antwerp, c. 1510-1585 (Directed by Celeste Brusati and Megan Holmes)
  • 2022 Sean Kramer: Military Manhood: Visualizing the Common Soldier in French and British Art and Culture, 1871-1914 (Directed by Susan Siegfried and Elizabeth Sears)
  • 2022 Jun Nakamura: Prints and Printedness: Mark Making, Meaning, and Perceptions of Print in the Seventeenth-Century Netherlands (Directed by Celeste Brusati and Megan Holmes)
  • 2022 Gerui Wang: Landscape and the Representation of Public Spaces: Chinese Visual Culture from 10th-14th Centuries (Directed by Kevin Carr and Martin Powers) 


  • 2021 Courtney Wilder: Novel Impressions: Prints, Textiles, and the Visual Economy in Europe, 1815-1851 (Directed by Susan Siegfried)
  • 2021 Susan Dine: Seeing Speech, Reading Bodies: Manifestations of Language in Japanese Buddhist Visual Cultures of the Thirteenth Century (Directed by Kevin Carr)
  • 2021 Vishal Khandelwal: Crafting Expertise: Art and Design Pedagogy and Professional Values at the National Institute of Design in India, 1955-1985 (Directed by Claire Zimmerman)


  • 2020 Chanon Praepipatmongkol: Postwar Abstraction and Practices of Knowledge: Fernando Zobel and Chang Saetang (Directed by Joan Kee)
  • 2020 Elizabeth Rauh: An Islamic Cosmos: Artistic Engagements with Islamic Heritage in Iran and the Arab East, 1958-2018 (Directed by Christiane J. Gruber)
  • 2020 Stephanie Triplett: The Rise of Narrative Animal Painting in France and Germany, 1790- 1880 (Directed by Susan Siegfried)

2010 - 2019

  • 2019 Ashley Dimmig: Making Modernity in Fabric Architecture: Imperial Tents in the Late Ottoman Period (Directed by Christiane J. Gruber)
  • 2019 Ximena Gomez: Nuestra Senora: Confraternal Art and Identity in Early Colonial Lima (Directed by Megan Holmes and Stella Nair)
  • 2018 Chun Wa Chan: Framing a Foreign God: The Tamamushi Shrine and the Opportunities of Buddhism in Early Japan (Directed by Kevin G. Carr)
  • 2018 Alexanda Fraser: Art, Decoration, and the Texture of Modern Experience: The Interior Before 1900 (Directed by Alex D. Potts)
  • 2018 Jennifer Gear: Visualizing the 1630-31 Plague Epidemic in Early Modern Venice and the Veneto (Directed by Megan Holmes) 
  • 2018 Tina Le: Material Conceptualisms: Philippine Art under Authoritarianism, 1968 – 1986 (Directed by Joan Kee) 
  • 2018 Grant Mandarino: Seeing Class: Graphic Satire and the Cultivation of Radicalism in the Weimar Republic (Directed by Matthew Biro)
  • 2018 Allison Martino: Stamping History: Stories of Social Change in Ghana's Adinkra Cloth  (Directed by Raymond Silverman)
  • 2018 Wendy Sepponen: Milanese Bronze, Spanish Stone, and Imperial Materials: Sculptural Interchange and the Leoni Workshops 1549-1608 (Directed by Megan Holmes and Alex D. Potts)
  • 2017 Ashley Miller: Locating ‘Heritage’ in Morocco: Colonial Notions of Cultural Heritage and the Promotion of Morocco’s Decorative Arts under the French Protectorate (1912-1931) (Directed by Raymond A. Silverman)
  • 2017 Kristin Schroeder: How to Look Sachlich: Fashion and Objectivity in Weimar Germany (Directed by Matthew Biro)
  • 2017 Alice Sullivan: The Painted Fortified Monastic Churches of Moldavia: Bastions of Orthodoxy in a Post-Byzantine World  (Directed by Achim Timmermann)
  • 2017 Emily Talbot: The Photographic Effect: Making Pictures After Photography, 1860-1895 (Directed by Susan L. Siegfried)
  • 2016 Nicholas Hartigan: The Purpose of Public Sculpture: Artistic, Institutional, and Cultural Motivations since 1965 (Directed by Alex D. Potts)
  • 2016 Lehti Keelmann: Bachelors Bridging the Baltic: The Artistic Ambitions of the Tallinn Brotherhood of the Black Heads, c. 1400-1524 (Directed by Achim Timmermann)
  • 2016 Kristine Ronan: Buffalo Dancer: The Biography of an Image (Directed by David Doris)
  • 2016 Anna Wieck: Painting, Popular Culture, Putrefaction: Depicting Tradition on the Eve of the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) (Directed by Alex Potts)
  • 2015 Antje K Gamble: National and International Modernism in Italian Sculpture from 1935-1959. (Directed by Alex Potts)
  • 2015 Vivian Li:  Art's Public Lives: Sculpture in China after 1949. (Directed by Joan Kee)
  • 2015 Megan C McNamee:  Picturing Number in the Central Middle Ages. (Directed by Elizabeth Sears)
  • 2015 Pamela AV Stewart: Devotion to the Passion in Milanese Confraternities, 1500-1630: Image, Ritual, Performance. (Directed by Megan Holmes)
