The Sweetland Center for Writing Prize Committee is pleased to announce the publication of Excellence in First-Year Writing 2010. This collection of essays, a joint publication with the English Department Writing Program, features the prize winning essays and portfolios from the first inaugural First-Year Writing Prizes for 2010. These five essays and two portfolios were chosen from among 80 faculty nominations representing nine different academic units, including Great Books, Classical Civ, English Language Institute, History, Slavic Language and Literature, Comparative Literature, and the Residential College as well as EDWP and SCW. Nominees were chosen from among student work submitted for first-year writing classes taken during the calendar year 2009.

The publication, edited by Matt Kelley (SCW) and Chris Gerben (EDWP) features the following:

From Great Books 191, student Kathleen Telfer’s paper “Culture Clash: Aristotle and Visual Modernism and Postmodernism” (nominated by Catalina Pereda).

From Comp Lit 122, student Alexandra Park’s paper “Forgetting to Remember, Remembering to Forget: An Analysis of Hyperthymesia and Anterograde Amnesia in "Funes, His Memory" and Memento” (nominated by Basak Candar). F

For the  SWC 100 Outstanding Portfolio prizes -- students Thomas Yeh (nominated by Christine Modey) and Alex Liberman (nominated by Jennifer Metsker).

From EDWP representing papers from English 124, the work of Michael Flood (nominated by Julie Babcock), Erin Piell (nominated by Sara Schaff) and Chong Guo (also nominated by Sara Schaff).

Also included is an introduction by Anne Gere (Director of the Sweetland Center for Writing) and Anne Curzan (Director of the English Department Writing Program).