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LGRAD staff organization

LGRAD has been in existence since 1998.  Since its inception, LGRAD strives to achieve the following goals:

  • To assist departments in preserving and promoting a positive academic experience for our graduate students
  • To serve as an advisory resource and provide recommendations for issues related to graduate student services policy and procedures
  • To identify problems and offer strategies for improvement of existing and proposed policy, practice, and procedures
  • To strive for continuous improvement of services for graduate students and faculty
  • To develop a network of contacts within LGRAD to serve as mentors to new student services staff
  • To investigate and recommend strategies for professional development
  • To advocate professionalism in graduate student services
  • To facilitate effective communication between LGRAD, individual LS&A units, the College of LS&A, and the Rackham Graduate School

LGRAD Steering Committee

The LGRAD Steering Committee meets monthly to determine the content of events the organization would like to offer to LSA Graduate Student Services staff.  The Steering Committee also administers the LGRAD Mentorship program which links seasoned student services staff with new or less experienced staff.

The Steering Committee consists of the following members for the 2016-2017 year:

Name Department/Program Contact Information
Jan Burgess English
Tina Griffith Psychology
Paula Hathaway LSA Dean’s Office-Graduate Education
Nanch Harris Comparative Literature
Laura Howe Chemical Biology
Anne Hudon Earth & Environmental Science
Kathleen King History
Lisa Rogers Economics
Christina Zigulis Physics