Last year at this time, Sweetland Center for Writing honored the inaugural graduating class of our Minor in Writing program. This year, we honor a graduating class twice the size. We would like to extend our congratulations to all of the students graduating this year and wish you success as you move forward. To read the reflections of a handful of Minors on the program and their next steps in life, you can read "Pivot" posts on the Minor in Writing blog. Below are links to the Capstone ePortfolios produced by the graduating class. Please visit their websites to view their final Capstone Projects along with other work produced during their time in the program.

Julia Adams
Sal Aiello
Christine Bedway
Sydney Berger
Alexis Biaggi
Kira Curtis
Melissa Danko
Matilda David
Lauren Fairnot (private)
Mark Feldman
Jourdan Gariepy
Andrew Geller
David Goldstein (private)
Kierra Gray
Margaret Hannah
Kalynn Hawkins
Samantha Hays
Amy Henson
Gabriella Hodge
Emily Hoffner
Angelle Kettlewell
Matthew Komorowski
Jordan Korn
Danielle Kramer
Abigail Kraus
Zoe Kumagai
Joseph Lipa
Emily Martin
Kyla Miller
Madelaine Mitchell-Ward
Mary Oates
Melania Plasko
Kate Sanford
Cortney Segmen
Neeyati Shah
Benjamin Shanus
Brandon Shapiro (private)
Shirley Shue
Elizabeth Shutty (private)
Karly Stillman
Steven Tweedie
Paige Van Kampen
Kelsey-Ann Wessel
Katherine Wilson