  • 2014 Katherine Brion: Decorative Painting and Politics in France, 1890-1914. (Directed by Howard Lay)
  • 2014 Monique Johnson: An Insistent Subject: The Countess de Castiglione Facing the Lens.(Directed by Susan Seigfried)
  • 2014 Melanie Sympson: Experiment and Visual Transformation in Illuminated Manuscripts of the Roman de la rose, c. 1338 - c. 1405. (Directed by Elizabeth Sears)
  • 2014 Kathy Yusuf Zarur: Self-Portraiture and the Rise of "Arab" Art: Tarek Al-Ghoussein, Hassan Musa and Walid Raad. (Directed by Matthew Biro and Nadine Naber)
  • 2013 Rebecca Bieberly: "Seeing" the "Ordinary" at Lingyan Temple in Eleventh-Century China.(Directed by Kevin Carr and Martin Powers)
  • 2013 Bridget Gilman: Re-envisioning Everyday Spaces:  Photorealism in the San Francisco Bay Area. (Directed by Matthew Biro)
  • 2013 Elissa Park: Negotiating the Discourse of the Modern in Art: Pan Yuliang (1895-1977) and the Transnational Modern. (Directed by Martin Powers)
  • 2013 Silvia Tita: Political Art of the Papacy: Visual Representations of the Donation of Constantine in the Early Modern Period. (Directed by Megan Holmes and Thomas Willette)
  • 2013 Heather Vinson: Repetitions: Memory and Making Degas's Ballet Classroom Series.(Directed by Howard Lay)
  • 2012 Nadia Baadj:  "Monstrous creatures and diverse strange things": The Curious Art of Jan van Kessel I, 1626-1679. (Directed by Celeste Brusati)
  • 2012 Jessica Fripp: Portraits of Artists and the Social Commerce of Friendship in Eighteenth- Century France. (Directed by Susan Siegfried)
  • 2012 Lauren Graber: Gruppe SPUR and Gruppe GEFLECHT: Art and Dissent in West Germany, 1957-1968. (Directed by Matthew Biro)
  • 2012 Philip Guilbeau: El Paular: Anatomy of a Charterhouse. (Directed by Elizabeth Sears and Achim Timmermann)
  • 2012 Marin Sullivan: Material Dispersions: Sculpture, Photography, and International Interventions in Italy, 1962-72. (Directed by Alex Potts)
  • 2011 Heather Badamo: Image and Community: Representations of Military Saints in the Medieval Eastern Mediterranean. (Directed by Elizabeth Sears and Thelma Thomas)
  • 2011 Christopher Coltrin: Apocalyptic Progress: The Politics of Catastrophe in the Art of John Martin, Francis Danby, and David Roberts. (Directed by Susan Siegfried)
  • 2011 Ksenya A Gurshtein:  TransStates:  Conceptual Art in Eastern Europe and the Limits of Utopia. (Directed by Alex Potts)
  • 2011 Katharine Raff: Painted Decoration in the Apartments of Roman Ostia: Standardization, Social Status, and Visual Experience. (Directed by Elaine Gazda)
  • 2010 Monica Huerta: Encountering Mimetic Realism: Sculptures by Duane Hanson Robert Gober  and Ron Mueck. (Directed by Pat Simons and Rebecca Zurier)
  • 2010 Christina Chang:  The End of Painting.  (Directed by Alex Potts)
  • 2010 Kathie Hornstein:  Episodes in Political Illusion: The Proliferation of War Imagery in France (1804-1856).  (Directed by Susan Siegfried)
  • 2010 Heidi Gearhart:  Theophilus' On Diverse Arts: the persona of the artist and the production of art in the twelfth century.  (Directed by Elizabeth Sears)

2000 - 2009

  • 2009 Kirsten Olds:  Networked Collectivities:  North American Artists' Groups, 1968-1978.(Directed by Alexander Potts)
  • 2009 Bo Liu:  Political Expression in Song Dynasty Fan Painting. (Directed by Martin Powers)
  • 2008 Christopher Bennett:  Boetti and Pascali, Two Case Studies (1965-70): Revisiting Arte Povera after the fall of the Berlin Wall. (Directed by Alexander Potts)
  • 2008 Jen Yi Lai:  Cultural Identity and the Making of Modern TaiwanesePainting During the Japanese Colonial Period (1895-1945). (Directed by Celeste Brusati and Joel Isaacson)
  • 2008 Min Yong Cho:  How Land Came into the Picture: Rendering History in Fourteenth-Century Iran. (Directed by Martin Powers and Sussan Babaie)
  • 2008 Diana Bullen-Prescuitti: The Visual Culture of the Central Italian Foundling Hospital, 1400-1600.  (Directed by Megan Holmes)
  • 2007 Jong Phil Park:  Ensnaring the Public Eye: Painting Manuals of Late Ming China (1550-1644) and the Negotiation of Taste.  (Directed by Martin Powers)
  • 2007 Angela Ho:  Rethinking Repetition: Constructing Value in Dutch Genre Painting, 1650s to 1670s. (Directed by Celeste Brusati)
  • 2007 Joan Downs:  The Topography and Iconography of Death in Christian North Africa. (Directed by Thelma Thomas)
  • 2007 Jeffrey Lieber:  Pervasive Beauty: Modern Architecture and Mass Democracy at Mid-Century.  (Directed by Alexander Potts)
