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Faculty Accepting Students

Name Research interests
Allgeier, Jacob Ecosystem ecology, food web ecology, coral reef, seagrass and mangrove ecology, global change ecology and conservation
Baucom, Gina Ecological genetics/genomics and evolution, plant biology, evolutionary ecology, agriculture
Bradburd, Gideon Spatial population genetics, computational/statistical genomics, coevolution, statistical inference
Cortés Ortiz, Liliana Use of molecular and morphological analyses to address questions related to primate diversity and evolution
Classen, Aimée Global change, ecosystem ecology, plant-soil interactions, biodiversity
Dick, Christopher
Tropical ecology and evolution, population genetics, biogeography and forest history
Duda, Thomas Evolutionary biology of molluscs
Green, D. André (ecological) evolutionary developmental biology ('(eco-)evo-devo'), evolutionary genetics, organismal biology, physiological ecology
Howard, Mia Community and evolutionary ecology, chemical ecology, plant-microbe interactions, plant-herbivore interactions
James, Timothy Fungal evolution, phylogenetics, experimental evolution, and amphibian disease
King, Aaron
Theoretical ecology, epidemiology, population dynamics
Kling, George
Ecosystem ecology, aquatic biogeochemistry, and microbial ecology
Knowles, L. Lacey Speciation, sexual selection, phylogeography, and evolutionary radiations
López-Fernández, Hernán  
Tropical freshwater fishes, systematics, macroevolution, evolutionary ecology, conservation
Qiu, Yin-Long
Plant evolution
Rabosky, Daniel
Macroevolution, biogeography, systematics of lizards & snakes, comparative methods, community ecology
Sanders, Nate
Community ecology, macroecology, global change ecology
Schmidt, Tom
Ecology, evolution and engineering of the human gut microbiome
Smith, Stephen
Phylogenetics, computational evolutionary biology, biogeography, phyloinformatics
Tibbetts, Elizabeth
Behavioral evolution, organismal biology and evolutionary processes
Umaña, María Natalia
Plant community ecology and dynamics, tropical ecology, functional ecology, forests, biodiversity
Vandermeer, John Theoretical ecology, agroecology, tropical ecology
Weber, Marjorie Evolutionary ecology, community ecology, plant-insect interactions, macroevolution, inclusive biology education
Zaman, Luis
Experimental evolution/coevolution with microbes (E. coli and Bacteriophage) and computational model systems; complexity, evolvability, interaction network structure, parasitism-mutualism continuum
Zhang, Jianzhi Molecular and genomic evolution