  • 2006 Heather Flaherty: The Place of the Speculum Humanae Salvationis in the Rise of Affective Piety in the Later Middle Ages. (Directed by Elizabeth Sears)
  • 2006 Sean Roberts:  Cartography Between Cultures: Francesco Berlinghieri’s ‘Geographica’ of 1482. (Directed by Patricia Simons)
  • 2006 Timothy McCall:  Networks of Power: The Art of Patronage of Pier Maria Rossi of Parma.(Directed by Patricia Simons)
  • 2005 Leela Wood:  The Buddha and the Shape of Belief: Indic Visual Jatakamalas.  (Directed by Luis Gomez and Martin Powers)
  • 2005 Tatiana Senkevitch:  Printmaking's Perspectives Abraham Bosse and the Pedagogic Debates at the French Academy 1648 - 1661.  (Directed by Celeste Brusati)
  • 2005 Sandra Seekins:  Stelarc: Peformance Art, Technology & Gender. (Directed by Patricia Simons)
  • 2005 Natsu Oyobe:  Materials that scream: Yoshihara Jiro and the Early Years of the Guai Art: Assoc. (1954-1970).  (Directed by Martin Powers and Kevin Carr)
  • 2005 Carmenita Higgenbotham:  Saturday Night at the Savoy: Blacknes and Urban Spectacle in the Art of Reginald Marsh.  (Directed by Rebecca Zurier)
  • 2005 Chris Defay: Art, Enterprise, Collaboration: Richard Serra and the Art of Technology Program,   1966 – 1979.  (Directed by Alexander Potts)
  • 2004 Yao-Fen You:  Import / Export:  A Case Study of Brabantine Alterpieces in the Rhineland, 1500 – 1530.  (Directed by Celeste Brusati)
  • 2004 Alexandra Schwartz:  Designing Ed Ruscha: The Invention of the Los Angeles Artist, 1960 – 1980. (Directed by Alexander Potts and Maria Gough)
  • 2004 Julia Perlman:  Taking Aim at Amore: Michelangelo, Bronzino and the Lexico of Pictorial Ambiguity in Representations of Venus and Cupid.  (Directed by Patricia Simons)
  • 2004 Catherine McCurrach:  The Veneration of St. Benedict in Medieval Rome: Parish Architecture, Monumental Imagery, and Popular Devotion.  (Directed by Caroline Bruzelius and Elizabeth Sears)
  • 2004 Allison MacDuffee:  Camille Pissaro: Modernism, Anarchism, and the Representation of ‘The People’ 1888 – 1903. (Directed by Howard Lay)
  • 2004 Lisa Langlois:  Exhibiting Japan: Gender and National Identity at the World’s Columbian Exposition of 1893.  (Directed by Jonathan Reynolds and Patricia Simons)
  • 2004 Douglas Hildebrecht:  Otto Marseus van Schrieck (1619 / 20 - 1678) and the Nature Piece: Art, Science, Religion, and the Seventeenth – Century Pursuit of Natural Knowledge. (Directed by Celeste Brusati)
  • 2004 Mariana D. Giovino:  Interpretations of the ‘Assyrian Sacred Tree,’ 1849-2004.  (Directed by Margaret Root)
  • 2004 Lisa Bessette:  Early Medieval Visualization of the Contents of the Psalms. (Directed by Elizabeth Sears)
  • 2003 Elizabeth Otto:  Figuring Gender: Photomontage and Cultural Critique in Germany’s Weimar Republic. (Directed by Matthew Biro)
  • 2003 Susan Jung Lee:  The Sooji Screens and Teinai Yurakuzu. (Directed by Martin Powers and Jonathan Reynolds)
  • 2003 Wen-Chien Chang:  Images of Happy Farmers in Song China (960-1279): Drunks, Politics and Social Identity. (Directed by Martin Powers)
  • 2003 Laura Bassett:  The Paintings and Carreer of Cornelius De Man: Art and Mercantile Culture in Seventeenth-Century Delft.  (Directed by Celeste Brusati)
  • 2002 Mary Louise Totton:  Weaving Flesh and Blood into Sacred Architecture: Ornamental Stories of Candi Loro Jonggrang.  (Directed by Walter Spink)
  • 2002 George Kuwayama: Chinese Ceramics in colonial Latin America. (Directed by Martin Powers)
  • 2002 Roslyn Lee Hammers: The Production of Good Government: Images of Agrarian Labor in Southern Song (1272 / 79 – 1368).  (Directed by Martin Powers)
  • 2002 Jane H. Carpenter:  Conjure Woman:  Betye Saar and Rituals of Transformation, 1960-1990  (Directed by Jacqueline Francis and Richard Candida Smith)
  • 2002 Nancy Anderson: Observing Techniques: Images from Microscopial Life Sciences, 1850-1895. (Directed by Celeste Brusati and Martin Pernick)
  • 2001 Irene Leung:  The Frontier Imaginary in the Song Dynasty (960-1279):  Revisiting Cai Yan’s “Barbarian Captivity” and Return.  (Directed by Martin Powers)
  • 2000 Christina Waugh:  Style-Consciousness in Fourteenth-Century Society and Visual Communication in the Moralized Bible of John the Good.  (Directed by Elizabeth Sears)
  • 2000 Maureen Shanahan:  Forging Men and Manufacturing Women:  Fernan Leger’s Mechanical Arts.
    (Directed by Matthew Biro)
  • 2000 Kathryn Selig-Brown:  Handprints and Footprints in Tibetan Painting.  (Directed by Walter Spink)
  • 2000 Jonathan Perkins:  Klee and Eros.  (Directed by Diane Kirkpatrick)
  • 2000 Jonathan Binstock:  Sam Gilliam:  The Making of a Career, 1962-1973. (Directed by D. Kirkpatrick and S. Patton)

1990 - 1999

  • 1999 Melanie Holcomb:  The Function and Status of Carved Ivory in Carolingian Culture Metropolitan Museum. (Directed by Elizabeth Sears and Ilene Forsyth) 
  • 1999 Andrew Campbell:  Negotiating the Archive: Photography, Authority and Cultural Memory, 1861-1876.  (Directed by Diane Kirkpatrick)
  • 1999 Kirsten Buick:  The Sentimental Education of Mary Edmonia Lewis:  Identity, Culture and Ideal Works.  (Directed by S. Patton and Diane Kirkpatrick)
  • 1999 Tamara Bentley:  Authenticity in a New Key:  Chen Hongshou’s Figurative Oevre, “Authentic Emotion,” and the Late Ming Market.  (Directed by Martin Powers)
  • 1999 Jasmine Alinder:  Out of Site:  Photographic Representations of Japanese American Internment. (Directed by Diane Kirkpatrick)
  • 1999 Kirk Ambrose:  Romanesque Vezeley:  The Art of Monastic Contemplation.  (Directed by Ilene Forsyth and Elizabeth Sears)
  • 1998 Jane Chung-Apley:  The Illustrated Vie et Miracles de Saint Louis of Guillame de Saint-Pathus (Paris, B.N., ms. fr. 5716).  (Directed by Elizabeth Sears)
  • 1997 Monika Schmitter:  The Display of Distinction:  Art Collecting and Social Status in Early Sixteen Century Venice.  (Directed by Patricia Simons)
  • 1997 Rebecca Price-Wilkin:  The Late Gothic Abbey Church of Saint-Riquier:  An Investigation of Historical Consciousness.  (Directed by Ilene Forsyth and Neagley)
  • 1997 Marcelle Hourt Pour:  Charles Blanc and the Gazette des Beaux-Arts: 1859-1870.
    (Directed by J. Isaacson and Celeste Brusati)
  • 1997 Leslie Cavall:  Social and Symbolic Functions of the Romanesque Façade: The Example of
    Maeacon’s Last Judgement Gailee. 
     (Directed by Ilene Forsythe)
  • 1996 Lisa J. De Boer:  Martial Arts:  Military Themes and Images in Dutch Art of the Golden Age.(Directed by Celeste Brusati)
  • 1996 Mayra V. Rodriguez:  Austere Late Gothic:  The Architecture of the Collegiate Church
    of the Notre-Dame at Clery-Saint-Andre.
     (Directed by Ward Bissell and Linda E. Neagley)
  • 1996 Molly M. M. Lindner:  The Vestal Virgins and Their Imperial Patrons:  Sculptures and
    Inscriptions from the Atrium Vestae in the Roman Forum.
     (Directed by Elaine Gazda)
  • 1996 Rita S. Goodman:  Theodore Gericault's Portraits of the Insane:  Art, Psychiatry and the
    Politics of Philanthropy. 
    (Directed by Thomas Crow and Joel  Isaacson)
  • 1995 Katharine Persis Burnett:  The Landscapes of Wu Bin (C. 1543-C. 1626) and a
    Seventeenth-Century Discourse of Originality.
      (Directed by Richard Edwards & Martin Powers)
  • 1995 Charlene Marianna Villasenor Black:  Saints and Social Welfare in Golden Age Spain:
    The Imagery of the Cult of Saint Joseph 
     (Directed by R. Ward Bissell)
  • 1995 Carmen Belen Lord:  Point and Counterpoint:  Ramon Casas in Paris and Barcelona, 1866-1908 (Directed by Joel Isaacson)
  • 1995 S. Richard Rand:  Representing the Picturesque Garden:  The Landscapes of Fragonard(Directed Hood Museum of Art by T. Crow and J. Isaacson)
  • 1995 David J. O'Brien:  The Art of War:  Antoine-Jean Gros and French Military Painting, 1795-1804 (Directed by J. Isaacson and T. Crow)
  • 1995 John Andrew Listopad:  The Art and Architecture of the Reign of Somdet Phra Narai(Directed by Walter Spink)
  • 1995 Natalija Natasha Kuzmanovic:  John Paul Cooper (1869-1933), Designer and Craftsman(Directed by William Hennessey and Marvin Eisenberg)
  • 1994 Derrick Randall Cartwright:  Reading Rooms:  Interpreting the American Public Library
     (Directed by J. Isaacson)
  • 1994 Todd Philip Olson:  Nicolas Poussin, His French Clientele and the Social Construction of  Style (Directed by T. Crow and P. Simons)
  • 1994 Masuyo Tokita Darling :  The Romanesque Architecture and Sculpture of Perrecy-Les-Forges (Directed by Ilene H. Forsyth)
  • 1994 Elizabeth Horton Sharf:  Abaku Zen Portrait Painting:  A Revisionist Analysis
    (Directed by Karen L. Brock and Walter Spink)
  • 1994 John Tadao Teramoto:  The Yamai No Soshi:  A Critical Reevaluation of Its Importance to Japanese Secular Painting of the Twelfth Century (Directed by Paul Berry and Jonathan Reynolds)
  • 1994 Masumi Iriye:  Le Vau's Menagerie and the Rise of the Animalier: Enclosing, Dissecting, and Representing Animal in Early ModernFrance (Directed by Nathan T. Whitman and Graham Smith)
  • 1994 John Siewert: Whisler's Nocturnes and the Aesthetic Subject (Directed by J. Isaacson)
  • 1994 David Acton:  Hendrik Goltzius and Rudolfine Mannerism in the Graphic Arts
    (Directed by Graham Smith)
  • 1993 Timothy A. Motz:  The Roman Freestanding Portrait Bust:  Origins, Context, and
    Early History 
    (Directed by E. Gazda)
  • 1993 Giovanna D Costantini: Maesta: Humanism and the Art of Francisco Zuniga
    (Directed by D. Kirkpatrick)
  • 1993 Bille Wickre:  Collaboration in the Work of Margaret Macdonald, Frances Macdonald, Charles Rennie Mackintosh and J. Herbert MacNair (Directed by J. Isaacson and D. Kirkpatrick)
  • 1993 Nathan P. Griffith:  Richard Serra and Robert Irwin:  Phenomenology in the Age of Art and Objecthood (Directed by D. Kirkpatrick)
  • 1993 Barbara Lee Tannenbaum:  The Paintings of Seymour Rosofsky (Directed by D.Kirkpatrick)
  • 1993 Robert E. Haywood:  Revolution of the Ordinary:  Allan Kaprow Invention of Happenings(Directed by Joel Isaacson and Thomas Crow)
  • 1992 Susan Elizabeth Ryan:  Figures of Speech:  The Art of Robert Indiana, 1958-73 (Directed by Diane Kirkpatrick)
  • 1992 Eun-wha Park:  The World of Idealized Reclusion:  Landscape Painting of Hsiang Sheng-Mo (1597-1658) (Directed by Richard Edwards and Walter Spink)
  • 1992 Gabrielle Langdon:  Decorum in Portraits of Medici Women at the Court of Cosimo, 1537-1574 (Directed by R. W. Bissell and G. Smith)
  • 1992 Jean Ann Dabb:  The Church of St. Nicolas at Civrey: The Facade and its Sculptural Mary
     (Directed by I. H. Forsyth)
  • 1991 Martha J. McClintock:  Okuhara Seiko (1837-1913):  The Life and Arts of a Period Literati Artist (Directed by Paul Berry)
  • 1991 Victoria L. Weston:  Modernization in Japanese-Style Painting:  Yokoyama Taikan (1868-1958) and the Morotai Style (Directed by Paul Berry)
  • 1991 Jasmin W. Cyril:  The Imagery of San Bernardino Da Siena, 1440-1500:  An Iconographic
    (Directed by M. Eisenberg & R. W. Bissell)
  • 1991 Chuhui Judy Lai:  The Han Representation of exemplary Women:  Context and  Interpretation (Directed by Martin J. Powers)
  • 1991 Carolyn Marie Carty:  Dreams in Early Medieval Art (Directed by Ilene Forsyth)
  • 1990 Janice Simon:  The Crayon, 1855-1861:  The Voice of Nature in Criticism, Poetry, and the Fine Arts (Directed by David Huntington)
  • 1990 Woodard Openo:  The Summer Colony at Little Harbor in Portsmouth, New Hampshire
    and Its Relation to the Colonial Revival Movement
     (Directed by David Huntington)
  • 1990 Elizabeth Higashi:  Conical Glass Vessels from Karanis:  Function and Meaning in a
    Pagan/Christian Context in Rural Egypt 
    (Directed by Margaret Root)

1980 - 1989

  • 1989 Joan O'Mara:  The Haiga Genre and the Art of Yosa Buson (1716-84) (Directed by
    W. Spink)
  • 1989 Elizabeth Pilliod:  Studies on the Early Career of Alessandro Allori (Directed by Graham Smith)
  • 1989 Stephen A. Markel:  The Origin and Early Development of the Nine Planetary Deities Mus\Art (Navagraha) (Directed by Walter Spink)
  • 1989 Marshall Wu:  Chin Nung:  An Artist with a Wintry Heart (Directed by Richard Edwards
    and Paul Berry)
  • 1989 M. Carol Morland:  Watanabe Kazan 1793-1841:  Tradition and Innovation in Japanese
     (Directed by Paul Berry)
  • 1989 Karen Kleinfelder:  The Theme of the Artist and Model in Picasso's Late Graphics (Directed by R. Arnheim & Victor Miesel)
  • 1989 Diane Tepfer:  Edith Gregor Halpert and the Downtown Gallery Downtown: 1926-1940;
    A Study in American Art Patronage 
    (Directed by Diane Kirkpatrick)
  • 1988 Laurie Taylor-Kelley (Mitchell):  The Horizontal Tuscan Panel, 1200-1365:  Frame Format and Pictorial Composition (Directed by R. Arnheim & Marvin Eisenberg)
  • 1988 Kathleen A. Pyne:  Immanence, Transcendence, and Impressionism in Late Nineteenth-
    Century American Painting
     (Directed by David C. Huntington)
  • 1987 Beverly Orlove Held:  "To Instruct and Improve...To Entertain and Please" American
    Civic Protests and Pageants 1765-1784
     (Directed by David C. Huntington)
  • 1987 Linda J. Wolk:  Studies in Perino Del Vaga's Early Career (Directed by Graham Smith)
  • 1987 Erica Susanna Trimpi:  Matteo Di Giovanni:  Documents and a Critical Catalogue of
    His Panel Paintings  
    (Directed by Marvin Eisenberg)
  • 1987 Barbara K. Schnitzer:  The 16th Century French Ceramic Ware called Saint-Porchaire
    (Directed by Nathan Whitman)
  • 1987 Robert Alan Benson:  Douglas Putnam Haskell (1899-1979) The Early Critical Writings
    (Directed by Leonard Eaton)
  • 1986 Christine M. Nelson Ruby:  Art for the People:  Art in Michigan Sponsored by the Treasury Section of Fine Arts, 1934-1943 (Directed by D. Kirkpatrick)
  • 1986 Catherine Elna Fruhan:  Trends in Roman Sculpture Circa 1600 (Directed by R. Ward Bissell)
  • 1986 Pearson M. Macek:  The Westminster Retable: A Study in English Gothic Panel
    (Directed by Marvin Eisenberg & Christine Verzar Bornstein)
  • 1985 Paul A. Berry:  Tanomura Chikuden 1777-1835: Man Amidst the Mountains Japan F'97
    (Directed by Cal French)
  • 1985 Marjorie L. Harth:  Robert Hudson Tannahill (1893-1969) Patron and Collector
    (Directed by M. Eisenberg & Charles Sawyer)
  • 1985 Marion E. Jackson:  Baker Lake Inuit Drawings:  A Study in the Evolution of Artistic Self-Consciousness (Directed by Evan M. Maurer)
  • 1985 Michael A. Marlais:  Anti-Naturalism, Idealism and Symbolism in French Art Criticism, 1880-1895 (Directed by Joel Isaacson)
  • 1985 Frank I. Heckes:  Supernatural Themes in the Art of Francisco De Goya (Directed by Joel Isaacson & H. E. Wethey)
  • 1985 Eleanor Mannikka:  Angkor Wat:  Meaning Through Measurement (Directed by W. Spink
    & H. Woodward, Jr.)
  • 1985 Sung-woo Kim:  History and Design of the Early Buddhist Architecture in Korea (Directed by Leonard Eaton & Richard Edwards)
  • 1984 Sadako Ohki:  Ike Taiga's "Karayo Calligraphy (Directed by Cal French)
  • 1984 Matthew L. Rohn:  Visual Dynamics in Jackson Pollock's Abstractions (Directed by Rudolf Arnheim & Diane Kirkpatrick)
  • 1984 Marjorie J. Panadero (Hall):  The Labors of the Months and the Signs of the Zodiac
    in 12th-Century French Facades
     (Directed by I. H. Forsyth)
  • 1984 Vishakha N. Desai:  Connoisseur's Delights:  Early "Rasikapriya" Paintings in India(Directed by Walter M. Spink)
  • 1984 Shelley K. Perlove:  Gianlorenzo Bernini's Blessed Lodovica Albertoni and Baroque Devotion (Directed by R. Ward Bissell)
  • 1984 Beth E. Genne:  The Film Musicals of Vincente Minnelli and the Team of Gene Kelly and Stanley Donen: 1944-1958 (Directed by Diane Kirkpatrick)
  • 1984 James J. Robinson:  The Vitality of Style:  Aspects of Flower and Bird Painting
    During the Yuan Dynasty (1279-1368) 
    (Directed by Richard Edwards)
  • 1983 Phylis A. Floyd:  Japonisme in Context:  Documentation, Criticism, Aesthetic Reactions(Directed by Joel Isaacson)
  • 1983 Ellen A. Plummer:  The Eighteenth-Century Rebuilding of S. Croce in Gerusalemme, Rome(Directed by N. T. Whitman)
  • 1983 Marilyn E. Leese: The Traikutaka Dynasty and Kanheri's Second Phase of Buddhist Cave Excavation (Directed by Richard Edwards)
  • 1983 Maribeth Graybill:  Kasen-e An Investigation into the Origins of the Tradition of Poet Pictures in Japan (Directed by Cal French)
  • 1983 Barbara J. Haeger:  The Religious Significance of Rembrandt's "Return of the Prodigal
    Son":  An Examination of the Picture in the Context of the Visual and Iconographic
     (Directed by N. T. Whitman)
  • 1983 William R. Levin:  Studies in the Imagery of Mercy in Late Medieval Italian Art
    (Directed by Christine Bornstein & M. Eisenberg)
  • 1983 John B. Hunter III:  The Life and Work of Girolamo Siciolante da Sermoneta (Directed
    by G. Smith & R. Ward Bissell)
  • 1983 Elizabeth M. B. Gosling:  The History of Sukhothai as a Ceremonial Center: A Study
    of Early Siamese Architecture and Society 
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    in Santa Maria Novella 
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  • 1981 Stephanie Spencer:  O. G. Rijlander--Art Photographer (Directed by D. C. Huntington)
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  • 1981 Dennis Costanzo:  Cityscape and the Transformation of Paris During the Second Empire
    (Directed by Joel Isaacson)
  • 1981 Toh Sugimura:  The Chinese Impact on Certain 15th-Century Persian Miniature Paintings
    from the Albums (Hazine Library Nos. 2153, 2154, 2160) in the Topkapi of Ethnology,
    Sarayi Museum, Instanbul 
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    Century America
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  • 1980 Sara Schastok:  6th-Century Indian Sculptures from Samalaji:  Style & Iconography
    (Directed by W. Spink)

1940 - 1979

  • 1979 Michael Browne:  Kawahara Keiga:  The Painter of Deshima (Directed by C. French)
  • 1979 Louise Yuhas:  The Landscape Painting of Lu Chih (1496-1576) An Analysis of the Style
    of a Sixteenth-Century Soochow Painter
     (Directed by R. Edwards)
  • 1979 Warren Tresidder:  The Classicism of the Early Works of Titian:  Its Sources and
     (Directed by R. Ward Bissell)
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  • 1979 Melinda Takeuchi:  Visions of a Wanderer:  The True View Paintings of Ike Taiga (1723-1776) (Directed by C. French)
  • 1979 Susan Feinberg:  Sir John Soane's "Museum":  An Analysis of the Architect's House-Museum in Lincoln's Inn Fields, London (Directed by David Huntington)
  • 1979 Michael Davis:  The Cathedral of Clermont-Ferrand (Directed by C. Olds)
  • 1979 Vicky Clark:  The Illustrated "Abridged Astrological Treatises of Albumasar"
    (Directed by C. Olds and C. Bornstein)
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    Karmanli Period (1551-1911) Evolution, Development and Typology 
    (Directed by Pricilla Soucek)
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  • 1978 William Jensen:  The Sculptures of the Tomb of the Haterii (Directed by C. Olds)
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  • 1978 Dan Ewing:  The Paintings & Drawings of Jan de Beer (Directed by C. Olds)
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    (Directed by V. Miesel)
  • 1978 Julie Badiee:  An Islamic Cosmography:  The Illustrations of the Sarre Qazwini (Directed by P. Soucek)
  • 1977 Jean Weir:  Timberline Lodge:  A WPA Experiment in Architecture and Crafts (Directed by D. Huntington)
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  • 1977 Walter Thompson:  The Domed Entry Pavilion in French Classical Architecture: Its Origin, Evolution and Interpretation (Directed by N. T. Whitman)
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  • 1977 Edwin L. Rifkin:  Antonioni's Mise-En-Scene:  Elements of a Visual Language (Directed by D. Kirkpatrick)
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    Imagery of Pope and Emperor
     (Directed by M. Eisenberg)
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  • 1977 Roger Berkowitz:  Benjamin Smith, Sr., Regency Silversmith (Directed by M. Eisenberg)
  • 1977 Susan Barnes:  Giacomo Balla: His Life and Work 1871 to 1912 (Directed by V. Miesel)
  • 1977 Stephen Addiss:  Uragami Gyokudo:  The Complete Literati Artist (Directed by Cal French)
  • 1976 Gail Weigl:  Foundations of a Momoyama Theme:  Birds & Flowers of the Four Seasons
    in a Landscape
     (Directed by Cal French)
  • 1976 Law Watkins:  The Brancacci Chapel Frescoes:  Meaning and Use (Directed by R. Ward Bissell)
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  • 1976 Diane Upright (Headley):  Morris Louis:  The Mature Paintings 1954-1962 (Directed by Diane Kirkpatrick)
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  • 1976 Katherine R. Bateman:  St. Albans, Its Ivory and Manuscripts Workshops: A Solution
    to the St. Albans Bury, St. Edmunds Dilemma
     (Directed by C. Olds)
  • 1975 Kathleen Raben Castiello:  The Italian Sculptors of the United States Capitol: 1806-1834(Directed by D. Huntington)
  • 1975 Ryan Howard:  Pedro Duque de Cornejo, Andalusian Sculpture 1678-1757 (Directed
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  • 1975 Sharon Rich Harrison:  A Catalogue of the Etchings of Odilon Redon (Directed by J. Isaacson)
  • 1975 James Collier:  Linear Perspective in Flemish Painting and the Art of Petrus Christus and Dirk Bouts (Directed by C. Olds)
  • 1974 Joanne Winjum:  The Canterbury Roundels (Directed by C. Olds)
  • 1974 John Steyaert:  The Sculpture of St. Martin's in Halle and Related Netherlandish Works(Directed by C. Olds)
  • 1974 Charles Rosenberg:  Art in Ferrara During the Reign of Borso d'Este, 1450-1471
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  • 1974 Milan Mihal:  Sakai Hoitsu:  A Catalogue Raisonne of Selected Works (Directed by C. French)
  • 1974 Deborah C. Brown (Levine):  The Victoria and Albert Museum Akbar-Nama: A Study in History, Myth and Image (Directed by W. Spink)
  • 1974 Bernard Bonario:  Marco Basaiti:  A Study of the Venetian Painter and a Catalogue of his Works (Directed by H. E. Wethey)
  • 1974 Sister Johanna Becker:  The Karatsu Ceramics of Japan:  Origins, Fabrications, and Types(Directed by C. French)
  • 1974 Richard Axsom:  Parade:  Cubism as Theatre (Directed by J. Isaacson)
  • 1974 Leila Avrin:  The Illumination of the Moshe Ben-Asher Codex of 895 C.E. (Directed by C. Olds)
  • 1973 Victoria Thorson:  The Drawings of Rodin in America (Directed by V. Miesel)
  • 1973 Michael Stoughton:  The Paintings of Giovanni Battista Caracciolo (Directed by H. E. Wethey)
  • 1973 Barbara Carlisle (Rutledge):  The Theatrical Art of the Italian Renaissance: Interchangeable Conventions in Painting and Theatre in the Late 15th
    & Early 16th Centuries
     (Directed by N. Whitman)
  • 1973 Betty Monroe:  Okada Beisanjin (1744-1820):  Transitional Bunjinga (Directed by R. Edwards)
  • 1973 Richard Janke:  Janin Lomme and Late Gothic Sculpture in Navarre (Directed by H . E. Wethey)
  • 1973 Annemarie Weyl Carr:  The Rockefeller-McCormick New Testament (Gregory 2400)
    (Directed by I. H. Forsyth)
  • 1973 Laurel Blank Andrew:  19th Century Mormon Architecture (Directed by
    D. Huntington)
  • 1972 Peter Bermingham:  Importation and Influence on the School in America (Directed by D. Huntington)
  • 1971 Lois Drewer:  The Carved Wooden Beams of the Church of Justinian, Monastery of St. Catherine at Mount Sinai (Directed by I. H. Forsyth)
  • 1971 Jeannie Chenault (Porter):  Bradley Walker Tomlin Abstract Expressionist (Directed by V. Miesel)
  • 1971 Mary Cazort (Taylor):  The Drawings and Paintings of Ubaldo Gandolfi (Directed by
    H. E. Wethey)
  • 1971 Donald Kuspit:  Durer and the Northern Critics (1502-72) (Directed by C. Olds)
  • 1971 Fay Frick:  A Typology of Fustat Ceramics (Directed by O. Grabar)
  • 1970 John Varriano:  The Roman Church Commissions of Martino Longhi the Younger (Directed by N. T. Whitman)
  • 1970 Margret Pond Rothman:  A Sculpture Record of the Age of the Tetrarchies (Directed by I. H. Forsyth)
  • 1970 Robert Mode:  Famous Men and Women Illustration in 15th Century Italian Manuscripts 
    (Directed by M. Eisenberg)
  • 1970 Edward Keall:  Significance of Parthian Nippur (Directed by D. White)
  • 1970 Beverly Heisner:  Aspects of Ecclesiastical Architecture of Viscardi (Directed by N. T. Whitman)
  • 1970 Geraldine Fowle:  The Biblical Paintings of Sebastian Bourdon (1611-1671) (Directed by N. T. Whitman)
  • 1970 James Caswell:  Early Cave Sculptures in Yun-Kang (Directed by O. Grabar)
  • 1970 Ulku Bates:  The Anatolian Mausoleum of the 12th, 13th and 14th Centuries (Directed by O. Grabar)
  • 1970 Janet Anderson:  Pedro de Mena:  Spanish Sculptor (1628-1688) (Directed by H. E. Wethey)
  • 1970 Mohamed Abd El Wahab:  Decorated Woodwork from Egyptian-American Collections
    (Directed by O. Grabar)
  • 1969 David Wilkins:  Maso di Banco (Directed by Marvin Eisenberg)
  • 1969 Diane Kirkpatrick:  Edoardo Paolozzi (Directed by V. H. Miesel)
  • 1969 Esin Atil:  The illustration of the Sur-Nameh of Ahmet, the Third (Directed by O. Grabar)
  • 1968 Lisa Beth Golombeck:  Timurid Shrine at Gazur Gah: An Iconographical Interpretation
    of Timurid Architecture 1360-1506 
    (Directed by O. Grabar)
  • 1968 Stanislaw Czuma:  The Brahmanical Rashtrakuta Monuments at Ellora (Directed
    by Walter M. Spink)
  • 1967 William Trousdale:  Sword-Scabbard Slides (Directed by O. Grabar)
  • 1967 Charles Meyer:  The Staircase of the Residenz at Wurzburg (Directed by N. T. Whitman) 
  • 1967 Ellen Johnston Laing:  The Theme of the Scholars Meeting in Chinese Painting (Directed by R. Edwards)
  • 1966 Theodore Turak:  William Le Baron Jenney (Directed by Leonard Eaton)
  • 1966 Margaret Damm Rolland:  The Mythological Paintings of Van Dyck (Directed by H. E. Wethey)
  • 1966 R. Ward Bissell:  Orazio Gentileschi (Directed by H. E. Wethey)
  • 1965 Gunar Inal:  The Fourteenth-Century Miniatures of the Jami Al-Tayarika in Returned to
    the Topkapi Museum in Instanbul
     (Directed by O. Grabar & R. Edwards)
  • 1964 Suzanne Edwards Lewis:  Early Christian Architecture in Milan (Directed by G. H. Forsyth)
  • 1963 John Williams:  The Bible of Leon of 960 (Directed by J. E. Snyder)
  • 1961 Antanas Melnikas:  The Early Works of Gentile de Fabriano (Directed by Marvin J. Eisenberg)
  • 1961 Rosemary A. Marzolf:  The Life and Works of Juan Carreno de Miranda (1614-1685)(Directed by H. E. Wethey)
  • 1960 H. Phillip Stern:  Ukiyoe Paintings (Directed by J. M. Plumer)
  • 1960 Mojmir Frinta:  The Master of the Beautiful Madonnas (Late Gothic Sculpture in
    Bohemia) (Directed by J. E. Snyder)
  • 1959 Victor Miesel:  The Classical Elements in the Paintings of Rubens (Directed by  H. E. Wethey)
  • 1959 Bernard Goldman:  The Oriental Background of Etruscan Culture (Directed by Clark Hopkins)
  • 1958 Glenn N. Patton:  Antonio Guerro y Torres and Mexican Architecture of the 18th Century(Directed by H. E. Wethey)
  • 1958 James Cahill:  Wu Chen, His Life Paintings and Ideas (Directed by Max Loehr)
  • 1957 Marilyn Stokstad:  The Romanesque Sculpture of the Portico de la Gloria at Santiago de Compostela (Directed by H. E. Wethey)
  • 1957 Sister Mary Angelina Filipiak:  The Plans of the Convents of the Poor Clares in Central Italy in the 13th & 14th Centuries (Directed by H. E. Wethey)
  • 1956 Emma Mellencamp:  Renaissance Costume in Italian Painting 1450-1500 (Directed by
    H. E. Wethey and completed under M. Eisenberg)
  • 1953 Robert Enggass:  The Religious Paintings of Giovanni Battista Gaulli (Directed by H. E. Wethey)
  • 1946 Harry A. Broad:  Contemporary American Lithography (Begun under Bruce Donaldson &
    finished with J. G. Winter)
  • 1940 Aloysius G. Weimer:  The Munich Period in American Art (Directed by Bruce Donaldson
    & J. G. Winter)
  • 1940 Paul McPharlin:  Puppets in American Life (Directed by J. G. Winter)
  • 1940 Florence Day:  Mesopotamian Pottery:  Parthian, Sassanian and Early Islamic
    (Begun under M. Aga-Oglu & finished with R. Ettinghausen)